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  1. i never thought that much about oberyn before but the show has got me extremely attracted to him
  2. those episode predictions sound about right. i think too much in one episode would overwhelm me and give me a heart attack
  3. i think its about time. i think people were hoping for last season, but the timing would line up better with the end of this season. it would be badass as hell to end the season with her omg
  4. ive seriously never been more excited for a scene in game of thrones. i have such high expectations for next weeks episode its ridiculous
  5. speaking of cat, isnt lady stoneheart gonna appear at the end of the season... or am i ahead of myself?
  6. honestly its my favorite scene in the whole series, i just remember dropping my book in shock when reading it. i was hoping it would make it to the finale but i dont even care, i just want to see it right now!!!
  7. i cant fucking wait for snow castle and only cat im going to puke from excitement
  8. The trial was awesome. Can't wait for the mountain and the viper
  9. hell yes! ive been most excited about sansas storyline this season and i definitely think only cat needs to be one of the last scenes.
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