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  1. snowleper

    American Gods on Starz

    If Alexander was taking a very rough or bad retake on the series - this might be more of a good sign than a bad one, since Fuller and Green were actually doing a fantastic job. (If we want to take a very optimistic take on this news). But yeah - the instability can't be good for the future of this series. And yeah, my gut is telling me that actors rewriting dialogue doesn't sound promising at all. (Unless we are talking about an incredibly rare species of actor). It tickles me thinking that McShane and Alexander were screaming at each other on set.
  2. snowleper

    Venture Bros. Season Seven...

    Not as good as the last few seasons, but still strong. Still amusing. As boomers die off/age out I'm sure we'll get more programing like this. Which is possibly the one thing I really love about Venture Bros - it continually references my childhood instead of theirs.
  3. snowleper

    Am I Ready, Player One?

    Ready Player One is the logical extension of this geek-chic commercial sensibility that went mainstream 20 years ago, yet still thinks of itself as somehow being a sub-culture.
  4. snowleper

    Neil Gaiman to adapt Gormenghast for tv

    I don't know why anybody would want to adapt this book. The end product will probably look nothing like the material it is taken from, which will probably be a good thing, really.
  5. snowleper

    WHEEL OF TIME officially optioned for television

    Given the description and the details I was expecting this to be worse than it actually was. If they actually manage to move forward and produce this into a television show I'll probably pay some amount of amused attention to it -- just as I've done with Game of Thrones. But like ASOIAF, I won't pin my hopes that it will transition to good television (or at least television that I would enjoy watching). That being said -- a animated adaptation would be nice to see if that becomes any sort of possibility. But I think live action will be what we get if we end up getting anything at all out of this.