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  1. I doubt Stannis is aware of all sixteen of Robert's bastards. He likely knows about Edric, Gendry, and Bara and maybe expects there are more but doesn't know where they are.
  2. Do you mean by Westeros? Probably. Mace isn't just a puppet, rather he is actually very much in charge. Mace isn't going to support someone that has a grudge against him and who is married into a family that wants his titles.
  3. Stannis sure was duty driven when he abandoned Robert. Why would Renly want to be king eventually when he can be king now? No problem, welcome to the board. If you highlight the text you want you can get a box entitled Quote Selection that you can click if you want to quote something while naming the individual. You can also just click the quotion mark on top of the post box if you don't care about identify the name of the person you are quoting. I would just split up the quotes into different boxes aka click quote for one passage then write your response before quoting another section and so forth.
  4. I don't know if it was here or reddit, but I once saw someone argue that Stannis is unique genius in realizing the value of archers because there is a single mention of archers training on Dragonstone while that is never mentioned for Renly and others so their archers must not train.
  5. I am just saying Gregor and his men seem like the type that would just refer to someone as gay as an insult.
  6. I don't know if I would say they knew but rather they were just using it as a slur.
  7. I think there is just a habit of naming famous battles and trying to pretend they were the same.
  8. While not directly military strategy related my favorite hypocrisy I ever seen is some Stannis essay try to argue that Renly is more guilty of kinslaying than Stannis.
  9. My favorite (military strategy related) is the the criticism that he is an idiot because he appoints Loras to lead his vanguard. Meanwhile, crickets about the fact that Stannis appointed Guyard Morrigen to his at Blackwater. Morrigen being no more experienced than Loras if we are to take Tarly's take on him, only Morrigen was even less skilled as a knight than Loras. All while the vanguard opperation that Morrigen would being leading was vastly more complex than what Loras would have been against.
  10. Wouldn't her being good at not seeing or hearing anything go against her being a gossiper?
  11. What do you mean Renly absolutely followed Robert. Renly has no obligation to follow a middle child that has no authority over him so he didn't listen to Stannis. It really wasn't. Jaime won playing a stacked hand given to him directly by Tywin. All he offered was being less stupid than the Freys and not being a Bracken for the Blackwoods. Only because his father and allies had already secured that deck with the Red Wedding. No Red Wedding, then Jaime is outside trying to scratch his arse with a golden hand at Riverrun.
  12. Funny, I find it to be another Baratheon brother that generally runs around shouting "Look at me, I'm a king" while doing little to support their kingship in ACoK. While are we also making adjudgements on adult Renly on Cressen's assessments of 6 year old Renly? Renly's plan to take KL would have been with similar lack of blood.
  13. The symbolic victory of returning to Tommen his "father's" ancestral home. While also taking a knock against Stannis with failing to hold his ancestral home.
  14. That quote even implies that is one of the reasons they love Margaery so much. Furthermore, frankly that is probably why almost every lord followed any of the kings. Which is a shame because he was the most noble child the gods ever put on this good earth.
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