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  1. I don't think I've ever enjoyed any other season finale as much as I enjoyed this one. 10/10
  2. A good episode. Much better than the first. Loved the flashback scene. Any little bit of pre-GoT is welcomed. Except for that duel wielding nonsense we're getting next week. Even with Jaime's completely new direction, I still find myself enjoying the Lannister story. I guess the only two scenes I have mixed feelings on were Jon's revival and Ramsay's kin slaying. The Braavos plot I honestly just don't care for. Don't care about it in the books either. The resurrection just felt underwhelming. Personally I blame it more on GRRM than the show. It was just so predictable that he was going to live, that it seems like he shouldn't have killed Jon in the first place. Also, it would be pretty lame if all it takes for Mel to bring people back was a little bit of chanting. The Ramsay scene was well done. I actually felt bad for Roose oddly enough, and the Walda scene was just sad. Still, I'm a little sick of the whole invincible Ramsay thing. Then again, his invincibility in the show is amusing. Lord of the North. Slayer of Stannis. Master of Twenty Goodmen. Greatest tactical mind in planetos. All hail our god and savior Ramsay Bolton!
  3. Gave it a 4. Not a bad episode overall, but really underwhelming. Might have rated it a bit higher if it wasn't for Dorne being Dorne.
  4. I'm a bit conflicted. On one hand, i hated the Battle of Winterfell, and the entire Northern storyline felt pointless, which is a shame, because it should've been easier to adapt than almost all other storylines in DWD. On the other, i actually liked Stannis's final moments, and I did not mind Brienne killing him one bit. Ramsay has become unbelievably god like. The Dothraki scene was okay. Nothing special, but i do dislike the implications of Daario and Jorah showing up to save Dany. I don't think Daenerys needs to be saved. She's Daenerys. Dorne sucks. It's sucked the whole season. It's perfectly understandable as to why they would diverge from the books here. I am not against diverging from the books, but i am against poor writing. Dorne was even worse than Book!Dorne, and that says a lot. It seems to only have been included because Oberyn was a hit last season. They should've cut it entirely. If if they absolutely needed Dorne, then they adapted the wrong characters(Sand Snakes). The saving grace was the walk of course. I'm not really a fan of the show's portrayal of the faith militant, but they nailed this scene. The acting was fantastic. Kudos to Lena. She has always been great. 5.
  5. If you ever wanted any evidence D&D hate Stannis, there it is. Seriously, what up with their Ramsay love?
  6. GRRM certainly isn't infallible. If he makes Stannis the full villain he is now in the show(and I think he will), than it really is weak. Cant be mad at D&D if it was Martin's idea, although they could've made the circumstances leading up to the burning more believable.
  7. Fact is, this series really isn't that grey at all. Good Guys- Starks, Tullys, Blackwoods, Martells, Manderlys, and most First Men Bad Guys- Greyjoys, Blackfyres, Baratheons, Brackens, Freys, Andals, Boltons, and the Ghiscari Only families that really falk into th grey categories are the Lannisters, Tyrells, and Targaryens.
  8. Yeah, they're awful, but I wouldn't consider them main human antagonist. I'd put then in the same category as the Freys. Of the four most important houses in the story(the only four featured heavily in the opening), the Baratheons are definitely portrayed less favorably than the Starks, Targs, and Lannisters.
  9. I'm wih you there. Davos killing Stannis would be loads more satisfying.
  10. Doesn't make it any less monstrous, although I do agree that his reasons here are pretty weak. Fact is, two of the main three characters are Targs, who are in complete opposition to the Baratheons. The other main character(Tyrion) fought the man at the Blackwater, and is now under the service of the Targs. Most Baratheons themselves have been portrayed negatively throughout the history of asoiaf, and to make it worse, they descend from a line of belligerent warmongers.
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