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  1. Walder likely didn't push for it because the insult had already been done and Robb's cause was done by them with the Tyrells joining the Lannisters.
  2. Honestly, I cannot judge any of the actors, especially the younger ones, from defending the show simply because of the cutthroat nature of that world.
  3. Easily Dorne, even if the dropping of the Tysha plot is one of my biggest annoyances.
  4. Yes, because I enjoy fantasy thus unless it is utterly terrible I still enjoy watching it on the screen. Heck, I went to see (and actually bought) all three Hobbit movies and the prequel series cannot be much worse than those.
  5. Minsc

    Renly's Plan and what he knew.

    No, but he was willing to do stuff like name her brother to be Warden of the East over the new Lord Arryn. The Tyrells can get other prestige and influence more than just lands if Margaery is made Robert's new queen. The 47th heir to House Frey is also not the equivalent of the King of the Seven Kingdoms. Heck, the Lord of House Frey isn't even the equivalent of the King of the Seven Kingdoms. So the Freys getting less prestigious houses means less than you think.
  6. Minsc

    Renly's Plan and what he knew.

    That might be why they were willing to settle for just being the king's favored mistress, while Mace also hopes that Margaery will become queen. We don't know how Robert would have rewarded the Tyrells as the plan never went into effect. Walder's wives only get less prestigious over time. He was still able to get a Swann, Crakehall, Blackwood, Whent, and Rosby while having multiple male heirs from previous wives (such as three male heirs and a daughter from his first). That isn't true, Lothor Frey, a twelfth son and 47th in line to inherit, was able to marry a member of House Lefford which is the principal lords of the Gold Tooth, a notable holding in the West.
  7. It always appeared to me that Cersei if not all the main Lannisters (besides Jaime) were their favorite characters thus explaining why she lasted so long.
  8. Minsc

    Renly's Plan and what he knew.

    Why did families like the Brackens and Blackwoods throw their daughters at Aegon IV? Why did Henry VIII still get marriage offers after all the shit he had going on in his marriage life? Why does Walder Frey still keep finding wives even after having over a dozen heirs? One's daughter being the king's mistress, much less wife, is a boon for a family's prestige and power even if their children don't inherit. Moreover, it isn't like Robert particularly likes Joffrey or Tommen that they cannot conspire ways to get rid of them over time. Robert might be a drunken glutton, but he is still relatively young that they should have plenty of time to plan for that.
  9. Denys was already married according to the wiki.
  10. Show:Sansa's behavior in the crypts was basically the same as Cersei's in the Red Keep during Blackwater. That being said no matter how awful her and the rest of the Starks' writing was in Season 8 I still loved the Queen in the North scene.
  11. Minsc

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    While we might morally agree with Jon in part because of how we know how horrible Ramsay and Roose really are that isn't a judgment Jon should actually be making if he wishes to defend the realms of men. The Boltons at the time when Jon was advising Stannis or allowing Mance to go South weren't waging war on the realms of men.
  12. Minsc

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    Jon was skirting his oaths to not get involved in the affairs of the realms to the South. Jon agreed to allow Mance to go down and retrieve "Arya" a charge mentioned in the Pink Letter and not denied by Jon. Threats only that are only given to the NW after Jon had repeatedly interfered with the Bolton's business. None that would be able to stop Jon. Jon had shown repeatedly he doesn't listen to Marsh's advice. You don't get to bring your pet to the room with you.
  13. Minsc

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    Jon had been offering Stannis military advice to use against the Boltons. Jon had agreed to send a Wildling down to steal a Bolton bride. Jon had just declared his intention to march down to wage war on the Boltons. If Jeor refused and was going to continue his efforts to march to war against the Starks I am betting Benjen would stand up with force to stop him. Moreover, Jeor had established the precedent that NW brothers can attempt to stab superiors if they are angry with them and only be punished by being sent to their rooms.
  14. Minsc

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    Jon's "job" is not to betray his oath and wage war on the realms of men because he doesn't like the new Warden of the North. If Jeor had decided to march on Winterfell to take out Ned after he went to execute Jorah I am willing to bet Benjen would have put a stop to that.
  15. Minsc

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Why should Karstark get any say in Catelyn's punishment?