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    Problem with TAE: the last two books are simply boring as a whole, and too self-consciously trying to be super edgy, super daaaaark and bleak. Sorry, I am not a 13 year old teenager. A good editor could have made one good book out of the last two. But well. Regarding whale mothers: never understood the outcry. So the Dunyan enslaved their women and reduced them to breeding cattle. That’s it. Evil for sure. But come on, we have a lot of Americans in these threads. Your country reduced people to exactly that, breeding cattle, not too long ago. Based on pigments. What I want to say: the concept of whale mothers is not so outlandish. It’s just lame and not even a good Hommage to Herbert. Just lame and crying for validation. Edgy.
  2. Generally speaking, I find it great that the British and the US are having those very difficult self-reflective discussions about their past. Really about time. I hope the French will join soon. It will be a hurtful process but one which is worth it. My country, Germany, went through it from 1945-70 and then again especially in the 1990s. It’s difficult and the usual suspects will give the usual arguments. But they will lose in the end because they do no argue from a point of rationality and objectivity even though they sometimes pretend otherwise. Seen it all. From my Central European standpoint glorifying Churchill by the British due to his WW2 achievements (the only positive ones in his career) is almost as ridiculous as glorifying Stalin by some Russian / Ex-Soviet citizens. And it can be argued that from an emotional POV the latter is more understandable, given the fact that the Russians fought a fight against extermination which Britan never faced. Churchill a beacon of civilization and democracy? Give me a break. An imperialist, a white supremacist, a fighter for a rigid unjust class system and a inherently unjust society (British Empire).
  3. Ukraine was the bread basket of the Russian Empire and in many ways the cultural heartland. As I said just a scenario. There are always ways. All empires one day collapse. Just in the last century: the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire, German Empire, French Empire, British Empire, Austrian Empire. Things happen.
  4. No only the North East :))). But see it as brainstorming;). People should study the collapse of the Soviet Union which actually was the Russian Empire with a different political doctrine. Quite a few similarities there. Just be flexible. Ethnic tensions vs racial tensions class struggle: an elite with zero grounding in reality vs the struggling masses Overpowered military complex ruthless interior forces / police / paramilitary imperial overstretch: conflict involvements all over the world with inadequate Exit strategies rising paranoia of the military / state agencies just food for thoughts
  5. And why not borders should not be sacrosanct. Let the people decide about their future. As I see it from afar and as someone who has visited the States quite often: the division between the people is getting bigger and bigger. A simple „let’s continue“ solves nothing.
  6. The optimum would be: 1) an East Coast state including New England, NY/NJ plus Chicago 2) a West Coast state: CAL/Oregon/Washington 3) the Rest would such a Split truly be so awful?
  7. As a European I can tell you: nothing is ever written in stone. The Russian Empire / Soviet Union collapsed and so can the US. Not very likely but possible nonetheless.
  8. Nothing is ever truly written in stone. Everything is in flow. I see a possible future with 3 new North American countries where we now have one. All three powerful nations but not hyperpowers. Awesome future. A truly multipolar world where cooperation is the only way forward. If it happens at least something good came out of Trump.
  9. CSU? I am a Bavarian socialist :)).
  10. Trump is the Definition of a weakass bully who wants to look strong. There is no denying that he secretly loves Hitler. His love for the authoritarian strongman shows it. But he is a clown. The true devil is the Republican Party. Callous and malicious. Trump is stupid, just a puppet.
  11. Forget my country. build a country on the principles of equality and justice, not greed. Build a country on the principle of a socially responsible market economy. Build a country on the principle of finding the best solution at all costs and not on the principle of winning at all costs. That’s the start. stop being self-righteous, stop speaking of yourself as God‘s own country, manifest destiny, best country in the world etc. build up a better democratic system, not fptp but proportional representation etc This is how you start.
  12. This is a straw man. Are you cool with the perpetual wars the US are waging all over the world? Are you cool with a system which is intrinsically unjust? Where minorities are still treated like shit? Nothing ever changes as long as the power structure and the status quo aren’t destroyed.
  13. The fundamental point is: America is a broken system, rotten to its core. You can’t reform something which is rotten to its core. the core fundament of the USA: greed, inequality, injustice, exploitation. Racism and perpetual war are tools to secure that this inequality will never change. Divide and conquer. Greatest country in the world, land of the free yadayada, nothing more than marketing slogans. I say: burn this house down to its fundament and build up something better. The time has come.
  14. The best system is useless without the right mentality/mindset whatever you want to call it. Abstract philosophical, ideological-theoretical, political or socio-economic studies etc often lack that one true factor. Mentality. Mindset. That’s hard to grasp because it’s not based on cognitive underlying factors but more on affective-emotive ones. A simple example (good article on cnn in that regard). USA vs. Germany: both comparatively similar federally structured countries with the same sorts of benefits and costs to it. In both countries you often see clashes between the federal government and the „states princes“. Very similar. But in this crisis the situation cannot be more different. Trump USA: competition mindset. Win at all cost. Partisan bullshittery at its worst. Dick measuring. Merkel Germany: consensus mindset. Finding the best solution at all costs. Ego-trips very unwelcome right now. Nothing of the above has to do anything with an abstract system discussion. It’s all a question of mindset, a question of how far you as a society are willing to accept egomaniacs and narcissism. „fake it until you make it“. A phrase beloved by many „entrepreneurs“ or „influencers“ especially in the US. A phrase I hate more than anything. You make it, you don’t fake it. You don’t brag, you let action speak. You let facts speak. You stay down to earth. Personal Integrity. This is the most fundamental change necessary if this global world ought to have a good future.
  15. Germany is opening up again, starting from April 20th, Bavaria (my home state) a week later, albeit in a controlled manner. Shops up to 800 sqm, some school classes etc. Large public gatherings not possible until August 31st. Which means no Volksfeste this summer which is sad but was to be expected. Oktoberfest will also be cancelled with 99.99% probability. Next step would be outdoor gastronomy. I think end of May seems reasonable albeit in a controlled manner again. Wearing of masks is highly recommended when shopping but not mandatory. I hope we will fix the mask supply issue until end of May. I am optimistic.
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