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  1. AverageGuy

    Corona Horse, Corona Rider - Covid #9

    Shouldn't be if it's two samples instead of split samples. False negatives can happen if the patient's tested too early, but then it wouldn't really matter how many samples you tested. We also had early false negatives because the tests weren't great.
  2. AverageGuy

    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    I can only speak for my health system, but that's not the case here. If you've had contact with someone affected or traveled, you get tested for COVID. For inpatients, if you're coming in without that but have a cough, they do a respiratory viral panel first, because COVID is still not the only thing out there, then test for COVID if that's negative. For outpatients we've set up mobile and drive-through testing sites, and there are a number of steps taken to identify patients in all other outpatient areas. It's taken time to get all this set up, and there's still changes ongoing, but there's a lot of effort going into correctly identifying these patients and cohorting them appropriately.
  3. AverageGuy

    Does the flu shot actually work?

    No, it's always been this way. Issue is it takes time to create a vaccine. Flu tends to start in certain regions of the world, so that's where they go to try to determine the strains to vaccinate against. But sometimes other strains end up being the ones that go worldwide, and we end up with more cases of flu. No vaccine is 100% effective, most are in the 85-95% range. Flu is always lower than that due to the fact that figuring out the initial strain isn't always perfect; they tend to say 67%, but that can vary year by year, going as low as 40%. It's not that it doesn't work at all, and if the antigens are close enough, it does still train your B-cells to create antibodies, which decreases the amount of time you're sick.
  4. Doesn't surprise me. Lines up with the majority of white people voting for Trump. Whenever I see a white person walking down the street, I can say they were statistically more likely to be a Trump voter.
  5. AverageGuy

    Synonym for marksman or horseman that starts with 'm'

    A pink stretch moves over the field. No one is pushing it.
  6. AverageGuy

    US Politics: RIP EHK FYVM GOP

    Pretty much the socialist government's raison d'être, no?
  7. AverageGuy

    US Politics: RIP EHK FYVM GOP

    Establishing a monopoly on the use of force.
  8. AverageGuy

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Ha, no. I'll find a candidate whose views align more with mine. But I'm not giving Biden a pass on what's coming out just because Trump's worse. I get the argument. If I thought me sucking it up would make everyone else suck it up, I might do it. But the last election that didn't happen and I don't really see why that would change.
  9. AverageGuy

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Meh. If Trump wins PA by one vote, maybe I'll feel guilty. Otherwise, I'll feel pretty good about voting for someone with a stronger background on the environment, who never opposed school busing, who isn't a creep with women and didn't that a woman shouldn’t have the sole right to say what should happen to her body. But take comfort in the fact that my one vote really won't have an impact. Unless you actually believe one vote will be the deciding one. We still have to get through the primaries anyway, and maybe we won't end up with old white dude.
  10. AverageGuy

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    And one vote out of 46000 is less than .01%. For this I'd be obliged to go for the old white dude? Come on. It was wasted. Could've skipped voting. Could've voted third party. Could've voted Mickey Mouse. Same result.
  11. AverageGuy

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    I won't vote for him. I voted for Hillary because of all the 3rd party=Trump vote arguments. PA went for Trump anyway. If my vote's a waste anyway, I'm voting the way I want.
  12. AverageGuy

    Escalators... what’s the deal?

    http://digg.com/video/inefficiencies-elevators The above link only holds true when you have a very busy escalator, but when they are, standing only sees a rise in capacity.
  13. AverageGuy

    Whataboutism as a Rhetorical Tool

    but what about ignoratio elenchi?
  14. AverageGuy

    The history of this community board.

    I remember Other Authors and Misc... I'm still against this whole separating out Entertainment thing.
  15. AverageGuy

    Captain Marvel Thread 2: Talk to me Goose...

    Got around to seeing this. Generally liked it, but no real tension at the end. Even when she gets her full powers it was kind of anti-climactic; it felt like, "Yeah we knew that would happen." General superhero movie issue for me recently though, I get bored during the big final action scenes. There was a part of it where I feel like something got cut out. Carol is fighting Jude Law, and the lunchbox opens up. Next scene is the Skrulls leaving and Jude Law charging in to shoot one of them through the closing spaceship doors, but Carol is nowhere in sight. Then we cut to Carol fighting two random Kree. I really think some scene got edited out. Still, I enjoyed it overall.