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  1. ShadowCat Rivers

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    Her beauty is absolutely necessary to her early plot. Without that, you don't have *this* character developement. You even need another -credible- way to give her the dragons... It would be another character of another book. It might be interesting to read about a girl like, say, Shireen get hold on such power, but it would not be the books that we've been reading.
  2. ShadowCat Rivers

    Why did Hoster Tully throw his lot with the Rebels?

    After Brandon it was his father, next would be his betrothed and father in law to be. Hoster and his family's only chance to live was to overthrow Aerys. So simple.
  3. ShadowCat Rivers

    Is Ned Stark really that honorble?

    I expect that, by the time we get new content to discuss, the forum will have gone almost full circle, displaying in the front page topics such as "Is Ned Stark really that horrible?"
  4. ShadowCat Rivers

    Rhaenys or Visenya?

    Rhaenys has a big failure and no great accomplishment of her own. Visenya on the other hand was a very remarkable, even if not exactly likeable, individual. She was IMO the most competent of the three, far better than Aegon.
  5. Crowning someone as Queen of Love and Beauty is not nesessarily an indication of Romantic interest. “The daughter of the great castle reigned as queen of love and beauty when the tourney opened. Five champions had sworn to defend her crown; her four brothers of Harrenhal, and her famous uncle, a white knight of the Kingsguard.” (ASOS, chapter 24, Bran) So it seems that brothers and family members are fine. Also I very much doubt that prince Valarr was romantically (or at all) interested in the young lady of Ashford, he was most likely simply honouring the tourney host by defending the girl's crown.
  6. I understand it's a matter of etiquette. You don't crown someone's wife, betrothed, daughter etc without a socially acceptable reason. Such a reason, for examble, would be the tourney being held in her honour (as in the Ashford tourney) or, I suppose, crowning Sansa in the Hand's tourney would be the proper thing to do as, in her person, it would pay honour to her father. I expect it's always safe to crown the lady of the castle or the woman of highest position in attendance.
  7. ShadowCat Rivers

    How to deal with the villains?

    The essence of this would be that the solution lies in the drastic reduction of numbers of the 'offensive' population. The problem now is, if this is to be accepted as the effective solution, whether "the end justifies the means" and if yes, to what extent. (Just to clarify, I do not believe that this is the solution in anyway. Societal vacuums tend to get filled one way or another; if no alternative to, e.g., slavery in Essos is proposed, tried and become functional soon enough, then someone else will simply take the place of the Dothraki in the chain of the slavery system.)
  8. ShadowCat Rivers

    Rhaenyra: Traitor or legitimate heir?

    That's the custom except for the Targaryens and Dorne, Dorne being more equal to women while Targaryens ever more for male preference than the rest. Actually, the Targaryen succession precedence lends more legitimacy to Aegon's claim.
  9. ShadowCat Rivers

    What good can come from the North gaining its independence?

    Well, it seems that some people have never heard of Europe. You know, about the possibility of different countries existing in the same continent.
  10. ShadowCat Rivers

    Rhaenyra: Traitor or legitimate heir?

    In the sense that they excluded females from taking the crown. The general custom rule in Westeros is, a son before a daughter but a daughter before an uncle. While Rhaenyra's case, had she won, would have a daugter inherit before a son, her own descendants made it so that she would be excluded.
  11. ShadowCat Rivers

    Do the Targaryens deserve the throne back?

    What? How does it ever make sense that Targaryen own interests are for the good of the realm while anyone else's are not? Self-serving is self-serving, period. Unless you identify the royal House with the realm itself (that's wrong IMO), in which case the same would stand for any House; when Lannisters are the royal family then Lannister interest is for the good of the monarchy and so on.
  12. ShadowCat Rivers

    Rhaenyra: Traitor or legitimate heir?

    Anyways, Rhaenyra's own son Viserys de facto invalidated her claim posthumously, by taking the crown instead of his nieces. To the extent that Daemon Blackfyre did not use his mother's claim as an argument for his case.
  13. ShadowCat Rivers

    Most Badass nickname

    Brandon the Bad also has a minimalistic appeal to it.
  14. ShadowCat Rivers

    Do the Targaryens deserve the throne back?

    Right? I can't, for the life of me, get immersed into the mentality of hereditary rule. I can understand that this sort of thinking would be natural for the characters in-story, but as a reader? Hell no. ^Exactly. True, and nobody is going to hand it back to them because "they deserve" it. Either the Starks or their supporters will have to fight hard to get it back, as we see them doing, actually. The real problem with the Boltons is that their intended subjects don't like them very much, and they're kinda willing to fight, if they have a chance, than to accept them as their overlords.
  15. ShadowCat Rivers

    Why did the Tullys side with Robert Baratheon?

    Unlike Tyrells, Tullys did not owe everything to the Targaryens. Tullys held Riverrun for a thousand years before the conquest, unlike the Tyrells who were stewards at Highgarden. Tyrells contribution to Aegon's cause was surrendering the castle after the battle was lost. Tullys rose to rebellion against Harren the black (their current king at the time, and a tyrrant - do you perchance see a pattern here?) so the paramountship was a reward for a very active contribution; a flimsy reward ath that, given that Harrenhal with all its income was made a second pole of power in the Riverlands, thus practically undermining the Tullys as paramounts. So really, why don't you get your data right before deciding who owes what and to whom? LOL, Hoster, good for him, was better than you at betting on who would win. He was not the one who lost his life, as facts proved. Not by all accounts, no. Rhaegar might have been a jolly good fellow but personally I would not support for a ruler someone who, at the most critical time for the realm, just disappears with his lady love leaving behind the both his wife and children and the realm at the hands of his unstable father. Not a reliable person at any level, like at all, if you ask me. It's very possible that Hoster might have felt the same. Another thing: Targaryens had no dragons anymore. Don't forget that. Aerys's reign stability was owed to Tywin Lannister. This was the man that the lords respected and feared. With Tywin deciding to stay this war out, all chances were on.