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  1. I agree. I don't really mind him, Sophie, Kit, and others being defensive about the show. It is obviously going to be something they find important to themselves and they might not went to admit that it fell apart in the end. Howeiver, it is really Peter's weird take on why people were upset that is eyebrow raising. People weren't upset about their pretty white people not getting what they want. What with plenty of the surviving pretty white people getting what they want and that fans had no problem continuining watching even after pretty white people like Ned, Robb, Catelyn, and Oberyn were all brutally killed. So it is clear that wasn't the problem.
  2. “They wanted the pretty white people to ride off into the sunset together." Didn't most of the pretty white people, excluding Dany, get exactly what they want? Like Bran, Sansa, Arya, and Tyrion don't seem to be suffering all that much at the end. Meanwhile, what brown characters are left at the end? Missandei was beheaded, while Grey Worm went on a self-exile.
  3. I especially liked how they had even previously created the Master of War, which would have at least made some sense for Bronn even if it would have still been silly.
  4. Their feud was interesting until WOIAF made it totally one-sided, without a hint of grey.
  5. Ned should have given Benjen an empty holdfast and had it so Benjen fostered Jon away from Winterfell.
  6. He lets the Boltons (with Jeyne) do the hard work of pacifying the North before replacing them with Tyrion and Sansa. I imagine it is a set up similar to Vladimir Harkonnen's plan with his nephews in Dune. He probably considered them allies in the sense they would be weakening an enemy of his for him.
  7. The "law" doesn't win you anything when you only have 5000 backing you up. It is much more valuable to have the charisma to win over 80,000 men. Renly just so happens to have that charisma, so he had no reason to back Stannis. Especially, as he doesn't even believe Stannis had the law on his side. Renly backing down to Stannis while vastly outnumbering would turn Renly into a joke in the eyes of the realm.
  8. Where do we hear about Stannis approaching war by anymore focus on tactics and strategy than Robert? Frankly, I doubt Stannis would have objected in the slightest. How was Robert a bully, plain and simple? At worst, we know he once teased him about a bird. However, seeing how that is fully in-line with all of the Baratheon brothers' sense of "humor" (including Stannis) does it constitute him being a bully.
  9. Tywin can just pull out of the Riverlands and rush to the defense of King's Landing. Furthermore, after defeating the Lannisters that would still leave Renly having to face the Stark Rebellion. Waiting he weakens both the Lannisters and Starks.
  10. It makes better strategic sense to knock out a weaker foe, while allowing your stronger foe to continue to bloody themselves against the Starks before moving onto them.
  11. He never commanded a battle. We have no idea what his skills as a general would ended up being.
  12. The Florents still initially side with Renly. Moreover, the difference is Stannis is married to a Florent while Robert isn't.
  13. Cersei isn't even all that maternal to her own children, i.e Myrcella and Tommen. Moreover, if Renly spent his time at Storm's End I doubt Cersei visited all that often besides the first few years of her marriage. Robert at least had the first six years before he became king to act more closer to Renly. Yet, I don't even think Renly saw him as a parental figure.
  14. Cersei is plenty stupid at times. Furthermore, one of her biggest tools into trying to manipulate/win over people is her seduction skills as one of the most beautiful women in the realm. Only unfortunately for her that tool doesn't work on either of Robert's brothers. What with Stannis being sexually repressed and Renly being gay. Nor if instead of Renly or Stannis that Robert's brothers had been more Edmure and Theon than it is possible that she would have been able to win them over more.
  15. So based on the unlikely factor that Stannis might have a magical ace (remember magic is thought dead) Renly should abandon all face and surrender to Stannis? Why? The added infantry doesn't add much more of an advantage than Renly already outnumbering Stannis 4 to 1 with his cavalry. Being massively outnumbered by superior troops is an even greater complication. So are Randyll Tarly and Mathis Rowan. Furthermore, Tarly has actually commanded a battle on land while Stannis's only major battle experience is at sea.
  16. Cersei is pretty horrible and clearly not a positive influence on Robert. I doubt she hid the fact that she believed Joffrey and Tommen should have gotten Dragonstone and Storm's End. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't based on Robert's faulty memory when describing her.
  17. Why? Renly has no problem openly acknowledging Stannis has a better claim in front of Catelyn. Even if he acknowledges Stannis is the rightful king doesn't change anything. He is still planning on battling and defeating Stannis the next day.
  18. There is probably a difference between who a lady marries and who a lord marries. A lady marrying a lower lord is worse because she will be dependent on that lord and his holdings. Stannis as a lord marrying a lower lady is less an issue because she will be entering his household rather than him leaving to join hers. I doubt Robert cared the slightest who Stannis married. If Stannis had married on Robert's order that would have came up in one of Stannis's various sessions of complaining about everything while making himself out to be a martyr. House Florent had no problem supporting Renly over Stannis, why shouldn't House Hightower still favor Renly over Stannis in that case? Especially, how Renly is married to Hightower's granddaughter so he is still supporting his blood.
  19. Why can't Loras be a prodgy all around like Jaime or Dayne? Jaime thinks Loras reminds him of how he was when he was younger.
  20. He loses to Brienne when she channels her ancestor and turns the melee into a wrestling match. Before that he had disarmed her and was raining down on her with his blunted ax. If it had been an actual combat his ax likely would have cleaved into her before she jumps onto him.
  21. Oh, another change I would make in the world building would be to drastically rewrite the Bracken/Blackwood feud so it isn't completely one sided. Have there be some noble Brackens and villainous Blackwoods. Maybe have it so the Blackwoods became devoted followers of Maegar out of desire just to murder followers of the Seven, while the Brackens supported Jaehaerys. Maybe, have it so Otho Bracken fought with Dunk during his Trial of Seven. That could cause an interesting contrast with Egg's distaste for the houses that supported the Blackfyres. Heck, have it rather than marry a Blackwood that Egg marries a Bracken (out of love and against his father's will, thus setting up his own sons rebellions) causing Bloodraven to push for Aemon to follow Maekar as part of push for Bloodraven to be sent to the Wall. Just anything to make the feud not so remarkbly one sided.
  22. When did that dagger even reappear? I only remember it being in a few scenes in Season 1, before suddenly reappearing when Arya kills Littlefinger. It is supposed to be the Catspaw blade? How does Arya even get hold of it?
  23. You don't want your heir to be a childless couple. She is likely already going to be considered to have trouble with child birth based on her being sickly losing ideal child birthing years because Jaime is still to young to father children onto top isn't ideal Oberyn is still a poor choice for Tywin's eldest daugher when there is no reason to expect he would inherit anything. I similarly doubt Ned would have betrothed Sansa to Loras.
  24. Tommen isn't currently fathering heirs on Margaery, instead they are having to wait until he is older. The age gap between Margaery and Tommen is actually even smaller than that of Elia and Jaime. When Jaime is 15/16 that would have Elia being around 25/26, while equally being sickly. She is as good of a match for Jaime as Tyrion was for her.
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