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  1. I gave it 4/10.... Some bits looked nice and how Tyrion and Jaime got emotional saying goodbye (not the how and whys of the scene... that made me roll my eye a few times) but I could feel their emotions and it was touching when they hugged. 

    The rest just felt forced and made no logical sense.


  2. I gave it a 6.

    I thought the start was OK. But I didnt like how Jon said goodbye to Ghost. I get why they did it in the show but I felt it could've been done better. It was like he was saying goodbye to someones pet he met at a party  or something, or an animal he was only slightly fond of. 

    I felt that, with only a couple of episodes left, the plot didnt progress enough.... Or more, the way it ended left me thinking - what, thats it? Im not sure if that is because of how the second half of the episode was structured or paced.  

  3. I gave it a 6/10

    And that was mainly because of some of the visuals. 

    From the bits I could see there was some nice cinematic sections.
    I liked the dragons flying above the clouds.
    I like some of Arya's fight scenes. (Even the bit leading up to the library and some of the library scenes themselves)
    I liked the bit just before Theon died. 
    I liked Lyanna's death
    I liked how Grey Worm had to make the tough decision to sacrifice his men.
    Visually, Arya killing the Night King looked good.

    I didnt like how the dragons werent used to their full potential. I didnt like how when the Night King was on Viserion and attacking the other dragons with blue fire and neither Drogon or Rhaegal attack with flame.  The lack of dragon fire bothered me. 
    I didnt like how when the NK gets to Bran, he waits and stares for ages. Its almost like the bad guys in TV and film have this unwritten law that they have to wait a certain amount of time to give any good guy a chance to step in and save the day. 

    There is more, but I'll save it for the rant and rave thread. 






  4. 1 minute ago, SansaJonRule said:

    I think it's too soon to assume they won't. Did you notice the statue of Rickon and his wolf in the crypt?

    You're right it possibly is too soon. But the amount of episodes they have dragons in, I really wished we got to see ghost again.

    No i missed that bit I will need to watch it again.

  5. 8(.8)/10

    I really liked this episode.

    Robbwind :( was really sad. The fighting outside the Twins was more what I was expecting to be there last week, and Robbwind, and the look on Arya's (and the Hound's) face was so gutting. :crying:

    I liked the council meeting, particularly Joff

    I would have liked to see Tyrion tell Sansa that her mother and brother had died, like in the books: Have her hide behind her icy mask and look as though she didn't hear, but then as soon as she is behind a closed door have her cry - it would of shown her strength and the Tyrion isn't/can't be nice alllll the time. He at some point will have to start doing more bad things. (Sorry - nitpicking)

    Bran and the Rat Cook Story! I would of liked more stories but I know they don't really work on TV that well... but still, they are awesome stories.

    I'm starting to get desperate for the Knight of the Laughing Tree story... maybe next season? I haven't missed it have I?

    I like how Rat Cook story cut straight to Walder Frey... wicked

    I like how Ramsey was finally revealed as Ramsey!

    Everytime I look at a sausage I'm going to laugh lol

    Love, love, love all the arya and hound scenes! I love Maisie! And I love how she finally killed someone else! And how she was so quiet and calm, almost shy and childlike before she stabbed the guy to death...So creepy.

    "Is that the first man you killed?"

    "The first man"

    Jon and Ygritte: I can see why they felt they needed this scene. It is hard to get into Jon's head on screen and to do it and make it believable... but I also think if they stayed truer to his storyline it could of been more succesfull. (Sorry, I'm biased, Jon is my favourite character)

    In saying that though - I did think this scene was touching and so sad.

    Sam and Aemon - I liked it until Sam started saying what Jon is meant to say (again I'm sorry, I'm biased)

    Davos and Shireen are cute

    Dany: I thought this scene was a bit of a let down. I don't think it lives up to the final scenes of the last 2 seasons. It wasn't as 'epic' enough.

    I had heard the song Mhysa from the soundtrack and was expecting more because of it

    ... I laughed when she crowd surfed.

    ETA: I forgot about Hodor hodoring - I thought he was so cute, loved that bit.

  6. unrealistic expectations of a television series. not sure how you could've thought your feelings would be more than remotely close given the medium.

    I think this is a bit unfair, and a bit rude. This is my opinion, if you disagree then argue your side, don't just dismiss it.

    Why do you think I should feel feelings when watching a TV show? Why do you think that, because it is a different medium, I can't expect to feel the same feelings, when the same - even more - characters are dying?

    Yes, I said I was shocked, and I wasn't saying to do exactly what was in the book - I was just comparing the two - sorry if it came across that way and you thought I wanted exactly the same things.

    All I was saying is I wanted to get that rollercoaster of emotions that I got in the book.

    Please, next time don't be so dismissive, you may not have meant it, but it came across as rude.

  7. I gave it an 8 (.5)

    I'll start with what I loved:

    Cat and Robb (start of episode) I actually liked this scene- not that it still made sense to go to Casterly Rock - but because we got to see a bit more of Cat (not much but a bit) and Robb.

    Bran (and Rickon) I thought this goodbye was so touching. The actor that plays Rickon is so cute and did a realy great job. I liked how they did Bran warging Hodor and made a deal of it. I also liked how they kept the line 'no hodoring'. Sweet

    Arya (and the Hound) I liked their interactions leading up to arriving at the Twins.

    I liked most of the 'Queenscrown' scenes, with Jon and Ygritte and Bran warging Summer. I just wish that Jon had got shot... but maybe next episode?

    Overall, I did really like this episode. But the scenes of the red wedding didn't cut it for me. Here is why:

    What I didn't like:

    First, I would like to share with everyone what I feel when I read this chapter.

    I feel the tension immediately, my hands start to shake, there are parts where I feel numb with disbelief, parts where I feel rage and anger, I get tear-eyed and heart broken. I feel physically sick. And I get these feelings every. single. time. I read the Red Wedding.

    Watching it: I felt shock when Talisa was stabbed - I didn't know what they were going to do with her -, then numb, a kind of disconnected numb though, when all the Stark bannermen were dying, and shock.

    I didn't get the rest of the feelings I normally get. I think this is because I was not invested in the Stark bannermen when they died. I know, I know, it's hard to have every character which was in the books in the TV show. There just isn't as much budget or time, I get that. But it also meant, that when it came to killing off all these un-named characters, I just didn't feel anything. I didn't go through the emotional rollercoster I normally go through as I see all these character's, that I have been getting to know, fight for their lives. For me, the fact that we see them fighting back, and then what we think is a rescue by Bolton men, only to be more slaughter, adds to the horror.

    The tension leading up to the slaughter wasn't there. In the books it's real headache inducing stuff, and you just want everyone to get out of there, but you are not sure why (at least on first read). But instead, the writiers chose to do it differently, which is fine normally, I just didn't think it was effective this time.

    The show had the wedding being on the happier side, compared to other events which happen in ASoIaF/GoT, and the BAM! everyone's dead!

    Which is shocking, yes, but I, personally don't feel is as effective.

    My friend, who I knew that Robb was going to die, but not how, said this about the tension: 'They did a good job exploding the tension haha but not rising it'. Which I thought summed up how I felt about it too.

    Cat not going mad in the end: I'm in two minds about this. I persoanlly feel it would have been better if she did, but I think it reflects the audience's state of shock after just haing watched the Red Wedding... But I do wish they had managed to put the 'no don't, don't cut my hair, Ned loves my hair,' line somehow. It gets me everytime :crying:

    Also, I didn't like how Arya and the Hound seemed to get away pretty easily, and how Arya didn't panic or anything.

    And how Grey Wind wasn't let loose or escape and killed that way. I kept thinking, he's a direwolf, surely a wooden cage can't hold him in.

    Now, while I had issues with the Red Wedding, I did love both proformances by the actors that played Walder Frey and Roose Bolton. I thought they were briliant! I also liked most of Richard performance, I just thought he needed a bit more fascial expression when looking at his dead, pregnant wife. And love Michelle's performance too, even if they cut her mad parts, that's not Michelle's fault :)

    I didn't think the Yunkai parts fit in this episode, though I did sit up in my seat thinking that we would get a story of Rhagaer from Baristan but we didn't, which left me thinking, why we got Yunkai in this episode.

    Anyway, that's all from me. I will say again, I did like this episode, just when some of my favourite characters are dying, I thought it would be even better.

  8. I gave it an 8 - there were things I liked, things I thought could be better, and things I didnt like.

    I did think it was better than last weeks though. But not the best - but then that is expected as it is the lull before the storm, so to speak. Everything is leading up to the climax of the season and episodes like this help to build up to that.

    I did like Jon's story better this week and Tormund! Yay!

    I also liked Dany, the bear pit - though it was a little rushed, Jaime/Brienne, and the little of Arya we saw.

    I did and didn't like Joffrey and Tywin scene - not sure what it was about it, but I felt something was a bit off.... but agian, not sure.

    I didn't like Talisa, the fact that Cat was hardly in it, Sansa being so nieve.

    While I think that the acting in the Theon scenes are good etc, i think there is too much time spent on it. Just every other episode or a couple of times during the season would be good enough. Not basicly every episode, for about 5mins... Time which could be spent on Cat, Sansa, Jon, the wildlings, or greying Tyrion up a bit.

  9. I get this entirely. Too bad, because when Ygritte gets to Castle Black what happens is going to feel pretty forced, much like most of Jon's scenes. She's pretty sassy, but Jon is just so bluuuugh. Not very likable in the show.

    Yes... I know exactly what you mean. It's a pity, Jon is my favourite character

  10. My boyfriend never read the books and he rolled his eyes at that scene. After the episodes, I always tell him how the show did or didn't deviate from the books, and this time I said there was one thing that really bothered me, but before I could say what he said, "The Jon scene in the cave?" I'd meant to say the stuff with Loras.

    So yeah, out-of-the-blue for sure, at least on my end of things. I'm not so pleased with how they're handling Jon in the show (I know I'm not the only one who feels this way). On another note, my boyfriend thinks of Jon Snow as being rather useless and insignificant, and I always gasp and say that in the books he's a great character, and quite important! So it goes.

    I'm waitng for my non-book-reader friend to watch the episode so I hear what she thinks - but I think it will be the same as your boyfriend.

    I was just thinking about that scene just before and, for me personally, it feels like Jon and Ygritte met days ago - a week max - and so that's why the scene feels so out-of-the-blue and rushed. Also, I don't find it believable that they are in love. It feels like a fling (maybe that's what the show writer's are going for? It'd be weird if they were).

  11. I originally gave it a 7 then gave it an 8


    - love, love, love the bath scene. brilliant acting, I couldn't ask for better.

    - thought the fight between Sandor and Beric was good (I can be a bit pickey with fight scenes because I do martial arts) but I enjoyed this one.

    - Maise was brilliant in all her scenes

    - I liked how we were introduced to Grey Worm, thought that was well done. So was the talk between Jorah and Barristan

    - I liked how we were introduced to Selyse and Shireen. The scene with Davos and Shireen was touching.

    - I liked Olena, she is awesome

    - Karstark stuff was good too

    Didn't like:

    - Loras' sex scene - didn't need it. Littlefinger's spy could of found out the info without the need to sleep with Loras. I thought it was out of character for Loras.

    - Littlefinger - his voice has started to really annoy me...

    - Tormund was boring

    - Jon was agressive towards Orell, which I found a bit weird and out of character

    Sorry - I have a bit of a rant:

    I think the reason why I was considering/originally gave it a 7 was because I was disapointed with the Beyond the wall story.

    In the books, Jon is my favourite character, but in the show I'm increasingly becoming less and less interested. There is nothing in the series that draws me into his story, other than Kit Harrington being good looking.

    I now know why they spent so much time building up Jon and Ygritte at the end of last season, because they weren't gping to have enough time this season. But I don't think that was enough, because the Lord's Kiss scene in the cave felt out-of -the-blue. I would be interested in what non readers thought of that scene and if they thought that the characters loved each other.

    Don't get me wrong - I thought the acting was great - I just thought it needed more of a build up to it, so the scene could have it's full impact.

    I realise that the writer's are short on time, and it's hard, I'm just disapointed. And I miss book! Tormund and Mance :(

    Anyway- that's my rant over.

    Loved the rest of the episode.

  12. I gave it a 9 - it's my favourite so far.


    - Hot Pie's goodbye, it was so sweet. Loved 'Winterhell', 'Don't get stabbed', 'Don't... burn your fingers'.

    - I liked everthing at Riverrun, I even liked Talisa and I don't normally like her scenes

    - Theon's escapade is... lets just say I like where it's heading at the moment/?

    - loved Dany - which is good because I didn't last season

    - Jaime's hand! how cool was that

    - Bear and the maiden fair - glad we got to hear that song

    Didn't think much of:

    - Jon and the fist - which is sad because he is my favourite character and Ilove Mance and tormund in the books - but not here

    - Sam at Crasters - I liked parts but not all... not sure why though- maybe because i was expecting more to happen...?

    - Tyrion, I liked the musical chairs, loved the facial expressions etc of everyone there lol. I thought it was funny that Pod was getting some action but thought that scene was too long and a little pointless.


    - Stannis - just because I think the story line will get over complicated with where it looks like it is going. I did like his facial expression though

    I don't think I missed anyone did I?

  13. I gave it 8/10

    I felt it was a stronge start, even if it was a touch slow. I did'n't mind that we didn't see all the characters, it was only after I had watched the episode that I realised that we didn't see Arya.

    I'm not sure what I thought about Jon's story yet. I liked Mance even though it wasn't ecactly like the book but I didn't really like Tormund... though i will give him a chance.

    I liked Davos's story - even though he isn't a favourite of mine. It was quick but it still put across what it needed and thought it worked well. Mel and Stannis were great too.

    Not sure why Robb was at Harrenhall... But I liked that we got introduced to Qyburn... bit creepy. Also - where is the Greatjon? I can't remember if he was in last season?

    I really liked Daenarys' story too. I felt it was really strong and a lot better from last season. The kid was a bit creepy too. I liked Jorah's reaction to Selmy.

    Margaery was great. I love how we start to see Cersei and her rivalry emerge.

    Tyrion and Tywin was perfect :)

    I didn't like how Sam didn't send the ravens and how Ghost just came out of nowhere and then Morment et al burnt it. But I did like how it was a prologue like in the books.

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