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    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    My theroy is that they have never really liked Jon's character. I think they might have thought Jon, as a character, was too ... cliche for them. They wanted to subvert the story and thought by putting in all these twists (Arya killing the NK) that they will subvert the story and shock the viewers. But then what is left is a character who just goes around saying "she's my quuueeen" "I dont want it" and not much else. All my opinion, obviously.
  2. So this is going to be rambley but so be it. Why would there still be a Nights Watch? The White Walkers were defeated, the wall broken and the wildlings joined to the Norths cause. What point is there for a Nights Watch? What was the point of Jon coming back to life? Just to kill Dany? Arya could've done that. What was the point of being a Targaryan? Just to foil Dany? I feel like the writers were like "Jon gets everything.... so lets take it all away". There was so much build up for his character in the early sessions (and all through the books) and it just fell limp. But hey, he got to pat Ghost in the end and desert and go live with the wildlings. Also, if Bran only sent Jon to the NW because of the Unsullied... couldn't Bran have just pretended? They were leaving for Naarth anyway. How would they know? Arya did nothing in the last 2 episodes. She didn't even need to be in KL. I don't get why she learnt how to change faces from the faceless men.... She hardly used those powers. ANd leaving to see what was "west of Westeros" Sorry, but that just felt some fan servicey. And Bronn as Master of Coin? AND lord of High Garden? Does he even have the skills? Just give him the Gold Cloaks or something. And Bran king...... Does HE even have the ability? Stories unite people, yes, but that doesn't mean they'd follow you or obey you. WHat has he shown anyone about how qualified he'd be at ruling? I just don't see it. I know book Bran and show Bran are 2 different people, but I can't see how either would be good in the current climate. I just feel like the writers missed the point of the story completely. I feel that the point of the story, or so I see it so far in the books, is that all this in fighting is stupid. That they should unite together to fight the common enemey (the others). Not fight each other, have an interlude of a "long night" and then go back to fighting each other. ANd then once that is done, the North splits off and somehow the fighting has stopped. eh.... this has got me all empty inside. But I still have hope... I still hope the books will come out soon and I trust GRRM to show us how it's meant to be.
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    I gave it a 5 because I did like the cinematography. And Jon and Ghost made up. Everything else though.... It's not good enough to just look pretty. Music was good too.
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    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    I haven't had a chance to read all the comments, I just haven't had the time. But here is my rant. Be warned, I'm a bit angry and disappointed. I actually felt slightly sorry that Varys died in the show, whereas in the book I kind of can't wait to see how he dies. I have a feeling it could be Arya that kills him, but I could be totally wrong. Also Euron and Jaime? I mean WTF? I just don't get it? Where was the lead up? What was the point? I so hate how they destroyed both their characters. I'm not really an Iron Born fan, but they really tamed Euron and the irks me. Euron was meant to make Ramsey look like a tame puppy, I'm not sure why they held back on that one. And Jaime.... really, reallly hate how his story line ended with him regressing to what he was before the series started. Did they really just have Jaime leave Cersei at the end of season 7 to fuck Brienne? What a pathetic, forced plot point that was. It reduces Brienne to just a knotch on a bedpost and throws any of Jaime's redemption arc out the window (pun not intended... or is it?). ANd Cersei's death! Is it sad that I still held onto a thin strand of hope that Jaime will kill Cersei in their last moments? Cleganbowl... I'm torn between how I feel about it. I want the Hound to kill him in the books, I really do. But at the same time, I hope it doesn't happen. It feels fan fictiony, but maybe that's because of all the hype. Jon Snow- his character has been pointless for awhile now. Why did they bring him back from the dead? What purpose has or will he serve? What is the point? If it's just to fall in love with Dany to then kill her.... that just feels forced. If he was still dead then Dany wouldn't have gone mad because she wouldn't have felt threatened by his claim. It's sad because in the books Jon is my favourite character. It's not necessarilly the acting that's done it, but the fact that the writers havent given him much to go on. They have been giving his lines to other characters for seasons now, bt this episode they basically had him running around, losing control of his men and just looking dumbstruck. Why did anyone choose hin to be king? Arya - Her scenes looked good. But why have her get almost to Cersei to then be turned away so that we can see the destruction of the city throw her eyes? Couldn't she have got to Cersei, but someone else kill Cersei first? Or something. It just felt too forced. And was that Shadowfax I saw at the end there? Tyrion. Wow... They really don't know how to write him. Ever since they past the books he has fallen flat. Also, when he was waiting for the bells to ring I was taken to LotR, Return of the King, where Gandalf gets Pippin to climb the tower to light the beacon and thought that Tyrion was going to do the same thing with te bells... I'm kind of glad they didn't... but at the same time it would have given Tyrion something to do. Dany - They really needed to forshadow this change into madness more. I'm not upset that they did this, I always thought she would go mad or atleast have her story be a tragedy where she see herself become her father or something along those line. But it can't just be a switch. D&D, for some reason, think that sudden, surprising, shocking moments is how to subvert tropes. But audiences demand more these days. They want entertainment that is intelligent and challengng. This could have been done so much better and still have the audience in shock.... But D&Dseem to miss the point... Golden company? What Golden Company? Same with the Iron Born fleet. I'm sure I've missed some things, but it's getting late. I did like the visuals and a lot of the acting was done well (provided they were given things to actually work with). Tyrion and Jaime's goodbye was heartfelt (even if I was against Tyrion actually caring about Cersei in the end). Will I watch the next episode? Probably... but only because I need to see this through now. I really can't wait for the books.
  5. Isildur's Mane

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    I gave it 4/10.... Some bits looked nice and how Tyrion and Jaime got emotional saying goodbye (not the how and whys of the scene... that made me roll my eye a few times) but I could feel their emotions and it was touching when they hugged. The rest just felt forced and made no logical sense.
  6. I feel exactly the same
  7. I will be disappointed if this is not the ending
  8. It's like, they are trying to hard to echo moments that happened earlier in the season.... no matter how forced it seems
  9. So why did show characters make him King? I don't get why they named him their king and not Sansa their Queen.
  10. I really think they could've handled Jon and Ghost better. It was just so heart braking seeing Ghost so upset and then Jon not even able to say goodbye. He can give a proper goodbye to Sam, what about Ghost? Rhaegal went down way too easily. It shouldn't be that easy to kill a dragon. Jaime's story doesn't make sense any more. I hope he is going there to kill Cersei, but for some reason I doubt it.
  11. I agree with this and I really don't get how the characters in show think Jon is such a great guy and worthy to be King. I mean, what has he done? I would also say that they haven't really portrayed him properly from the start. All the way in the first season they would give his lines to Sam or someone else, and even thought that is only small, it changes Jon's character slightly. So instead of Jon coming up with an idea and showing the audience he is smart and a born leader, it's Sam or someone else. And then those changes got bigger and bigger. And then, instead of Jon coming into his own, he is getting saved by Sansa and the Vale army. Sorry, Jon's my favourite book character and it's really pissed me off how he has been portrayed in the show.
  12. Bronn hasn't been making sense for seasons. I like him in the books and I liked him in the show too....until he went to Dorne with Jaime. From there on both characters fell apart for me. Bronn should be sitting in his castle, gathering sellswords with a bastard stepson named Tyrion. He shouldn't be fighting for the Lannisters still. Cersei should be wanting to kill him just for working for Tyrion.
  13. Didn't also Daeron, the rogue prince, marry Rhaenyra, his niece? All I'm saying is it isn't something foreign for them. This is something that has happened (in both Stark and Targ history) and is something that they can fall back on if they need to.
  14. Guys! I've figured out what Qyburn did to those ballistas to make them better . He made them heat seeking! That's why Eurine was able to shoot down Rhaegal from behind a rock/island without actually being able to see him Seriously though... How on earth did they manage to shoot down Rhaegal so easily? Without out Dany or the dragons seeing a fleet of ships. And why couldn't Dany burn a few ships while she was there?
  15. I really don't like how Jon and Ghost parted ways. Like I said somewhere else it felt like he was saying goodbye to a pet he met at a random party, or to an animal he only slightly fond of. And Rhaegal's death, I felt nothing for! The whole time I was thinking, it shouldn't be that easy to kill him. I'm not sure what everyone has against an aunt marrying a nephew. We think its gross but in story its common. Wasn't there a Stark ancestor who married and aunt of uncle? I'm 99% positive on this. So when Varys and Tyrion were having their little chat and about this on the ship I had so many eye rolls. The only bad incest in their world is sibling to sibling or parent to child. Im really, really tired of this forced, petty bitchy infighting between Sansa and Daenarys. It feels so wrong. If Daenarys really feels threatened by Jon can't she just marry him? then they'd both rule together. I still don't know why they persist with Missandei and Grey Worm's romance. I know its been going for a few seasons and all, and I've hated every minute of it. In saying that, I did think when Missandei dies it is powerfull. Would it have been more powerful if Missandei was a 11(?) year old girl? Maybe. ....(Not that I think the books will go the same way as how the show has gone) There is more I'm sure, but I can't think of them right now.
  16. I gave it a 6. I thought the start was OK. But I didnt like how Jon said goodbye to Ghost. I get why they did it in the show but I felt it could've been done better. It was like he was saying goodbye to someones pet he met at a party or something, or an animal he was only slightly fond of. I felt that, with only a couple of episodes left, the plot didnt progress enough.... Or more, the way it ended left me thinking - what, thats it? Im not sure if that is because of how the second half of the episode was structured or paced.
  17. So I watched it last night and have been thinking about it most of the day, here is my rant: It was soooo dark! I know that this has been said multiple times on multiple platforms, but come on, if you're going to spend so much money on an episode, at least make it viewable. The dragons weren't used to their full potential. There was so much flying around and not doing much (looked great - nice visuals) but didnt make sense at times. Like when Viserion was attacking the other dragons with blue flame and neither of the others blew fire back. Or when wights started crawling on Drogon and he didn't burn them all. And there were times where Jon was just doing nothing. It annoyed me to no end that we got to see a lot of the dragons, but they werent much use. I didnt like how when the Night King gets to Bran, he waits and stares for ages. Its almost like the bad guys in TV and film have this unwritten law that they have to wait a certain amount of time to give any good guy a chance to step in and save the day. And then, out of nowhere, here comes our saviour, the prophesied one, the one that is the song of ice and fire......... Arya Stark? Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of her scenes in this episode. Her fighting was great, even the pointless scenes in the library had some suspense. But a good epic fantasy is meant to have some foreshadowing (as well as twists and turns) but they are meant to follow through with the foreshadowing, not just add in a huge "twist" to be "unpredictable. I did like the little hand swap with the knife at the end... but wish they had chosen to do that some other way. Kill Cersei that way or someone else. I don't like how they have decided to make Jon Snow so useless. I'm not sure what he contributed to the battle at all tbh. Was there anything? I don't know why they resurrected him? What use does he have on the show? They could have cut some of the dragons flying magestically around to show us ghost ripping just one wight apart. And apparently he survives (yay!) but how and why? What was Bran doing? If it was just skin changing into ravens? How was that going to help? Why ? He was another one that wasn't used to his full potential. I don't like how the whole series has built up to Winter is Coming and that is, in itself, a foreshadowing to hard times and bad things to come... and its over in one episode.... It just doesn't sit well with me. All of Westeros should feel the Long Night to some extent. I don't mean that they will have wights show up in Dorne or anything... but don't just contain it to the North. It makes it seem almost trivial. The real fight should't be for the Iron Throne. And that's what I feel the show has done, by containing it to one episode. These were some likes I had. Because I did like some of it. From the bits I could see there was some nice cinematic sections. I liked the dragons flying above the clouds. I like some of Arya's fight scenes. (Even the bit leading up to the library and some of the library scenes themselves) I liked the bit just before Theon died. I liked Lyanna's death I liked how Grey Worm had to make the tough decision to sacrifice his men. Visually, Arya killing the Night King looked good. End Rant/
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    I gave it a 6/10 And that was mainly because of some of the visuals. From the bits I could see there was some nice cinematic sections. I liked the dragons flying above the clouds. I like some of Arya's fight scenes. (Even the bit leading up to the library and some of the library scenes themselves) I liked the bit just before Theon died. I liked Lyanna's death I liked how Grey Worm had to make the tough decision to sacrifice his men. Visually, Arya killing the Night King looked good. I didnt like how the dragons werent used to their full potential. I didnt like how when the Night King was on Viserion and attacking the other dragons with blue fire and neither Drogon or Rhaegal attack with flame. The lack of dragon fire bothered me. I didnt like how when the NK gets to Bran, he waits and stares for ages. Its almost like the bad guys in TV and film have this unwritten law that they have to wait a certain amount of time to give any good guy a chance to step in and save the day. There is more, but I'll save it for the rant and rave thread.
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    Rant and Rave Thread

    I'm not sure what your getting at. I know what a story is... the King's Landing storyline doesn't feel like it has any focus or direction. A well written story should feel like it has focus and direction even if the reader doesn't know where or what that is. It just feels like they are killing time.
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    Rant and Rave Thread

    I really hate what has become of Varys on the show. He is such a shell of a character. There seems to be no depth anymore. Not for a long time now.
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    Rant and Rave Thread

    He was with Jon when he died and (i just looked up) apparently when Jon first went into Winterfell (after the battle of the Bastards) but he is long overdue to show up. I hope they do include him and not just for 1 scene.
  22. Isildur's Mane

    Rant and Rave Thread

    ALso, I feel like they (the writers etc) don't know what to do in Kings Landing. Since there is no real fighting over the throne anymore, I feel like that storyline has no focus and they are just making it all up.
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    Rant and Rave Thread

    The reunions were too rushed. Some were OK but I thought they could have had more emotional pull. In saying that I did like when Jaime saw Bran. The look on his face was priceless. I agree with this 100%. I'm not sure what it is that Sansa in the show has done to make Arya think she is the smartest person she knows. Maybe it was off screen? Not sure. I love Sansa in the books (and Arya) she isn't my favourite character but she is in my top 5. I don't like snippy Sansa either. I can see book Sansa getting a bit colder and leaner more towards the old Kings in the North, but I don't think she'd be as snarky. I really miss the direwolves. I can't remember if Daenerys has seen Ghost yet? I think not? It would have been good if she'd got to meet him. A nice contrast to Jon riding Rheagal.
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 801?

    You're right it possibly is too soon. But the amount of episodes they have dragons in, I really wished we got to see ghost again. No i missed that bit I will need to watch it again.
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 801?

    7/10 for me. I liked some of the reunions - particularly the last one at the end. Some things I felt were a bit rushed especially when Jon finds out his past. I would of thought they'd give that more time. I wish with the budget they have for this season they'd include direwolves too.