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    2018 World Cup - Get a Team to Support Here!!!!

    I’m so down. Haven’t been active here in a bit but I love trash talk lol
  2. Website | Facebook Page | Facebook Group | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Patreon WHEN: April 27 - 29, 2018 WHERE: Deer Creek State Park Lodge and Conference Center in Sterling, Ohio. It's our first year at this location, but after all of the growth we've seen in the last two years, it was time to go for something bigger - and with an indoor pool (with a stag on the floor of the pool. Yes. A stag). It overlooks the gorgeous Deer Creek Lake, and there is everything from casual lodge rooms with double beds, to woodsy cabins with bunk beds and gorgeous views. WHAT: The Convention of Ice & Fire, a convention themed around George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, is the premiere event of its kind in America. We are not-for-profit and totally fan run. WHO: Some of the coolest people you'll ever meet, including Fandom Favorites, such as Amin and Ashley from A Podcast of Ice and Fire, Aziz and Ashaya from History of Westeros, Rawrist, and PoorQuentyn from ASOIAF University! WHY: Because who doesn't want to party with nerds for a weekend? I, like many other attendees, saw the convention online and thought: I have to go to this. I packed up two friends inour car, drove 8 hours, made some of the best friendships, and had some of the best times imaginable at this convention. Everyone is warm, welcoming, and basically a second family. I went from regular attendee to devoting all of my livelihood to volunteer, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I am so excited for all the exciting things coming to our sixth year! Attendees voted, and this year's theme is Direwolves and Dragons: Wild and Wooly Westeros And, just in time for our theme announcement, this year we are super excited to have Ironwood Wolves bringing an ambassador wolf for photo ops and Q&A! It is a smaller con, but there's something for everyone. Panels, cosplay, gaming tournaments, a mock tourney, a dance, and lots more. For more info on our events visit www.iceandfirecon.com/events/ While this is a convention focused on all things Ice and Fire and that includes the HBO series, we are a books-first con. Here is a highlights album from 2017's con. Please note that while cosplay is a wonderful part of the convention, plenty of attendees don't do it, or do it very casually. Here is an article about this year(2017)'s Con: "Ice and Fire Con 5.0: What is Dead May Never Die” Tickets are $75 for the full weekend and do not include food or lodging. Visit our store page to purchase! You can get $5 off until December 1st with the code "WOLVES" at check-out. Ticket prices do go up to $90 after the New Year, so get 'em fast. --- This will be my 5th year volunteering at this con so please feel free to ask any questions! Jasmine
  3. Brian and I are going as well!
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    Hey Four Eyed Raven!! Awesome name! Haha
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    Thanks! I'm a little overwhelmed on getting started though
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    hey everyone! I'm a longtime lurker, but figured it was time to start getting more active in the forums. I'm a 24 yr old former Army Brat currently living the the (best) state of Maryland. I got started in fantasy by reading the Hobbit, then Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and now ASOIAF. I'm currently obsessed with all things GOT/ASOIAF to the point that I blog about it but I also love everything in popular culture (movies, books, tv). I'm currently an Intern (living the American dream.ha) slowly moving towards my goal of going to graduate school for clinical psychology. That's pretty much me in a nutshell