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  1. I "love" how in The Bells they go out of their way to make Cersei as sympathetic as possible before her death. What with her whole crying about she wants to live for her baby while in Jaime's arms as he comforts her. Meanwhile, they do everything possible to make Dany seem like the vilest person ever before her death. Hell, Tyrion even basically calls her worse than Cersei and Tywin combined while basically saying how all of her previous noble deeds were actually evil.
  2. Minsc

    Mourning Dany

    Aegon I = Sane Aenys = Sane Maegor = Mad Jaehaerys I = Sane Viserys I = Sane Aegon II = Sane Aegon III = Sane Daeron I = Sane Baelor = Mad, but peaceful Viserys II = Sane Aegon IV = Sane Daeron II = Sane Aerys I = Sane Maeker = Sane Aegon V = Sane Jaehaerys II = Sane Aerys II = Mad Honestly, I would only three might qualify as being Mad as being a shitty person (aka Aegon II and IV) doesn't make someone Mad. Furthermore, one of those three Baelor was if anything too peaceful in his madness.
  3. They could also have Jon riding on Rhaegal so not only does Dany see her losing another child but also apparently her lover. Furthermore, have it after the bells start ringing by a defiant Cersei so it seems a violation of their surrender.
  4. Minsc

    Mourning Dany

    Nope, the Tyrells never pledged any loyalty to Cersei. Even ignoring Cersei's murder of Mace, Loras, and Maergery any ties between House Tyrell and the Lannisters were dissolved when Tommen took the plunge.
  5. Minsc

    Northmen slaughtering civilians

    Honestly, I think Grey Worm was totally into it not just following orders.
  6. Minsc

    Mourning Dany

    It was treason as the Tyrells were their liege lords and the Tarlys betrayed them to sack their castle for the Lannisters.
  7. Nothing, Robb was already doing all he could possibly do to help Stannis yet Stannis still couldn't get the win.
  8. Minsc

    Mourning Dany

    The main character of Dune. He basically starts as a standard hero then develops into a dark messiah as his followers perform atrocities in his name across the galaxy.
  9. Minsc

    Mourning Dany

    Honestly, to reference another series I think it would be better if Dany became a Paul Atreides like character similar to how Jon is Aragorn-like.
  10. Rhaegal should have died in this episode. They should have had it so he was hit by a missle after the bells had started ringing on the orders of a defiant Cersei. Thus making Dany think the Lannisters have betrayed the terms resulting in the death of one of her children and her lover (unknown to her Jon survives). That would her madness turn make more sense.
  11. What makes that ironic? My support of an action that Tyrion disapproves of doesn't make him less pure. If anything the fact that Tyrion is more merciful than I am hints to his greater purity.
  12. She burned them alive after they betrayed their liege and her ally. Furthermore, followed by them refusing to either bend the knee or accept the Wall. They have made him one of the purest characters on the show. Really besides Jon and Ned, no one else compares to him.
  13. Honestly, the only characters they appear to have really liked are Arya, Tyrion, Cersei, and Tywin.
  14. I never thought I would dislike an episode where Cersei, Jaime, and a ton of Lannister soldiers died, but this episode was just bad. I have never even been the biggest fan of Dany's but they did her completely dirty.
  15. Minsc

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    They literally never whitewashed her character in the earlier seasons. Frankly, they added numerous scenes that gave her a darker image than what is in the books.