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  1. OneEyedRaven

    Worldcon 2020: Wellington New Zealand

    I’ll be there! My dad is gifting the trip to me for my belated honeymoon, so we’ll be doing touristy stuff before the con
  2. OneEyedRaven


    Hey Four Eyed Raven!! Awesome name! Haha
  3. OneEyedRaven


    Thanks! I'm a little overwhelmed on getting started though
  4. OneEyedRaven


    hey everyone! I'm a longtime lurker, but figured it was time to start getting more active in the forums. I'm a 24 yr old former Army Brat currently living the the (best) state of Maryland. I got started in fantasy by reading the Hobbit, then Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and now ASOIAF. I'm currently obsessed with all things GOT/ASOIAF to the point that I blog about it but I also love everything in popular culture (movies, books, tv). I'm currently an Intern (living the American dream.ha) slowly moving towards my goal of going to graduate school for clinical psychology. That's pretty much me in a nutshell