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  1. I suppose it is possible that in between episodes, Margery was able to relay the message that the "fix was in," and so the army need not remain in KL, but yeah... as usual with D&D, it makes no sense.
  2. I'm certain that is exactly what LF wants her to think...
  3. Ross2013

    [Spoilers] EP608

    I would say that this should be the official end of all LSH theorizing, but I know that won't happen...
  4. I'm sure they are furious, but they have their own families/houses/people to worry about. And so far, following the Starks leads to death. Hard to blame them for siding with Ramsey at this point.
  5. Unless now LF is thinking outright occupation with Sansa as a figurehead. The North is pretty battered right now. If Jon and Ramsey decimate each other , LF comes in and mops up. "So sorry Sansa, am I little late?" Won't be much resistance.
  6. LF had a plan for Ned. Ned wasn't willing to do all that was necessary to win...
  7. Have her marry Robin. Make Robin the Lord of Wintervale and of the Vale of Arryn, and completely under LF's thumb...
  8. Wait. So a Raven is going to hunt down Brienne and deliver this letter. I'm assuming the letter to Baelish who has the Knights of the Vale at Moat Cailin.
  9. Sounds like a much easier arrangement than the one Victarion has in minds in the books. Dany needs some ships and Yara has some. Yara won't demand marriage, just stare at Dany's backside a lot (apparently)
  10. That is a good point. Although it would be unlike D&D to attempt anything clever. Usually, things are what they seem.
  11. After Blackfish talks to Brienne, maybe he abandons Riverrun to go join up with Sansa. That would seem like a better option than hanging out in Riverrun waiting to die. As for the Hound, it seems like he has a return engagement with the BWB, so not sure when he will ever get to KL.
  12. So when did the BWB start slaughtering innocents. I'll withhold judgment and see if we get explanation, like maybe Beric and Thoros are dead, or these guys aren't really BWB (I am assuming a LSH-free universe).
  13. I think LSH is fine in the books, if for no other reason the epilogue in SoS. I agree that she doesn't really fit in the show. Jaime and Brienne are about to find themselves on opposite sides (again) all on their own. He couldn't beat her with two hands, so....
  14. If its ok for Brienne to execute Stannis when he is injured and can't defend himself in the name of Renly, then I see no problem with Sansa telling her to kill Jaime. In fact, as Brienne (probably) knows that Jaime threw Bran out the window, Brienne should just kill Jaime of her own accord and report to Sansa the good news ("Hey Sansa, guess what I did...."). Yes, I am ready for Jaime to die (Book and Show)
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