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  1. The Killer Snark

    French politics: houlala!

    There were massive irregularities in the voting. Double ballots were sent only to Macron supporters, and votes were cast by 'expatriates' who may well (nudge, nudge) not even have been born in France. Similar jiggery pokery as occurred during the US election, with the Soros voting machines, voting illegals, and dead Democrats on the voting registry. Macron would still have won, though, in spite of many in France detesting him. But it wouldn't have been by so big a margin. Illegals will doubtlessly have voted as well. But there's no getting away from it. France hung herself. Germany at its next election isn't going to free itself either. The entire thing will be an orchestrated fraud.
  2. The Killer Snark

    Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    I still like her, but this is a first time director, and she's been given free rein to lapse into a lot of really bad habits. Give it a go, though, but I suspect the critics will be with me on this when it gets a release.
  3. The Killer Snark

    Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    I just saw the new film with Emilia Clarke in it, a period ghost story called Voice from the Stone. There's been some buzz about it already, mainly built around Clarke's supposed full frontal nudity. In truth, she just shows her breasts a few times, but that's the best thing about the film. It's bad. 'How bad?', I hear you ask. Well, I like Clarke in Game of Thrones, but she gives one of the worst performances in this I've seen from anyone in ages. She pulls off the esoteric trick of simultaneously underacting and overacting. Imagine Keanu Reeves at his worst, but throw in a load of crazy eyebrows and overdone facial expressions. But the real problem with the film is that it's ploddingly slow paced, narratively thin, predictable and eventless, with an ending that goes totally nowhere. There's no chemistry between the leads. The photography is pretty, but that's it. I'm glad I caught it on a download instead of catching it at the cinema. A real stinker. Sorry to burst the bubble of anyone who wants to see it mainly because of Clarke. On the other hand, I also watched Alejandro Jodorowsky's last film, Endless Poetry, earlier, and that is a genuine masterpiece.
  4. The Killer Snark

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    I voted it a 9. I really couldn't go any higher, because of a desperately slow and padded middle third that almost derailed things, but I thought it was terrific apart from that. Nice to see the Battle of the King and the Two Queens set up now. Goodye, Tommen, Walder, the High Sparrow and his fanatics, and good riddance. Unfortunately, farewell to Margaery. We will miss your pretty little smirks. PS - Before anyone gets it in first here, does anyone else think the Sand clan should have told Lady Olenna at their conference she 'needed the bad pussy'? I actually would have clapped at that. It would have been hilarious.
  5. I gave it an unreserved 10. Voted 8 for last week's. I was hoping last week's fairish, but somewhat stopgappish episode, was just that - a stopgap. Thankfully, I was proved right. This was one of the best episodes so far of the entire series. It was absolutely majestic. It had everything in it. I'm not even going to quibble about the whiff of pandering in the show's reinvisioning of Yara. I actually quite like the show version anyway. Everything else was more or less very probably the way it goes down in the next book. Wonderful, wonderful. I actually checked the time a few times during the battle to make sure there was a very real probability of seeing Ramsay cop it at the end.
  6. The Killer Snark

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    I rated it a 9. Nothing much I'd really fault it on. An improvement over the episode before, but I'm reserving a higher grade for when things really gel together unless next to every scene's a doozy. Loved the King's Landing and Arya scenes, though.
  7. The Killer Snark

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    I voted 8. Well late, because I only just saw the episode after a week in Blackpool and watching the Euro. Solid, but a bit underwhelming after the multiple build-ups of the last episode. Seemed a bit like a stopgap. No dull moments, but on the other hand nothing particularly stood out.
  8. The Killer Snark

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 606?

    I gave it a 10. I thought it was flawless. I won't bother critiquing it, though, in depth, because I'm late to the thread.
  9. The Killer Snark

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    I gave it a 10 after watching it last night, even though I was watching a download that had poor sound, so I had to struggle to catch the dialogue. I thought it was terrific, everything from the burlesque that Arya watches at the start, and its lovely nudity, to the finale with "hold the door." The only nit I really have is with the consistently bad dialogue they keep giving Theon. The Kingsmoot was well enough realised, except for some truly awful speech-giving, but I'm not letting that affect my overall score.
  10. The Killer Snark

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 604?

    Was thinking about an 8 during the more leisurely parts, but the last twenty minutes sealed a 9. I'm responding late, though, so I won't bother reviewing the episode, but nice to see Jon about to confront Ramsay at last, and our mother of burnt off clothing getting her mojo back again.
  11. The Killer Snark

    How would you rate episode 602?

    I gave it a 9. I would probably have scored it higher were it not for the anticlimactic treatment of the expected Jon resurrection and the sense that future episodes will be better as soon as the story strands develop. You really get a sense that D and D are either going back to adapting the books now after the half-uncanonical last season, or at least they are paying attention to fan theories in online boards, either of which is a good thing, because it at least means they sustain the feel of an adaptation. Nothing in this episode was a revelation. Everyone knew that Ramsay was going to kill Roose, though Walda's death was ingeniously grisly. Poor girl. Everyone suspected Euron may have killed Balon. It was all well acted, sequenced and put together, though. Cool Gregorstein moments, cool Tyrion moments, etc. Almost contained everything that we could reasonably want.
  12. The Killer Snark

    How would you rate episode 601?

    Re Mel, how do we know that she isn't really still a red haired vixen, and she's only putting on a glamour to make herself look like an ancient woman in order to escape from the Castle, because she knows she's under threat from the rebels at the Night's Watch?
  13. The Killer Snark

    How would you rate episode 601?

    The latter word is probably 17th century in origin. It seems to be adapted from 'pursy', meaning 'resembling a purse.'
  14. The Killer Snark

    How would you rate episode 601?

    Accidental double post.