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  1. I know where you are coming from but it’s not about discussing this with US posters, most of them here will condemn it yes, but discuss it anyway, give it a voice. Smalls steps but small steps bring you closer to your goal. Look. I am from Germany, Western Germany to be precise. And we are/were the biggest/bestest lapdogs of the US, for obvious historical reasons. For many decades criticizing the US, especially from those with a voice, was a No-Go. I mean Ramstein is still a political taboo topic. But since Trump people are seeing the US for what it is. Politicians start to get real etc. Its a process. But an important one as the US for their own legitimacy need the moral support of its allies and „friends“. Finally this blind German faithfulness towards the US gets cracks. One reason why we always get bashed, be it Trump or Biden. But people are finally awakening here. The Cold War is over for 30 years now.
  2. Again, the last pages are pure meta discussion. Why not discuss real life action? The drone attack immediately after the Kabul bombing left 10 people dead, 7 children. The reaction of the Pentagon: we made a mistake. And that’s it. No accountability, no consequences. Why the drone attack? Out of fear? Out of the feeling to have to do sth? Why? Who is accountable? And people really wonder why the US is so hated around the world?
  3. There is enough evil in the world. Just a matter of power projection capability. Duarte is a crazy man but his power is limited to the Philippines. As an example.
  4. You misunderstood me. It’s more about PR and Marketing. How to sell oneself internationally. Something where the USSR was very bad at and China until the 1990s as well.
  5. I love a lot of US culture, I love Frank Herbert, Hemingway, many great movies out of Hollywood, great musicians en masse. I even admire the intrinsic American optimism that no matter how difficult the task at hand, somehow we will solve it, even if we right now have no clue how but we will solve it. I admire that. Don’t call me xenophobic Anti-American, call me the honest, very direct, no sugar coating friend. But the US political set up and system is a complete different beast. And so much shit has happened in the last 20 years, that a lot of it got normalized simply due to the fact that we as humans get used to the biggest shit quite fast. Who speaks of Guantanamo nowadays? Still exists and still is such a fucked up injustice. But we are used to it. People can’t even be named prisoners there (detainees) to deny them any human rights. Many „detainees“ are guilty of nothing concrete but kept there and tortured there for years nevertheless. Some die. There are reports of dozens of deaths in Guantanamo over the years. Where do you think Putin or China learned to do outrageous stuff and still get away with it? Teacher USA. „Are those Russian soldiers in Ukraine, Mr Putin?“ „They have no unit insignia, so I have no idea who they are, not official Russian troops.“ Yep. Just don’t call them prisoners, and everything is „alright“. „Mr Xi Xinping, what about the Uighur camps?“ „Oh they are just education centers, with top of the notch sanitation and sleeping rooms, much better than Guantanamo, dare I say.“ Yep. Just don’t call them prisoners, and everything is „alright“. I know that I often come across as harsh but someone has to. The US of the last 20 years went so much down the rabbit hole, that even political affiliation doesn’t matter. Everyone is tainted. We accept extra-judicial killings all around the globe (in countries the US is not at war with) via drones and joysticks to a degree (thousands per year) which would have shocked anybody in the 70s or 80s from a legal point of view. But now? Normalized. That many of these drones or other black ops are coordinated and conducted from Ramstein, Germany is of course another aspect which makes me extra angry. Because we (Germans) are complicit, we (our politicians with very few exceptions) don’t talk about it. We as the West lost so much ethical integrity or at least the will to have integrity, that any criticism towards China or Russia sounds hollow. They laugh about it. „You tell me my bombers bomb too much and indiscriminate in Syria?“ „Yes Mr Putin.“ „Well maybe you are right. I will take drones next time, those you use in Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Sinai, Iraq, Afghanistan or Yemen. And when we kill too many civilians and the press gets knowledge about it, we will just say ‚ups sorry, was a terrible mistake‘ and continue.“
  6. You literally reacted with a LOL smiley on the post where I broke the news about the murdered children. Maybe think about it. And stop your generalization attempts. Stop making it personal. It’s you, not Americans. Start to address the content or leave it be. All you do is ad hominem. What is your opinion on the issue at hand wrt the conflict France/USA? What is your opinion on the „it was a mistake“ defence after another drone attack killing children? Otherwise leave me alone, ignore me and that’s it.
  7. Cool. Any comment about 7 killed children by US freedom drones? Thought so…LOL.
  8. To make fun of France, surrender monkeys. I read it mostly from those affiliated with the Republicans or those „America is the greatest“ Crew. It’s a bad and insulting „joke“ anyway.
  9. Another thing. The „it was a joke“ Defence…Are you aware how sick and tired many French are to be constantly ridiculed or portrayed as cowards? Are you aware how arrogant this joke is anyway. Why couldn’t you help yourself and had to make it anyway? Why? Ask yourself this. This „joke“ comes from the same mindset as many sexist or racists „jokes“ as well. All just harmless banter, with no ill will of course. The standard defence. Think about it a little bit. You want to portray yourself as a progressive and educated American, but use a typical MAGA joke. Why? And instead of just owning it, you throw at me xenophobia. Poor imperial USA, now their citizens face online xenophobic comments…not.
  10. Aha. Interesting. Xenophobia is thrown at me. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that the USA is a BULLY as bad as China or Russia or even worse because you are more powerful. You always want to have it your way. And the reason you throw xenophobia at me is because you simply don’t know the stuff or you cannot emphatize how it feels to be on the receiving end of US arrogance. North Stream 2 is another good example how you treat your „partners“ when they don’t „listen“ to you. Maybe inform yourself. In other news: the US revenge drone attack end of August (after the Kabul Airport bombing) that had killed 10 civilians, including 7 children, and no IS members, was a „tragic mistake“ as the Pentagon (Gen. McKenzie) now acknowledges. Well, the children are dead anyway but hey, the Pentagon said it was a mistake. So all is good and forgiven I guess. Go Team USA!
  11. Stupid comment. MAGA Style Correct reaction. What the US and there lapdogs, the UK and Australia, have done is way worse business behavior than anything China has shown towards France for that matter. There was a contract since 2016, a very substantial contract. The damage done is enormous. My company is affected as well, as we provided the gensets. It‘s ok though, not a major loss. But be assured: this is how you destroy partnerships. This is typical American business behavior, as Germany knows too well (Echelon etc). Bullying and taking every legal or illegal advantage. You are worse business partners than Russians or Chinese, from a correctness point of view.
  12. Nope. According to official Dune Insta it’s 22nd of October.
  13. Duncan at the beginning is quite the easy going Maverick kind of guy, a womanizer and always with a joke on his lips. Fierce warrior as well. All in all, the „your best friend, worst enemy“ kind of guy. Momoa pulls this facette off quite well.
  14. The score of Zimmermann is good but not really outstanding. Honestly I expected more. It’s the typical oriental/balkan tunes 300 style but in dissonant Crescendo. That’s how I would describe it. It fits but that’s it. I swear I heart a dissonant version of „Zaidi Zaidi“. But it’s good. something like that but really in dissonance and crescendo, presumably to transport the „pain“ and „suffering“.
  15. Let’s see. It all depends on how successful this movie is. There is enough material to make the first book into three (which I would support). Even this one is actually very fast paced, out of necessity, leaving so much worldbuilding and secondary characters rather behind (Piter, Yueh, Shadout Mapes, Thuffir). If there ever will be released a 30/45min longer DC, I am all ears. But I don’t complain because those were the restrictions with which Villeneuve had to work.
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