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  1. If Robert had made Stannis marry Selyse than we would have been subject to various paragraphs of Stannis complaining about that fact.
  2. While Renly seems to like green as a clothing choice it still seems that he used the traditional Baratheon standard for his own standard. "Renly's own standard flew high over all. From the top of his tallest siege tower, a wheeled oaken immensity covered with rawhides, streamed the largest war banner that Catelyn had ever seen—a cloth big enough to carpet many a hall, shimmering gold, with the crowned stag of Baratheon black upon it, prancing proud and tall." "Renly had chosen a woman to carry his banner as well, though Brienne hid face and form behind plate armor that gave no hint of her sex. Atop her twelve-foot lance, the crowned stag pranced black-on-gold as the wind off the sea rippled the cloth."
  3. It is interesting that she only pulls back when she fears some pushback against her. Similarly, despite Jimmy getting everything that she supposedly wanted that she is still outraged primarily because how it negatively impacted her.
  4. I find it interesting how she is now complicit in working to destroy the two men (Chuck and Howard) likely most responsible for her actually becoming a lawyer. Seen how it was likely Howard and Chuck that decided to have HHM pay her way through law school.
  5. Yeah, is she pulling a reverse Sklyer and becoming less symapthetic as the show goes on?
  6. I have seen people suggest they were someone of the people at the chop shop that cousins visited to gather the money.
  7. Jimmy already helped the cartel before that and that doesn't figure in things he know he will do in the future for Walter.
  8. What did he do in this episode that is more jerkish than plenty of other stuff he has done before?
  9. Thanks, I think I will do the former if that is an actual description in the book.
  10. Thanks, was it all their armor or just the cloak? I know Brienne had all blue. However, I am doing some painting of Loras and I think all violet would look tacky.
  11. What color did Loras wear in Renly's Rainbow Guard?
  12. She is doing to Kevin what she charged Chuck was doing to Jimmy.
  13. Only even ignoring the Chuck issue, Jimmy has given plenty of evidence of his destructiveness that is willing to engage in. For example, wasn't his initial plan to help Huell basically to repeatedly attack and harass the cop to make him look bad? Kim's objections and is generally upset when there is push back against her.
  14. The problem with her indignation in my opinion is that whole outrage is equally centered around how it effects her. She doesn't care about how Jimmy's actions were underhanded. She doesn't care about how they hurt her client, who has only been good to her. She is upset because his actions made her look bad and awful at her job. Something she doesn't care about when Jimmy's actions do the same to other lawyers that stand in her way. She was perfectly willing to look the other way when Jimmy's actions hurt Chuck's reputation as it benefited her. She was absolutely complicit in helping Jimmy screw an ADA because it helped her. She only cares when she fears there might be pushback on her. She like Jimmy is only concerned about herself/himself.
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