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  1. How many episodes will it be? Thanks Icewolf
  2. Yes sir. I am a Minnesota Boy but my Mom built a nice spot just south of the MN/IA line. About 20/25 miles west of Decorah where my step Dad is from and I think Nora Stark is from there too. When I go out at night and try to see the sky here in Maryland/DC I am sorely reminded I need a trip home!

  3. Grundy Center, ser. About 20 minutes west and 7 minutes south of Cedar Falls, and you? Up by the border you'd said earlier. IW

  4. Grundy Center, Ser. About 20 minutes west and 7 miles south of Cedar Falls. Town of about 2500, and you?

  5. What part of Iowa are you from man?

  6. Hey Nora, i like your posts. I moved from St louis to Waterlooin 92 and almost ended up in Decorah. I now live in Grundy Center (30 min SW of Waterloo)

  7. Congrats on the Hedge Knight! GRRM's work is always excellent, even the adaptations. I wish it was longer but even Fevre Dream is an awesome read. Thanks for all the great comments! BTW I am in Iowa some, Northeast, not too far from the Minnesota border or Decora.

  8. Thanks for adding me to your friends list, I find your posts most enjoyable as well. i just bought the last available copy of The Hedge Knight at amazon-yippee!

  9. Ya, that series rocks! I loved the Bili Char, thus my name.

  10. It's nice to see another HorseClans fan