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  1. In short great movie. On a cinematic meta Level this is bigger than Avatar, Infinity War/End Game, LOTR. Multiverse across franchises and studios, holy moly. From now on, everything will be possible in cinema. Game Changer. Let’s not forget that the Tobey Maguire Spidermen movies were huge back then, the first one easily on the Star Wars/LOTR anticipation Level.
  2. Let’s agree to vehemently disagree . The MCU is in the end a superhero power fantasy, a wish fulfillment. Spiced up with „righteous“, in its core fascistic vigilantism. The only risk they could undertake would be deconstructing that whole superhero business as bullshit, against the rule of law. They tried it somehow with CA Civil War but the sympathies were clearly on the side of the „righteous“ CA. Squid Game or Arcane have no fundamental differences do question the socio-hierarchical status quo, based on predatory capitalism. That’s obvious.
  3. I think it’s safe to say they found their footing in S2. Personally I didn’t have a problem with the different time lines in S1. I don’t know how much seasons are possible based on the book material but given the huge success so far I expect two more at least. And we soon get an origins series as well. So it seems that Netflix want to make The Witcher their big „epic SFF series“ in competition to the upcoming Tolkien series on Amazon, MCU on Disney plus and „Foundation“ on Apple TV. Smart of Netflix as this Universe is big enough for a lot of interesting stories, also in different genres (Horror!). With regards to the Elves: after thinking about it, it’s a very wise decision to tone them down and portray them more as average sentient beings (albeit very long-lived and with a more natural propensity to magic). Everything else would be easily viewed as Tolkien rip off and we get those „ethereal“ Elves soon enough on Amazon anyway. Though it has to be said that Tolkien‘s elves are also not what the fandom has made out of them which reminds me more of emo-gothic Twilight Style wish fulfillments. In the end Tolkien elves were „real“ living beings, who had to shit and piss, were emotional, jealous, raging, often petty. Latter Galadriel isn’t the benchmark. Yeah they were all super beautiful but as I am not a teenager anymore or Instagram addict, such superficial attributes don’t impress me much or cloud my view.
  4. Ok one time more. The Wire as Benchmark regarding socio-political and socio-economic commentary for Arcane is ludicrous. Of course the latter will fall short compared to the former. That’s not the point. The point is: Arcane is, by all accounts an absolute global smash hit, with a global mainstream appeal far outreaching the likes of The Wire, which itself is a great show but ultra-niche. The correct Benchmark for Arcane should thus be the MCU, DCEU or Star Wars. Sometimes I feel this Forum is such a bubble that you don’t even realize the magnitude of cultural indoctrination these latter shows had and have. That kind of vigilante power Fantasy with characters larger than life, more than mere mortals (in the MCU literally). That’s the reason why I can’t stomach Hawkeye anymore. No wonder you get these self-righteous Rittenhouse types. And Arcane, together with another global smash hit (Squid Game) is finally changing the tone and direction. Others tried (Falcon) but got afraid of their own Courage and literally ended up typical centrist-Style in a „let’s all just talk about it and then we find a Solution“ Situation.
  5. Most epic scenes from season 2? for me: - flyover in the aftermath of the Battle of Sodden, fascinating in a disturbing manner (that is what a battlefield with 30.000 deaths looks like) - The Last Supper with Fringilla. Woah - Elves on revenge path. That series really has some WTF Old Testament dark moments - the Arrival of the Emperor, finally and you could feel how two hardcore Charakters shit their pants
  6. And mostly it was silly in LOTR as well. To pull that „ethereal“ Elven thing of you need some actors with a gigantic aura. Thranduil in The Hobbit was perfect for example.
  7. I think that’s very obvious. That’s how magic in the story works. To take you have something to give. And the more you take (i.e. performing magic) the more you have to give. The rogue fire mage even said it out loud: when you perform fire magic you piece by piece give up your soul. by the way: very good concept of magic because of it having a price. And one has to be careful „what one wishes for“. A bit similar to the transmutation concept in FMA. Or let’s say Bakker (perform magic and you shall win the world but the price is eternal damnation of your soul in hell).
  8. Overall the second season was good, especially the last three episodes contained quite a few WTF moments. What I like about it the most is that dreadful near apocalyptic feeling.
  9. Good article. Would like to add that it seems quite obvious that the nilfgaard empire is inspired by the Ottoman Empire. Even if it never really was in the focus of Western Historians, Eastern/South Eastern Europe had been basically in a state of perpetual war for over 400 years, with vast areas either devastated (wild fields) or battle grounds (everything between Vienna/Budapest and Belgrade), from the 14th till 18th century. That goes deep in the national psyche.
  10. Give me a break. To conclude: If WOT would have been written in any non-English language (let’s say Russian, German or French), no one outside of the hardcore fantasy fandoms of these respective countries would give a rat‘s ass about this Series or would even know about it. Robert Jordan is Wolfgang Hohlbein Level who presumably no one here who isn’t German-speaking has ever read or even heard about (with the exception of Wertzone). Why is this so hard to accept? In every form of entertainment there are levels of quality, be it literature/cinema/music/sports. No one would be called a cinema snob or elitist by saying that Sharknado is fun trash and a guilty pleasure. It’s always in literature and it’s insulting. Just because someone puts words on paper or publishes a lot of words doesn’t make him/her suddenly the equal of everyone else. It’s not a snobbish crime to state the obvious.
  11. Ok, agreed . I expected nothing or something like Masters of the Universe Level. So I might be a bit over-enthusiastic right now
  12. @Mortevery well put. I think the backlash WOT gets is almost exclusively due to it being put into a pantheon where it simply doesn’t belong. As I didn’t read the series I obviously cannot comment on the craftsmanship‘s aspects (plot, narrative structure, characters, prose) but given everything else, it seems to be very run-of-the-mill fantasy, even trying to be too clever but all on a superficial Level. I mean the more I read about it, the more I come to the conclusion that this Bashamel/Ishamael character and the Dark One are the only sane people. Wheel of Time, my ass, more like infinite Hamster wheel. What a horror world, maximally deterministic but still RJ seemingly wants to sell the reader that the actors have free will. Hahaha gimme a break. The story would have been conceptually interesting if the main protagonists came to the conclusion that the Dark One is right and the Wheel has to be smashed and reality destroyed. Better to never exist than to be a pawn/hamster without any real agency. Dystopian. WOT doesn’t belong in the SFF canon, that’s for sure. If you put WOT into the canon then Terry Goodkind belongs as well.
  13. Naruto??? Sorry we disagree. It’s easily FMA Brotherhood level in terms of shades of grey. Easily. Let’s be fair. Naruto, come on… I presume you will know more Anime but I know enough from NGE to Elfenlied to 97 Berserk and so I can easily disagree because it’s simply not true. The difference between let’s say AOT and Arcane is that the power dynamics are much more subtle and thus feel more real in the latter. Lets put it this way: to make a show about Nazis=Bad is easy. To make a show though where Nazism is still portrayed as evil yet Nazis are still humans, and not all are psychopaths/sociopaths and the incarnation of Sauron because that’s not how Totalitarism or just even dictatorship/tyranny works (see Hannah Arendt), that’s a different beast.
  14. In a Movie World dominated by Fast Food Marvel Movies and their glorification of fascistic empowerment Fetish fantasies or Fast and Furious, every Arcane is good. Or every Squid Game. In terms of reading maybe my benchmark is just higher ;)? YMMV A character like Marcus is fantastic! Starts out as the typical fascho bully cop but in the end is so much More. That’s tragedy. Drama. That’s De Palma „Bad Lieutenant“ level. What a fucking performance. And it’s „just“ animation. That’s Scorcese level. Coen Brothers. The Wire, Breaking Bad. Name it. And in contrast to all the above, Arcane has a reach. Mainstream. Context people, all about context.
  15. Sorry I disagree. Example: many „normal“ people in Western Countries are not bad and do actually have a clear compass of what’s right or wrong, justice/injustice. But still the vast majority of the consumer products we buy every day is produced under very questionable to straight outrageous conditions (textile industry eg). But why does it happen? Not because the average person is evil but due to „out of sight out of mind“ attitudes, myself included. If people would actively more care then the outright corrupt and predatory minority couldn’t do what they do. Coming back to the „Topside“: we have negligence due to naive ignorance (Heimerdinger), due to apathy (don’t caring), systemic corruption of the political and economic elite, we have the corruption of the authorities, we have the sacrifice of integrity and principles due to „realpolitik“ (Jayce). It’s all there. And Silco is a character which can easily be found in revolutions whose leaders started out as idealists and later on got corrupted by the lust for power and status. And finally: your benchmark for a mainstream series is way too high. You say Arcane isn’t bold but compared to what? Compared to the average mainstream SFF/Comic adaptations (Marvel) it surely is. YMMV
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