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  1. Theralion

    Who will be Lord Commander after Jeor and Jon were killed by mutiny?

    Depends on whether there is a Night's Watch left.
  2. Theralion

    The real character assassination is that of Tyrion

    They've whitewashed him completely. Cersei too.
  3. Theralion

    Why S8 feels wierd.

    I also believe that at some point the writers stopped adapting the books and started doing their own fan fiction.
  4. Theralion

    Why S8 feels wierd.

    I suspect in the book, Daenerys taking King's Landing will come first and The Long Night will be the final battle. But by switching them in the show, the writers realized that Cersei and Jack Sparrow would be poor final bosses. So they decided to turn Daenerys into the Mad Queen to make up for it. It's like how The Night King got a dragon due to the fact they cut the 3rd rider and the horn of winter from the show.