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    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Not sure what to say about this one really. As an episode on it's own it was decent. As a season finale it was pretty weak. Don't want to nitpick here too much, but I was generally disappointed with this as the Season 3 wrap up. A shame as this season was really quite good overall.
  2. Great episode. Thanks the old gods and the new that this season has done well. Last season suuucckked. Anyway, I didn't love the way the first 20 minutes was spent by showing a bit then cutting to a different story line, then showing a bit and cutting to a different story line. That being said, eventually those things did come together and present what needed to be resolved at this point in the story. God I love the fact that people I know who haven't read the books are freaking out about the Red Wedding. They also seem to think Dany is about to destroy people with her dragons. Huzzah for literacy!
  3. Joey Beers

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    I have no problem with nudity on screen or in life, as long as I find the subjects attractive ;) Yet, I understand the complaint that instead of telling the story we have come to know, at times the show blocks segments seemingly just to have sex scenes. When parts of the story go untold simply to show some boob, it plays as juvenile. Again, I would have no problem with those type of scenes if story wasn't sacrificed for its existence.
  4. Joey Beers

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    Enjoyable episode. Thoros and the Brotherhood is always fun to watch. Tywin and QoT back and forth was great. Entertaining for the tv only audience, but man, sometimes I feel like this is a totally different story. I guess, in a sense, it is. Does anyone else get the feeling that the writers of the show are trying to write a different story to make a point or something? I get deviations for reasons such as time constraints, tv flow, ease of understanding, and stuff like that. It seems that sometimes, like in this episode, the tale is derailed just to make it "not the book".
  5. Joey Beers

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    Number 4 about Patchface is interesting. It seems on these forums that people think Patchface is more than we know so far. He does have a certain prophetic aura about him. So, do the show runners know things that the readers don't? Have they asked GRRM who plays an important role later on in the story, or are they going rogue? The show obviously deviates from the books quite a bit, but there is no way they could leave out major plot points. Patchface must not be anything more than an obtuse riddle without answer. Unless the show is on the super inside with regard to the plan, or they think they can write around it..
  6. Joey Beers

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    Hmmm, during the episode I found myself saying "what the hell?" too many times. It always happens at least once when the show deviates from the text in some significant way, but tonight it happened more than I would like to abide. That being said, by the end of the episode I was happy to have seen it. That says something right there, right? Even with the unpredictable changes to the story, the show still manages to be enticing and great to watch. Breakdown: I thought tQoT was awesome as usual. After tonight's scene with her and Tyrion, I kind of wish there was more sparring between those two in the books. Jamie's revealing account of his role at the end of Rob's Rebellion was done pretty well. Great acting, only tainted in my mind through lack of the back story the readers are privy to. As a side note, that scene was a glut(e) of buttocks. Robb's "revelation" about how to bolster his army by reconciling with the Freys was devastating because we know the result. It was also a great way to help the tv viewer realize later on that the RW was Robb's fault. Since they romanticized his courting of that one girl who isn't in the book, showing him making a decision in a moment of strategic epiphany is a good way to show his flaws. The Dondarrion v Clegane fight was fine. Didn't find anything to bitch about or to praise really. Glad Jon and Ygritte got some scenes, but for some reason the show has yet to give Jon the depth I've been hoping for. Arya's a killer ;) Also, seeing Jorah Mormont and Barristen Selmy kind of engage in a battle of wits makes me want to hit my brain right in the head. Not exactly sure why. Anyway, good stuff, but last week was much better in my opinion. Oh yeah, anytime Dany speaks Valyrian I feel it in my bones. I never really thought about it reading the books, but until we meet Aegon, no other contender for the throne seems as worldly as Dany. Language and travel just make you seem legit as hell. Which is why I wake up every day and look in the mirror and say, "hello", "bonjour", "hola", "ni hao", before easing into my morning robe and perusing the Journal, which is what I call this forum...
  7. Ok. Just got home and watched the episode. So I've read some of the posts but not nearly all. Had to say though, great episode! I've been straddling the line between those who like the show for what it is and those who can't abide the changes from the books. I still wish we could have some sort of epic year long mini-series that portrayed ASOIAF exactly how it is, but we don't. The television version that we do have right now has done a great job making really good tv and bringing this to the mainstream. As far as tonight's show, the negatives were mostly surface level. By that I mean that the show deviated so far from the actual story that it started to become its own entity. (very bad for some) The positives were that despite that deviation, the plot and the acting drew the viewer in to the story that the producers re-wrote. Backhanded compliment, I know. Yet I really was pulled in by the insight into Varys' motivation, the Tyrell's plotting, and that bitch (I mean Theon)'s plight. The pacing was quite good this week. Not for one moment did I feel the show was moving too slowly, as I did with the first three. Cat in that dream with Bran was annoying, but maybe that's because I hate Cat. Jamie and Brienne's scenes irked me at first. Mostly because they were so far off from the text, but they actually did serve to give Jamie back some of the respect he lost by not fighting Brienne "well enough" earlier in the season. The mutiny was done pretty well. No complaints there. Dany's scene at the end was f'ing phenomenal. I know how the story goes, and I have grown to dislike Dany through the course of the literature, but when she takes charge and unleashes the Unsullied and her dragon, I got chills. Well played this week gentlemen and thank the Old Gods and the New that ASOIAF is so good we can talk about the tv show that is sort of about the book series!
  8. Joey Beers

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    How is it that I sometimes feel the show is moving a bit slowly when I don't have a problem spending many more hours reading the books? That being said, enjoyed the episode. Dany is much better so far this season. Tyrion and Bronn work great together. Jamie is perfectly portrayed. Jon's scenes are a bit of a letdown only because I always enjoyed his chapters in the book. Robb laughing during the funeral was weird and I can't stand Cat. That's my take ;)
  9. I had never heard of the books until I watched season 1. I thought the show was amazing as a totally ignorant observer. I read the books because the show captivated me and have since re-read them and fallen in love with ASOIAF. I now find myself bothered and nit picking the show as the books are so far beyond what television could do, but if you had never read the series your view might be different. On an island with no knowledge of the books the show is really freaking good.
  10. The minute I find myself getting annoyed that the show deviates so greatly from the book a scene plays out that is so captivating that I kinda forget the story and revel in the glory of the acting and filming. I will defend to the death the greatness of ASOIAF, but the tv adaptation is f ing legit.