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  1. Regarding vaccine nationalism...well the people around the world are not stupid or disinformed. Thats condescending. Maybe 20 years ago the US state department could have send Beyoncé to Congo to give a live aid concert sponsored by the American vaccines for freedom program and everything else be forgotten. That shit doesn’t work anymore. Be it as it is, the facts are the facts. Anyway, mighty Premier Johnson and his cabinet of Rule Britannia mental midgets got very quiet recently. They know that they depend on the EU to reach their future vaccination targets. They got the message. Little Englander Brexiteers might not like it, but the EU is the big dog in the area. Meanwhile, the US, China and Russia can play their little PR games, people don’t care. People care about getting vaccinated. Even Bavaria, conservative bastion of Germany, bastion of pro-American spirit, ordered Sputnik-5 (2.5 million doses, from June onward). I told my opinion already a week ago. This shortsighted selfish and nationalistic approach of the US might be a short-term tactical win but it’s a longterm strategic defeat. No amount of Marketing PR, Think Tank and Consulting wizards can spin this any other way. Regarding the UK, in the end who cares. They are all in all irrelevant in the broader vaccination picture. Yes, the Johnson administration is annoying but sooner than later they’ll be gone. A more reasonable future Premier will understand that it might be wiser as a 65 million country (maybe less in a few years) to work together with its neighbor (in a fair and accountable manner) of 450 million with the second largest economic might in the world, instead of constantly pissing them off.
  2. Of course not. But there is an attitude among many people that as soon as vaccination is „done“ (the current process) everything will be back to normal. IMO this is a false sense of security.
  3. I think the risk is real as the example of Manaus, Brazil shows. A large percentage (what I read: 50%) of the population there got infected during the first wave last summer. And now the virus has mutated due to evolutionary pressure into a nastier variant (P1) to overcome the antibody protection. I am sure scientists are studying this case very closely, given the circumstances which make the city like a laboratory (large population, quite isolated from other population centers, large part with prior immunization due to antibody development from first wave). People might call me pessimistic but Manaus is real.
  4. Maybe one should have told this the politicians then . Even more stupid to be selfish, buying up all vaccines and create are race who is the fastest and bestest in vaccination don’t you think :)?
  5. So lets talk about Brazil as Manaus in the Amazonas region seems to be the new global hotspot. The dominant virus variant there is the P1 mutation which is even more transmissible than the UK variant and apparently also causes a higher percentage of severe cases. This is worrisome on many levels. It shows that we are in a continuous longterm fight as the virus is put under evolutionary pressure to mutate to still be able to do its thing (reproduce and spread). It’s survival of the fittest, overcoming of anti-bodies (vaccines or previous infections). Remember that Manaus was one of the regions where a large percentage of the population already got infected in the first wave last summer. And now they face the same shit, and even higher mortality rates. I wonder where are all those supersmart people now who advocated for herd immunity through „controlled“ infections? It seems they failed to consider the factor time. You might get herd immunity but only for 6 months. And afterwards you might have to deal with an even nastier virus variant. Anyway the conclusion is clear: vaccination won’t be a one-time event but at least for the next couple of years expect to be vaccinated once or twice (more realistic) every year until this corona virus loses its edge and evolves into something like its brethren (common cold corona viruses). That’s the hope everyone has, and a justifiable one. But there is no law of nature that dictates a virus to become less harmful over time. Empirically it happens more often than not but not always.
  6. Typical so typical. You don’t understand nothing. The EU could have declared an export ban and that’s it. No vaccine produced on EU territory allowed to leave. They could but they didn’t. Leave it. You are a hardcore Brexiteer and rational discussion with you is useless.
  7. My final conclusion wrt the vaccination distribution worldwide. We as human beings all have our very own blindspots, that’s a simple psychological truth. That’s our blindness towards oneself. A lot of people would even deny that they have such blindspots, they simply refuse and reject to acknowledge this blindness towards oneself. This is what I call the blindness towards the blindness. And when we as human beings slowly come to the conclusion that such blindness might really exist, the first intuitive reaction is denial out of cognitive dissonance. That‘s just how we as human beings function. And this whole issue about global vaccine distribution is a case of the above. I don’t necessarily exclude myself. Though facts are facts: 1) the European Union did export a large part of its domestic vaccine production (ca. 80 million doses, 40-45% of its total) 2) the US and the UK didn’t. As of last week the number was Zero. Even though they themselves received or are due to receive vaccine doses from the EU. 3) Both of the above countries de facto declared an export ban with different legal/contractual tools. The EU could have done the same but refused to do so up until now 4) Death rates in the US and UK were high, but this argument in this case is irrelevant because they were and still are as high if not higher in a large proportion of EU member countries (Italy, Poland, Czechia) On a personal and emphatic level I can understand posters here from the UK or US. What I cannot understand is bragging, boasting and shit talking of the EU, especially by Trumpists and Brexiteers. It is simply despicable when Boris Johnson, Prime Ministers of the UK, and members of his cabinet shit talk the EU, telling people that the vaccination process is proof of how shit the EU is etc. when at the same time 50% of the UK vaccine doses are coming from the EU. This is simply despicable. No other words to call it. Biden I can understand much more due to the domestic issues within the US. He is in a tough spot with dozens of millions of MAGA Trumpist idiots screaming behind his back. Anyway, those above are the basic facts. I would ask American and UK users to at least show some emphathy towards the whole clusterfuck (like @Zorral does for example).
  8. The last sentence. I actually agree. But balance is needed. I understand when Biden‘s approach would have been: we will first vaccinate our vulnerable. Then we will help our friends and their vulnerables. But what the US and Biden have been doing the last 30 days at least is vaccinating every dog and cat. Meaning people way outside any risk group. As mentioned my girlfriend‘s cousin, a perfectly healthy 35 year old woman from Harrisburg, PA. Balance is the key word. Especially if you as a country claim for yourself to be the leader of the free world. As Biden did. And I see no leading right now. Ten thousands of people have been dying unnecessarily due to this complete selfish approach. Surplus deaths, not zero sum deaths. And ask yourself: how does it look when you don’t even help your neighbor (Canada) who instead gets support from 5,000 miles away (Europe)? People tend to remember such things for quite a long time if they are themselves affected. Not much leading of the free world, is it?
  9. It’s at least 77m doses. This figure was published by Spiegel, Zeit, ARD, etc. (basically every news outlet) and EU officials. It was mentioned last week officially during the EU summit ffs! You are casting doubt where there is no doubt. Gaslighting. Ah, Germany. Whataboutism. Yes, voices for export bans (against the UK) are getting louder. Understandably so. Because it is fucking stupid to be the naive idiot in the room abiding by some principles while others are laughing and shitting on those principles. Anyway, again gaslighting. People are angry of exports to the UK especially, not to third countries in need. And finally, Putin strawman. My point was clear: Americans elected Donald Trump. Forget all externalizing, focus on how this could happen, how Qanon could happen, how Tea Party could happen, how such a divide and shift to the extreme right could happen. Internalize, self-reflect. And Trump was not the first idiot in office during my adult life time. GWB conveniently gets forgotten these days. Focus on a true analysis of the how and why? What is wrong with us? As an alcoholic it doesn’t help one iota to put the blame on one‘s enabler. Cut them out and focus on yourself. Self-reflect. Why? How? What to do? And finally, who looks up to Russia as some promised land except bigots and white ethno nationalists? Basically the same people who admire Orban‘s Hungary. The rest of your ramblings is just a strawman or please quote me where I showed admiration for Russia or Putin?
  10. @Padraig As @Fragile Bird already pointed out, it’s not about denying the importance of the US in vaccine development, that would be silly. After all, US pharma companies dominate the world market. The point is though that thousands of people are dying around the world right now, people who could easily have been saved if the US (and the UK to a lesser extent) didn’t show such darwinistic and egoistic approach. To repeat myself: since March 1st roughly 80,000 people have died within the EU alone, last week it was already 3,000 per day. That figure will likely rise. At the same time at least 77 million vaccine doses (as of March 26th) have been exported from the EU. At the same time 30 or 40 year old Americans with good health and no underlying conditions get vaccinated. Point in case: my gf‘s cousin (35 years, Harrisburg, PA) got vaccinated with Biontech, a woman in perfect health. How many of those 80,000 (and thousands of Brazilians for example) could have been saved if the US had worked together with the EU to priotize vaccinations based on those who need it most? 20%? 30%? Till the end of April, we will speak of maybe 100,000 unnecessary deaths worldwide purely due to selfishness. There is no way to dispute the above logic. Simply because it’s the truth.
  11. But you see, that’s the point. Boris Johnson in his way is so „unbritish“ it hurts. The Brits I know are mostly very polite, understatement and most of all, pragmatic. Don’t brag before the job is done. All this „first to approve“, „fastest in vaccinations“, „Europe so much behind“ was so contra-productive as it undermined a calm approach. I repeat: vaccination is a worldwide effort which will continue for the next couple of years at least. Don’t turn a marathon into 100m sprint.
  12. What is wrong with humility and understatement. Do the job and shut up until everything is said and done. Don’t turn vaccination into a competition. At the end it is a common worldwide effort. Or should be at least. Do you see German politicians boasting 24/7 that Biontech is the bestest, most awesomest vaccine developed in good old Mainz by the Rhine (of all rivers) by ze Germans? Nope. And that’s the difference in personality between someone like Dr Merkel and Mr Boris Johnson. But hey, if I give you a smile, I am happy
  13. Exactly this will happen and sooner than later the Marketing and PR machine will be out in full force and telling the whole world how great and altruistic the US is. And sooner rather than later everything else will be forgotten and you will be called out as typical Anti-American „hater“ (or just „jealous“ about US awesomeness) when you point out facts. Biden is only marginally better than Trump in that regard. Biden already boasted that the US has the best vaccine program worldwide „and no one comes even close“. Of course no explanation of how and why. Anyway what about a little bit of understatement and humility. Maybe it’s a personal thing but I simply don’t like people who constantly feel the need to boast how awesome and great they are and always feel the need to be the center of attention. I prefer people who are self-reflective and let their actions speak. But that’s personal.
  14. @A Horse Named Stranger you really are a fan of koolaid and alternative facts, aren’t you? Look at the objective facts. As of March 26th the EU had exported 77 million vaccine doses, almost 50% of all corona vaccines produced within the EU. At the same time the US and UK exported nothing. Zero. The first export from American soil are those 1.5 million AZ doses. Meanwhile in the EU over 3,000 people are dying everyday right now and we still export out of solidarity. Facts my friend, fucking facts! Spare us your euphemisms. And the thing with Russia putting Trump into Office. I am so sick of this shit. If you as a person face a problem, look into the mirror, don’t externalize and blame others and your environment for your personal issues and problems. First, look in the mirror.m. Goes for human beings and nations as well. Trump had been elected by Americans, stop this cheap cop out. Anyway, as @JoannaL already stated, a few days ago a new Biontech factory started production in Marburg, Hesse. Their production target are at least 1 billion doses per year (up to 1.3 billion). This factory will become the major Biontech vaccine supplier worldwide outside the US. As the fight against Corona is a longterm game (mutations!), I can only say, well Mr Boris Johnson you meet always twice in life...
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