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  1. 10!!!!!!! Well 9.9 because they totally dropped the ball casting Rheager The first book was published over 20 yrs ago and R+L=J has been a part of GoT for almost that long and a part of the stories lexicon. To actually hear the words and hear the name gave me chills. I know we all knew it, I know the spoilers are everywhere, but last night was 20 yrs in the making. Just a little disappointing that George didn't reveal his biggest and best kept secret. Another amazing moment was almost every single POV in the same scene. All I can think of is who George would have chosen to tell the story. Not one Stark at the meeting. The pack will not be broken up again
  2. I just turned the volume up to 11. Great episode. 4 reunions in 1 episode Arya and Sansa. Arya and Bran. Jon and Theon. Tyrion and Jamie. We need some Hound. 2 weeks vacation is long enough