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  1. I thought the pacing was great. My fave scene was, of course, Arya and the Hound. Looking forward to their scenes next season. I did not expect as much as other fans. You just can't top the RW. Shae and that scene with Varys did bug me. Dany is the mother of dragons and conquering cites and winning people over. I had no probs with her scene and thought it was appropriate. Ramsay Snow/Theon scene... Reek is born! Ygritte shooting Jon, "You know nothing..." nice! Davos kicked butt. So many events are set into motion for next season. I already can't wait.
  2. The silence was the icing on the cake. As per previous remarks on Cathryn not clawing her face off and other stuff. She might do it in the final episode. Don't despair. I'm pretty sure there's still much about RW not completed in this epi. As for Robb not crying... it's called SHOCK. :dunno: He seemed to want to say to his mom he was sorry for f**king shit up! -but too shocked to say it.
  3. 10 WOW! Well done, IMO! I laughed like crazy when Arya knocked that man out after begging the Hound not to kill him! lmao! LOVE Arya!!! I love this episode because it's the point at which I started liking the Hound. Poor Arya!! So backtracking, the warging and the Ygritte getting all salty scene was pretty cool! Really, people that expect the carbon copy of the book... c'mon! This was AWESOME. I knew what was coming and I felt the same emotions all lover again. Really looking forward to the last episode and already depressed about waiting another LONG while before the next season :( Silly things I wished came off the book... Darrio and his flamboyant ways! Purple hair and dyed double pronged goatee! Does he have a harpy hilted knife? Haven't noticed. Haha! Jorah was all hatin' on him!
  4. 8 and commenting before reading other comments. I was happy to see that Sam found some "buried treasure" :) Again... wtf is Rickon? Lol maybe I missed him. My fave part was the wall climb and as messed up as it sounds, Theon's torture scene. I am not sure how I feel about Gendry and Melisandre as the "wood's witch"... and what she saw in Arya (my fave lil assasin) . Could be a brilliant plot. Hmmmm. Loved Tyrion's awkward moment. This episode is definitely leading to the climax. Eta: yes, I did enjoy QoT and Tywin, lol. Ugh, and Brienne in a dress and poor Jaime and his steak :(
  5. Another 10 from me. Why? Because I swear the scenes with ygritte/Jon and Brienne/Jaimie were just as I imagined them! I loved the Hound/Dondarrion showdown. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Nicolaj did an awesome job! Loved him in the bath house! We get to see a whole new side of Jaime <3 Eta: ah yes! Grey worm! Enjoyed that too!
  6. I completely agree (about Emilia Clarke) She is on screen as I imagined her from the books. I do not like the way Royce Dotrice makes her sound on the audible, but not much could've been done about that.
  7. 10 So much about this episode was awesome. The Spider with Tyrion then the Lady of Thorns... Margaery working her charm... Sam manning up and rescuing Gilly... Jaime & Brienne telling him off... Arya busting out Sandor (can't wait for next epi) and finally... Dany and her army! Oh... lets not forget we find out Podrick is hung like a bull! Bahaha! I love that! :) ETA: Theon & the bastard! Day-UM! loved that too! I smell some "reek".
  8. Lol! "Let the bodies hit the floor" love that suggestion.
  9. I did think the whole "Podrick the Playa" scene was funny. The scene where the Blackfish looses the arrow and he lights up the pyre was great! Bye bye Hot Pie :( That was sweet. I miss Vargo Hoat's lisp. "SATHIRES!" Would've preferred the book way Jaime lost his hand. Theon's chase was good. I also liked Tyrion's revelation on Baelish's borrowing. The Bear @ the Maiden Fair! Loved both versions. It was a good episode. Gave an 8. Looking forward to next weeks epi!
  10. 8/10 Overall enjoyed the show! I missed the theme music. Eta possible spoiler
  11. Managed to stay away until I saw the TWOW update!

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