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  1. IIRC, Moore always forfeits any of the money he might get from the adaptations over to the comic's artist.
  2. Minsc

    Why did Stannis marry Selyse Florent?

    If Robert played any role in arranging Stannis's marriage we would already have a page worth of Stannis's complaining about it. Stannis probably liked her personality as it is pretty much similar to his own. Nor is he any catch in an appearance himself.
  3. Minsc

    The appearance of The Others

    Similar to the Snow Elves from Elder Scrolls, but with more a bluish-white glass/ice-like armor.
  4. Minsc

    Who got the most screwed over

    Only the only reason Dany had to go up north of the Wall was to bail out the North's king. Therefore, Jon is at greater fault for the NK receiving the means to break the Wall than Dany.
  5. Minsc

    Who got the most screwed over

    Seriously, some of the biggest tragedy of the Red Wedding in the books besides just the deaths of Robb and Catelyn is all the different Northerners and Riverlords that equally went down trying to protect Robb in their loyalty. In the show it appears that none of their lords actually cared in the slightest about House Stark and they were all willing to betray them at the drop of a hat. That isn't even going into how none of the Northerners show the slightest gratitude towards Dany for her actions in helping to fight the Night King. Sansa, in particular, and Arya, to a lesser degree, specifically come off as just the absolute worse in their snide derision of her. Seriously, I am a Stark and North fanboy for the books yet I just couldn't care less about them at the end of the series.
  6. Minsc

    Who got the most screwed over

    Oh, I got another that felt like the show did a complete disservice towards, The North. Simply, the North and the Northerners come off as some of the most disloyal and untrustworthy individuals in the show with barely any of them appearing to respect their vows or oaths.
  7. Minsc

    Who got the most screwed over

    I think it was around the plot when Loras is arrested. edit:S5E6
  8. Minsc

    Who got the most screwed over

    One of my issues is they have a scene where Olenna basically says that Renly slept with every stable boy in King's Landing or something of that sort. Now, I understand that Olenna is likely being snide it still works to further the image of Renly and Loras's relationship as not being all that committed to each other.
  9. "He was old, yes, but a good man still. I hope he has not come to harm. The Lannisters are great fools." They climbed a few more steps. "On the night of Robert's death, I offered your husband a hundred swords and urged him to take Joffrey into his power. Had he listened, he would be regent today, and there would have been no need for me to claim the throne." "Ned refused you." She did not have to be told. "He had sworn to protect Robert's children," Renly said. "I lacked the strength to act alone, so when Lord Eddard turned me away, I had no choice but to flee. Had I stayed, I knew the queen would see to it that I did not long outlive my brother."
  10. Minsc

    Who got the most screwed over

    I haven't seen them mentioned yet, but both Renly and Loras got hit pretty hard with the show playing up hard gay stereotypes with the two characters. Especially how the show made them both seemingly wildly promiscuous rather than them having some unique caring and committed relationship.
  11. Minsc

    If Renly lives, how does the war play out?

    Lord Hightower had pledged to Renly in ACOK so I don't see why he wouldn't raise banners for him.
  12. Minsc

    Dany the Mad Queen was a terrible idea

    What makes beheading someone more merciful? We have seen through Theon and Book:Robb that beheading isn't always some quick easy death.
  13. Nah, Denethor is a Tywin that has broken.
  14. I think Myrcella is already dead. For Tommen, I think it might be ironic if Mace and Randyll have him killed and present his body to JonCon and Aegon.
  15. The Rebels likely lose the rebellion as Stannis isn't a charismatic enough individual for the rebels to unite around. Moreover, there is no guarantee that Ned bonds with Stannis even if they both still go to the Vale. Stannis makes friends a lot harder than Robert and it is possible Ned (and Jon) just ended up finding Stannis to be obnoxious. Similar to how Jon felt about Theon despite growing up with him.