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  1. ShadowCat Rivers

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    Her beauty is absolutely necessary to her early plot. Without that, you don't have *this* character developement. You even need another -credible- way to give her the dragons... It would be another character of another book. It might be interesting to read about a girl like, say, Shireen get hold on such power, but it would not be the books that we've been reading.
  2. ShadowCat Rivers

    Why did Hoster Tully throw his lot with the Rebels?

    After Brandon it was his father, next would be his betrothed and father in law to be. Hoster and his family's only chance to live was to overthrow Aerys. So simple.
  3. ShadowCat Rivers

    Is Ned Stark really that honorble?

    I expect that, by the time we get new content to discuss, the forum will have gone almost full circle, displaying in the front page topics such as "Is Ned Stark really that horrible?"
  4. ShadowCat Rivers

    Who do you like more? Aegon I or Robert Baratheon?

    Well, I admit that I did make some assumptions, but that was the only way that the book references you made could be -even if flawed- somewhat relevant to the arguments you were making. Otherwise, bringing up Robert's belief that Lyanna was raped, or the Wildling wedding customs, do not make sense at all in regards to your disagreement with me on what was the logical public perception of the events.
  5. ShadowCat Rivers

    Who do you like more? Aegon I or Robert Baratheon?

    You seem to think that, if those two are the characters who mention something on-page then they must be the only characters to think so. That's flawed logic. Another example of flawed logic is that, if Jon came to respect the freefolk, then it follows that every other character would know of, understand and accept the validity of their customs out of freefolk context. As if, Ned, Robert and co should totally be like, hey, freefolk steal their wives so there you have it, it's not a kidnapping but a consensual a marriage! --- @Ethelarion, I don't think you understand what I am talking about. But, I would also rather move on to the topic than explain.
  6. ShadowCat Rivers

    Who do you like more? Aegon I or Robert Baratheon?

    Quotes from the books, please. And, freefolk tradition applies to freefolk. No one else in Westeros practices kidnapping as a marriage ritual. Last time I checked, none of the involved people were freefolk. (Jon Snow is a northerner. You can read his opinion on the relevant freefolk custom in his debate with Ygritte, in Jon III, ASOS).
  7. ShadowCat Rivers

    Who do you like more? Aegon I or Robert Baratheon?

    Being one does not necessarily means that you adhere to the ideology, just like not being one does not equal that you're not influenced or that you're not a supporter. Anyway, I did not intend to start a debate on white male ideology, I was only using it as an examble, as one of the reasons why conquerors are so widely admired. It's because most of us are taught to admire them. I do not remember reading anywhere that Robert was the first to claim anything at all about Lyanna's abduction. That she was kidnapped and raped was the general belief because, surprise, that was exactly what it looked like. I know that it will (most likely) be a rare case when it is actually not what it looks like, but that's for us readers to speculate, and "present" timeline characters to eventually find out, but that's not the case for the protagonists of the Lyanna's abduction clusterfuck. In any case, don't you think that Rhaegar had a responsibility (to the realm) to come out and clarify his actions, instead of hiding away and only come in the end to fight for Aerys?
  8. ShadowCat Rivers

    Who do you like more? Aegon I or Robert Baratheon?

    Neither am I. But the history I was taught at school was written by white males, praising the accomplishements of their kind. Conquest is a highly appreciated value in such narratives. I can safely assume that the education you underwent yourself was no much different. Neither was GRRM's, for that matter.
  9. ShadowCat Rivers

    Who do you like more? Aegon I or Robert Baratheon?

    Robert is portrayed in the series as a person with actual human virtues and vices, someone that we can really like or dislike according to how his personality resonates (subjectively) with each reader. Personally I don't like him, but I have some sympathy for him and I appreciate the few positive aspects of his character. Aegon, on the other hand, is just an historical figure, glorified for accomplishments that are very much appreciated by the 'white male' prevalent ideas of both 'his' and 'our' worlds. I have nothing for him to make me like or dislike him for the person that he was, except for my generic dislike for conquerors. So it wouldn't be a fair comparison.
  10. ShadowCat Rivers

    Why is the North talked about as if its impossible to invade ?

    Exactly, the idea is Russia. Also, like Russia, of course it can be invaded. The point is, it can't be kept occupied, at least not with the resources that the plausible invaders can spare.
  11. ShadowCat Rivers

    Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration

    I don't think this is a good analogy. As I see it, it looks more like arming your potentially strongest (and really most fundamental enemy), to fight against a competitor and not expect them to use those guns against you. Sort of like what Cersei did with the Faith against the Tyrells.
  12. ShadowCat Rivers

    Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration

    Ah, alright. It seems to me that the local lords would prefer to undermine "central" authority by using local tradition and inciting localism, or by pointing out their foreigness, but not by stiring the notion to the general population that the Authority -especially as a dynasty (bloodline)- may be questioned for its adequacy to rule and that, if they may be replaced if they don't measure up. Especially after they came to an 'understanding' with the Faith. If they do that, they open the doors for their own rule to be questioned and, in contrast to the central king, they are closer and more easily observed (and accordingly, evaluated) by the people they rule. Actually, the closer one is to their subjects, the less they'd be inclined to pass such thoughts to the puplic. After all, common people out of the capital care very little about the king and people tend to blame for their misfortunes those that are within reach. The lords are no fools to not understand this.
  13. ShadowCat Rivers

    Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration

    Still, it was not related to the "madness" allegation and it was after they were overthrown, so not madness a political tool to weaken the Targaryen rule. I'm being very specific here: the madness or "madness", to one extent or another, had been a reality, yet we see nothing being done about this either to genuinly protect the realm against the possibility of a mad king or to use it as a political tool to weaken the king's authority. It was only used by a Targaryen (Bloodraven, a bastard but still a Targaryen) to promote another Targaryen, in order to protect (in the way Bloodraven thought it best) the Targaryen dynasty. Never seen (or noticed, to be fair) any other instance.
  14. ShadowCat Rivers

    Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration

    Hi, sorry if I did not make myself clear. I mean, how do you think the nobility used this Targaryen madness idea to weaken the Targaryen rule? That's the claim that I don't understand how you support it and I don't think there's much (if any) evidence for it in the books.
  15. ShadowCat Rivers

    Targaryen Madness is an Exaggeration

    I would really like to have this explained, as we have not seen anyone ever make use of this in all the "history" books we've had so far, or even try to. Like, no institutions/measures to watch over the kings in case of madness, no procedures to replace unfit or "unfit" kings, not even suggestions for such. What exactly is this attempt at weakening supposed to be about? ETA - that people in these forums may suggest that Targaryens are unfit to rule because of madness does not count.