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  1. I didn’t do what you wrote: calling people who like the show as Amazon shills. I was addressing a specific person and her very aggressive and unwarranted tone towards someone who dares criticize the show. Let’s leave it at that. As I said I don’t care how close the show is to Tolkien. I consider it so far as mediocre in all technical aspects except cinematography and score.
  2. What overdramatic nonsense. The user you replied to was mildly criticizing the series, nothing more. Perfectly fine. Deal with it. I don’t know if you work for Amazon or not but here is the thing: I don’t give two shits how close it is to Tolkien lore or not. I do care though about good story writing, character development, plot development, acting. And this show is at best mediocre in absolute terms which makes it a joke in relative terms: given the available resources. Maybe the first season is all set up and it will get better S2+ but sofar it’s not even close to „being good“.
  3. plus @Kalibuster Thanks both for your answers. I have to admit that I have a love-hate relationship with the US. That’s a bias and as all biases sometimes it can lead to losing perspective. I think it’s about agency. Germany has none, we are a vassal and lapdog of the US and I don’t like it. Take Ramstein for example: biggest overseas military base of the US and command center of 1000s of illegal drone attacks with 1000s of „illegal killings“ (aka murder) around the world and our politicians just turn a blind eye. Maybe our countries agree anyway in 80% of stuff anyway but it doesn’t matter because we cannot form an independent opinion. Or NS2: the way Germany was treated in that regard (by Trump or Biden) was like how parents treat their „naughty“ teenage boy. Even if many people agree in principle, it rubs many in the wrong way. Again, no agency. And with Russia/Ukraine I know firsthand that politicians regardless party and „off the record“ say and believe one thing but would never articulate this „officially“. Take the public bashing of Germany regarding NS2 as an example: how can Biden lecture Germany in public but completely ignore that in 2021 the US itself imported crude oil in worth of roughly 20 billion USD from Russia? Basically the same amount Germany paid for Russian oil and gas (23 billion USD combined).
  4. 1. US, FRA, GER, UK 2. Yes but useless question anyway or we could start a philosophical conversation about what non-contractual promises are worth anyway nowadays. We don’t live in „honor“ societies with duels and shit anymore 3. obviously not 4. 2+4 talks in 1990
  5. Of the Big 3 (US, China, Russia), the U.S. is the „best“, no doubt about it. Though best in this case means a C minus.
  6. First sentence: Jesus…nice equivalence. Buying Gas for heating in winter equaling with selling weapons to a murderous regime. And KSA is not just a business partner, it’s an US lapdog. It’s not about whataboutism, it’s about hypocrisy. Yemen, Myanmar, Syria…wow, nice deflection. Well in the case of Yemen the US could do a lot: call back your lapdog.
  7. Yes they can. What they cannot though is justifying it with morality or democracy.
  8. That is true but the US political elite should eat a lot of humble pie.
  9. No they are not. But the same goes for Yemeni lives (one of the greatest humanitarian catastrophes currently in the world according to UN), so please tell your president that he should stop enabling his allies KSA and UAE to bomb the living shit out of them. Interestingly Yemen stopped long ago to be on the agenda of many so called American leftists and „progressive“ media (CNN/MSNBC) or the Democratic Party elite.
  10. This is exactly that kind of nonsense argumentation…where did the poster say what you think he said? Where? „bothsideism“…gimme a break. Some Posters here seem to have very short memories nowadays but for me 2002/03 is like yesterday. I remember very well how everyone who opposed the official US line re: Iraq was denounced, ridiculed, called Saddam lover and worse. I remember how even questioning supposed Saddam/Osama links got you bombarded with insults! The Iraq WMD/Al Qaida propaganda shitshow the US produced will enter the annals of history! Remember Colin Powell and his super sophisticated „analysis“ in front of the UN Security Council? After Iraq, every other, smaller country would have been ostracized for at least 20/30 years but because it’s the US, it was enough to elect Obama and all was good and forgotten. Or as we say in German: Schwamm drüber
  11. Ran, this is not true and a case of intelligence spin-op propaganda from the Brookings institute/CIA/State Department/whatever it seems. Both, the US and Russia are masters in framing and forming the narrative as it suits themselves. A 2014 report from ARD Weltspiegel (ARD is German equivalent to BBC). Minute 2:50, German foreign minister Genscher and Secretary of State Baker are standing before the press and Genscher is saying in clear words: „We agreed upon that there is no intention to increase the NATO defense area towards the East. This is by the way not only valid with regards to the GDR but in general.“ Funnily enough a spokeswoman of the Brookings institute is also part of the report.
  12. Depends…remember the outcry in the Middle East regarding the Mohamed caricatures and the cowardly self-censoring in most Western media later on?
  13. Very good points…so maybe the Numenoreans developed some kind of Avatar TLA style elemental „magical science“ weapons…which indeed would make them absolutely superior. I fathom FMA „transmutation“ magic is a bridge too far though. Thinking…Numenor was famous for its archery, so maybe one has to imagine magically enhanced bows and arrows accelerating the arrows to mach+ bullet speed as an example (and with HEIAP effect just for the sh*t and giggles).
  14. As a side question…though the Numenoreans declined morally and as such also metaphysically (symbolized by shorter life spans later on) they undoubtedly reached their materialistic/technical peak under Ar-Pharazon, so much so that Sauron didn’t believe himself able to defeat them at Umbar in open battle (unfortunately Tolkien later dismissed is original idea of somekind of steam punk civilization, would have been great, just imagine a Numenorean Army with 1860s/70s weapons technology). I always wondered how they would compare with the First Age Elves in Beleriand…
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