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  1. Minsc

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    It doesn't only work if Renly knows about the incest. Lannister power is still checked with Cersei getting kicked out of a position of influence. Similarly, the Tyrells still gain in influence by marrying the king. It is the same reason that people competed to make their daughters the mistresses of kings both in real life and in the books in relationship to Aegon IV. Mace isn't going to support Renly if Renly is backing Stannis as king. Moreover, once Renly has crowned himself the Rubicon has been crossed and Renly cannot support Stannis at that time anymore. Renly doesn't get what he wants nor does he get a hugely important position at court. At most, Stannis grumbles something about him doing his duty and then continues on his petty and vindictive way.
  2. Minsc

    Was Stannis wise to select Davos as his hand?

    Stannis has plenty of schemers in his court as found in the Florents, in particular, and somewhat Mel.
  3. Minsc

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    The Tyrells aren't going to back Stannis even if Renly backs him. Mace Tyrell has zero reasons to support Stannis while having a multitude for opposing him. Two simply being Stannis holds a petty grudge against him and secondly Stannis is married into an ambitious house that wants the titles of House Tyrell. There is a reason that Mace has always picked the not-Stannis option when choosing what king to follow. Especially, seeing how House Lannister could actually in turn offer Mace what he most desires. Renly 100% doesn't know. The timeline and actions in AGOT and ACOK makes that clear. How he would have had zero reason to keep that knowledge hidden throughout the series. It is much safer to have the Tyrells having his back than Stannis. The Tyrells only back him if he crowns himself not Stannis.
  4. Minsc

    U.S. Politics: Girthers Vs. Anti-Girthers

    Especially seeing how Graham, Lee, Flake, and Paul all voted against it on the Republican side.
  5. Minsc

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    1. Stannis engages in more nepotistic appointments out of all the kings besides Joffrey with his appointment of Florents to be his Hand, Castellan, and Lord Admiral. One could even argue that Davos's appoint was strongly nepotistic seeing how he is Stannis's only friend. Stannis's burning of Alester Florent was hardly just and the strategy of attacking Claw Isle was a stupid one even ignoring the issue of it being just or not. Stannis wanting to kill a bunch of lords and replace them is hardly a positive. Stannis hardly has some great insight into the mechanisms of human nature. Smallfolk fight in all of the different kings' forces and only uses Essosis because he needs them. Stannis isn't good at diplomacy at all there is a reason barely anyone follows him. He only gets the Mountain Clans because of Jon. Burning Godswoods and Septs isn't open minded. Refusing to burn people alive as religious sacrifices hardly makes one open minded. Stannis is more than willing to ignore opposing views when he disagrees for example Cressen. Stannis has plenty of corruption in his own court with Mel and the Florents. Renly had more support then just those six houses (also all of Tarth was with him.) The fact that a House isn't mentioned by name by Renly or Catelyn hardly means they didn't support him. Instead, seeing how Stannis makes such a big stink of how all of the Stormlands support Renly over him one can easily assume that any later Stormlord mentioned in Stannis's camp following Renly's death was initially with Renly. Especially, seeing the only mention of new lords going over to Stannis was those from Renly's camp following Renly's death. Both Tarly and Rowan are mentioned as people that loved Renly best. Furthermore, unless they approved of Renly is unlikely the Reach lords would rebel for him even if the Tyrells went along with him. Nope, Renly didn't know of the incest nor did he even believe it after Stannis told him. Meanwhile, Stannis actually had Renly killed. Why would he support a Great Council when the odds were on his side? Nor was it like Stannis was calling for one either. He has a better understanding of feudal politics out of all the kings. While, Stannis believes in Sansa's fairy tales where everyone should follow him because he said so or Robb's belief of putting honor above everything else or Joffrey's insanity. Renly understood that power exists where man places it and had so the most men put it behind him. Furthermore, his military strategy of starving KL was praised as exactly what Tyrion would have done in his place.
  6. Minsc

    Who would be the best King from the WoFK

    The same Noye that only knew Renly when he was six and is completely wrong about both Robert and Stannis to boot? Don't see how that it is different from any of the other claimants.
  7. Minsc

    Daenerys will Break the Wheel

    The Show hasn't done anything to remotely whitewash Dany. Rather they have added numerous scenes that do nothing but make her look worse than she does in the books. Nor have they added any new noble traits that she doesn't have in the books. Frankly, Stannis received better PR changes than her. How they dropped many of his more negative attributes or actions such as his constant complaining or abandonment of Robert. Furthermore, they added in that whole sympathetic relationship between him in Shireen that doesn't exist in the slightest in the books.
  8. For example, Selmy was his father's heir before joining the KG yet when Joffrey released him from his vows it wasn't expect he was going to take over the lordship over House Selmy. Instead, any lands he would have would have been granted by Joffrey.
  9. Minsc

    Was Eddard a hostage in the vale?

    IIRC, Robert and Ned were just visiting Jon Arryn rather than them still living there.
  10. To be fair, the weakness of House Tully in the main series likely comes in part that their experienced lord, Hoster, is bedridden with sickness for most of the series. While, Blackfish has been away living in the Vale for most of the time between Robert's Rebellion to the War of the Five Kings. Edmure might be enduring, noble, and honorable lord however he isn't a hard enough lord as needed to protect the Riverlands the same as his father and uncle might have been if they had been able to take command of the Riverlords from the start.
  11. Minsc

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Honestly, do we need Ramsay to either kill or torture Rickon (as that is why he would do) in order for us to know he is bad guy?
  12. Minsc

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I have to agree I was watching all these people freak out online elsewhere and the only thing I could think was it all that surprising? The only thing I hoping is there some lasting negative consequences for Jon related to his death.
  13. Robb = Myrcella Sansa = Renly Arya = Jojeen Bran = Beth Cassell or Jeyne Poole as Bran takes up either the role of Master-of-Arms or Steward under Robb. Rickon = still to young Jon = The Wall.
  14. Minsc

    Most Terrible Act Since the Conquest?

    The woman that took credit for the death of Dany's unborn child? Yeah, sorry I wouldn't call her an innocent. Mirri lit her own pyre.
  15. Minsc

    Most Terrible Act Since the Conquest?

    Can you name an innocent that was crucified under Dany's orders?