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  1. Ah, I was wondering about that. I had heard that idea but I couldn't think of the hints off the the top of my head so I didn't include it. Perhaps George is a fan of Alien Resurrection and there are going to be a dozen Dany clones sent across the world to achieve various goals. My personal take, probably two or three of these things will happen but not all of them. I was about to discuss it further but then I remembered this is an Arya thread and I don't want to go wildly off-topic... I'll look for an appropriate Dany thread.
  2. Well, there are a whole lot of things some people expect Dany to do before leaving for Westeros... - Go to Vaes Dothrak and unite the khalasars as the stallion who mounts the world. - Visit the Shadowlands of Asshai in accordance with Quaithe's prophecy "to go west you must go east ... you must pass beneath the shadow." - Go to Volantis and assist in the slave revolution there, as the Widow of the Waterfront told Tyrion. - And, of course, return to Meereen to fix her mistakes, assist her people, and reclaim her dragons. 'Course how many of these things (if any) she'll actually do.... we'll only find out when the books come out. But hey if Dany's Westerosi arrival is ultimate endgame material, like second or third quarter DoS, she can still fit most of this in.
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