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  1. This topic is No Spoilers and yet you are revealing some information, I advice non-book readers to stay away from the last few comments.
  2. She had Greyscale as a child. Never mentioned in the show so I wonder what non-readers thought of it. Not sure if I should spoiler the last one but might as well
  3. I'm really liking Jorah and Barristan scenes, as it is more interesting this way as they both are aware of each other. Like Jorah saying "Is it 'we' already" was great. I'm just wondering that since Barristan wasn't in the Small Council in the show, how will they do Jorah's exit? Also not sure if this is discussed in the thread but I don't have the time to go through it, so sorry if it is.
  4. Can I just say I love your username? I'm a fan of Darkstar too - he's got lots of haters on here though so I commend your balls for having this username and also that avatar

    1. Darkstar For King

      Darkstar For King

      Man I didn't even notice this was here lol. And yeah I changed my username to this after I saw all the haters and said 'fuck them'.

  5. Hello everyone, my nick is Silas and I'm new to these boards as you can see. I recently finished reading the books after watching the T.V Show last year. I am ashamed that I only found about these books after the show came out and so late but i guess it's for the best as I think I understand them better know than I would when I was younger, I just turned 18. My favourite character is Prince Oberyn-fucking-Martell, followed closely be Ned and the usual Jon and Dany. I have no doubt I will enjoy it here :)
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