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    Series, books, video games, especially SiFi and Fantasy. Also like to draw some stuff during class.
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    Yo, i've been browsing the forum for some time, and signed in not long after, and i was startled not to find this topic. That's the first time in stumble on it ^^ So, about ASoIaF, i first watched the show and then read the book when i couldn't wait for the next season. First in french and finally ADwD in original version when editors couldn't follow... And now i join the big majority of you, waiting desesperately for TWoW and season 3 of course ;) Otherwise, i love cinema, watch a lot of other TV shows and manga, am fond of video games and like to draw stuff and more recently, ASoIaF fan arts that you can find on my tumblr (see my signature) That's it, i'll add i'm very glad of the way things are here, and feel like part of a real bounded community :)
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    Share Your Fan Site

    I'm always drawing in class and recently these tend to be about ASoIaF, i'm posting them on my tumbler : http://drawtotheclass.tumblr.com/ It's stillin updating so there not posted yet. Otherwise, i've got my main blog : http://teridax467.tumblr.com/ and that's where they'll most likely be found Many contain spoilers but i brand it in this case, for exemple : [ADwD spoilers] : Dany and Drogon in Raznak's Pit : http://teridax467.tu...g-drogon-in-the
  3. Vacations on the way, prepare to reread the books!

  4. Teridax467

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    So glad grrm did barristan pov, this new ones are gonna be awesome!
  5. Teridax467

    What do you Collect?

    The 5 books, the first one in frensh en the last two in english when the translators failed to follow the rythm. Plus the hand of the king pin, targ shield keychain, and the tshirt with ned's quote "the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword"which is just awesome
  6. I fu**ing hate maths...