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  1. That doesn't mean in the slightest that any of them would favor Stannis over Joffrey to the degree that they more reluctant to usurp the former than the later. Of course Joffrey has Robert's "seal of approval" as seen how Robert officially had him declared his designated heir. Davos is only made Hand after Stannis had previously appointed three different in-laws to the important positions of Hand, Lord Admiral, and Castellan. Furthermore, Davos, himself, is a nepotistic appointment he wasn't appointed because of some exceptional qualities that would make him an ideal Hand rather because he is the closest Stannis has to a friend. Tywin, Jaime, Tyrion, and Kevan are less nepotistic than Davos as all are more highly qualified for their appointed positions than Davos is for being Hand. There is a reason Davos's Handship has him basically doing the same messenger acts as he was doing before. The Lannisters were more than able to still negotiate prisoner exchanges as Stannis would be. Ned's execution doesn't stop them from being able to exchange terms with Robb. You still have nothing backing that up. In fact, Renly is more than willing to bring up Stannis's argument when Catelyn references them both rebelling against the throne. Similarly, he repeatedly concedes Stannis has the better claim just that is irrelevant. Sure, they hadn't been kings before but Robert was younger and more popular than Hoster. Irrelevant, if straight blood succession is what matters than Viserys came before Robert twice be it as either Aerys or Rhaelle's heir. Precedent shows individuals within Westeros believes that marriage can be set aside and only in Naerys is it suggested one take a sacred oath. Also there isn't precedent saying non-knight Northeners couldn't participate in a tourney with southron knights.
  2. They have also been content with plenty of regencies in the past when the young king is supported by a powerful lord. Similar to how Joffrey has the backing of Tywin Lannister. Thoros isn't having the Brotherhood Without Banners go around burning Septs and Godswoods, Stannis is. Stannis already had some of his lords break from him in response to his actions against Septs. All of the Baratheons are going alone, if anything only Joffrey has Robert's seal of approval. They can also gain positions by supporting Joffrey. Stannis isn't any less nepotistic with his appointments with him appointing his in-laws to almost every important position within his command. Stannis was annoyed that Robert didn't execute/punish all of the Reach and Stormlords that sided with Aerys II. Stannis was annoyed that Robert didn't execute the Greyjoys (meaning they won't corporate with him like the Lannisters and Tyrells). Stannis isn't going to negotiate a peace exchange with Tywin that spares Jaime, Cersei, and the children meaning he won't have peace with him any more than Joffrey would with Robb. So once more the argument that he kept the incest a secret because he wanted to argue him and Stannis were equal rebels is complete bull. Renly was right, no one besides the Maesters cared about Robert's Targaryen's blood. Robert was chosen because he was the popular figurehead. While, Ned was an aloof Northerner, Jon was an old man that has had trouble securing a heir, and Hoster was from a family that had never been kings before. If they cared about the legitimacy of bloodline than Viserys was the clear choice. The Seven is even weaker in present day Westeros than they were in the Andal invasion. The fact that they didn't happen isn't relevant to the point that people in Westeros clearly believe that marriages can be set aside. Moreover, Robert wouldn't have any of the limitations that those individuals had when pursuing their marriages set aside. Robert is the king, unlike Daemon and Naenys, thus he won't have to ask the king's permission. Nor is Robert as weak willed as Tytos. "When the Andals came, the Hightowers were amongst the first lords of Westeros to welcome them. "Wars are bad for trade," said Lord Dorian Hightower, when he set aside his wife of twenty years, the mother of his children, to take an Andal princess as his bride. " Sorry I was thinking Hightower rather Gardner.
  3. Lords also generally prefer to avoid jerkish kings that are known to hold various petty grudges and are generally unforgiving, so Stannis is at disadvantage in that area. They also especially generally don't like kings that have taken up with a foreign religion that has caused them to order the symbols of their faith burned, another disadvantage for Stannis. Joffrey is believed to be Robert's, the Stormland's favorite son, son which likely gives him similar Stormlander cred as Stannis. Stannis will have the similar issue of Tywin being opposed to him the same as the North opposing Joffrey and I bet the Stormlords hold more concern over Tywin Lannister than Robb Stark. Nor does Joffrey hold an unrepentant rivalry against Mace Tyrell guaranteeing that the Reach will be opposed to him. There are plenty of reasons to oppose Stannis, so when Renly declared himself king none of his lords were concerned about Stannis. So like I said Renly never argued that he and Stannis were equal rebels so that is obvious not reason for him to keep the incest a secret. GRRM comment acknowledges that divorce exists only uncommon. If the option was unavailable he would have just it wasn't an option. We also hear in TWOIAF of how a Gardner king set aside his wife to marry an Andel princess, Daemon Targaryen asking his brother to set aside his marriage, Naenys asking Aegon IV to set aside their marriage, and even among non-kings of Lady Tarbeck trying to convince Tytos Lannister set aside his marriage and marry her.
  4. I want to see some positive representation of the Brackens, conversely negative representation of the Blackwoods. How for a series famed for the greyness of its conflicts the Blackwood/Bracken conflict seems pretty black and white. Where almost every Bracken is a complete dick and the Blackwoods are portrayed more nobly.
  5. The Stormlords aren't going to be more opposed to Renly usurping Robert's unpopular brother than they are against usurping Robert's son. We as readers might know about Joffrey's complete awfulness as an individual, but the majority of the lords of the Seven Kingdoms don't. Penrose, Tarth, and such aren't going step back if being told that rather than usurping Joffrey, Tommen, and Stannis that they are just usurping Stannis. The same is true for the Reach lords that support Renly over Stannis. Hell, the only people that it might affect if Renly announced it would be the Westerland lords as that would give them more reasons to doubt Joffrey's legitimacy. So it wouldn't hurt him with his allies, while possibly hurting his enemies so Renly has no reason to hide it. Furthermore, there is the simple fact that Renly never once makes the argument that both he and Stannis are equal rebels. Catelyn is the only character to bring it up and Renly's responds by bringing up Stannis's letter he fears it so little. By the way Martin has made comments that divorce appears to exist only uncommon in Westeros. "situation that doesn't have any easy solution in a society such as that of the Seven Kingdoms, where divorce simply isn't common." https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/Asshai.com_Interview_in_Barcelona/
  6. Minsc

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on vol 2

    I bet that Boltons would say differently with Mance coming down to retrieve Ramsay's bride or Jon giving Stannis advice to use against them.
  7. Minsc

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on vol 2

    That wouldn't be any justification for me to come at you with a knife. So basically no brother is allowed to snark about Jon or he will be excused in attacking them. Jon makes an immediate decision informed by his own biases to execute someone for talking back to him. Meanwhile, Jon attacking a superior because said superior mocked his father to other brothers needs lengthy deliberations. It should not have required any deliberations to punish Jon more than just sending him to his room with special privileges. Only Jeor acts like he is Jon's servant thus gives him constant special privileges.
  8. Minsc

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on vol 2

    So Thorne deserved to be attacked by a crazed Jon because Jon cannot controll himself? The fact that Thorne wasn't even talking to Jon makes that excuse even more absurd. Why should Thorne be barred from saying anything unpleasant about Jon or Jon's father simply because Jon is in the room and Jon cannot control himself? There is zero reason that Jeor should have had to send anytime to wait on Jon's punishment. Moreover, even if Jeor was going to be a pushover and not immediately punish Jon the immediate penalties should have been vastly harsher. Rather being just sent to his room and given special privileges of being accompanied by Ghost Jon should have been thrown in an Ice Cell for the night.
  9. Minsc

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on vol 2

    Frankly, Thorne didn't goad Jon into doing anything. He wasn't even talking to Jon when he called him a traitor's bastard. Jeor is just frankly a push over when it comes to Jon.
  10. Minsc

    What will happen to Gilly's son?

    Did Jon ever inform Mel of the baby swap?
  11. Minsc

    Bowen Snowslayer redemption arc

    Ramsey's letter that Jon read aloud has Ramsey accusing Jon of sending Mance to steal his bride. Jon never denies this charge. Nor Marsh has reason to doubt Ramsey's accusations. Is he supposed to believe a Wildling party just infiltrated Winterfell to steal Jon's sister from her husband and Jon wasn't involved at all?
  12. Minsc

    Bowen Snowslayer redemption arc

    We might not know Marsh's level support however it isn't some crazy assumption he has some plans. I think it is even far fetched to believe he had no plans for the aftermath. Now that doesn't mean it will work out for him. So the brothers of the NW are meant to just sit around and accept any violation of oaths by their LC? Jon's sending of Mance to rescue Arya was Jon iniating the conflict with Ramsay. So in the eyes of Marsh and company Jon not only iniated the conflict he is now escalating it.
  13. Minsc

    Bowen Snowslayer redemption arc

    Marsh will likely try to secure the Wildling hostages to ensure their control of them. Stannis's men they can work with to figure out a solution. Be simply the NW expell them from the Wall and trying to explain the situation to the Boltons when they arrive. Something that would be a ton easier if not after attack against the Boltons by their rogue LC that wishes to be King Beyond the Wall. Any brother likely has the right to execute a brother that is so open in their breaking of their oaths. Ramsay only threatens Jon after Jon had engaged in warfare against House Bolton. According to the letter Jon reads Ramsay tells how Jon sent a party of Wildlings to steal his bride. Marsh and company are likely bright enough to realize Jon had been giving Stannis strategic advise. Thus another infraction Jon committed against House Bolton.
  14. Minsc

    Bowen Snowslayer redemption arc

    1. Jon wasn't going down to visit some whores. Jon was pledging to wage war on the Warden of the North. 3. What does Marsh then do when the Boltons don't accept that defense? Rather instead come up and put down the entire NW in reaction to Jon's attack. Lets ask if Jeor decided to declare to the NW that he was going to make plans to march to war against Ned to protect Jorah. Do you think Benjen would have sat there and allowed Jeor to do so?
  15. Minsc

    Bowen Snowslayer redemption arc

    He has every authority as a brother of the NW. Jon had just announced his intent to gather an army and march south to attack the Boltons. Jon at that moment was an oath breaker and that is not including other abuses of his authority as LC that he had engaged in. As Lord Steward of Castle Black Marsh is one of the ranking officers of the NW. Thus granting him authority to deal with a rogue LC.