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  1. I agree. I do believe cheating is complicated and I might be willing to work through it if someone cheated on me, but it would depend on a lot of things. The extent of the cheating, the length of the affair, and honesty after the fact would be the big ones. Honesty after the fact would be huge in me feeling like I could ever trust them again. While deciding to keep it from me "for my own good" is really condescending and shows a pretty low opinion of me, and we shouldn't be together. Larry, I'm not going to say you have to disclose. But I do think you should end your friendship with Ron and Betty. It's likely over if this comes out anyway. Even if it doesn't, you mentioned "ambiguous moments" and how you've "tried to be very thorough in [your] head about Betty being unavailable," which sounds like there's still some tension with Betty, and you're actively lying to Ron. Disclosing may put you in the middle of a relationship, so that may not be something you want to do, but I would say continuing the friendship in this circumstance isn't possible and you should put it behind you, as much as you might not want to.
  2. Sitcoms aren't meant to have character arcs. They stay roughly the same from episode to episode, that's the point. Occasionally you get something, but that's over multiple seasons. This latest episode was weak. I think Mr. Immortal was meant to be a comment on "Nice Guy Syndrome," though that's not my understanding of what the internet means when it talks about Nice Guy Syndrome.
  3. Finally saw new Thor. The Thor having sex with his hammer jokes weren't funny, they just made me cringe. Pretty disappointed overall.
  4. I liked it more than the last couple openers, Ms Marvel and Moon Knight. Definitely looks like it's going to be episodic, but nice to get a break from yet another world ending threat arc.
  5. I'm going to slightly disagree with the crowd here and say that's fine. Yes, you may have a more negative impression of the gym than is warranted, but if you can be consistent with home workouts you can make progress. I used to go to the gym a lot, got out of the habit for a few years and was out of shape. Started to go again right before covid hit and closed all the gyms down, was forced into home workouts. As a result I got in much better shape over the past couple years with body weight exercise at home and walking. Posted a progress pic somewhere earlier in the thread, I've made some more progress since then. It's slow progress, but I'm generally happy with it. Haven't been to a gym since February 2020, and honestly I don't miss commuting or waiting for a rack/bench/machine to open up. I've recently started running again because I like running and I'm no longer worried about whether my knees can handle my own weight, but the exact form of cardio and strength training doesn't really matter. As long as long as you enjoy it, are consistent, and don't quit, home workouts can be great.
  6. Okay, the djinn thing is weird. Djinn are actually mentioned in the Koran; they're similar to angels, and Muhammad was actuallly their prophet, too. Adding them like this is giving me "note from a white producer" vibes.
  7. I was also taught the rule was based on vowel sounds. Generally speaking consonants use "a" while vowels use "an." But silent h's and glottal plosives flip the script. "I'm an honest salesman, here with a unique opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime chance." "Historic" is a word I remember being called out as special. With the stress being on the second syllable, there are places where people pronounce it so subtly it almost sounds like "an 'istoric occasion." So "An historic..." became well-known. But in most US English (though not actually all regional accents) we voice the "H," so a lot of style guides say it should be "a historic."
  8. Yes, board lawyers! Tell us of those times you've argued for jury nullification and the bailiff did not tackle you! (More seriously, I am aware of jury nullification. And if you're going to have juries, I'm for it. If not, I believe all trials should just be bench trials. I feel like those trained in the profession would be better suited to determining the facts of the case. But that's counter to the instructions received by every jury ever)
  9. When you're on a jury. No matter how bad the law is, you're only a finder of fact and therefore bear no responsibility for the consequences of the defendant being found guilty of said law.
  10. That happens a lot, but as long as you do a little bit it makes it easier when you get out of the rut. Change in routine is usually helpful And if not, maybe a change in workout routine? Motivation's a bitch, something to get excited about can help.
  11. DOMS? Expect a good amount of muscle soreness for a couple days after your first workout. If you're getting a coach hopefully they won't push you too hard, but in the first week or two recovery is always a bit of a pain. Literally. It really does go away after that though. Beyond that, if it's a one-on-one session you'll probably go through a few different exercises to get an idea about where you are. If you're going at least four times a week, they may split up the exercises somehow, but if 1-3x a week I'd probably expect full body. At the beginning the exact exercise matters less than figuring out your current strength and conditioning. If you're doing weights, there are six basic movement patterns, so maybe one exercise from each: Vertical push (overhead press, military press, shoulder press, handstand pushups) Vertical pull (pull-ups, lat pulldowns) Horizontal push (push-ups, bench press, chest press) Horizontal pull (Rows) Knee flexion (squats, leg press) Hip hinge (glute bridges, deadlift, barbell hip thrust, kettle bell swings) There may or may not be auxiliary stuff or isolation stuff depending on what you say your goals are.
  12. Some people are pointing out that there are always two reflections, along with Layla asking if Steven is the "latest" fake identity, and if Mark's hung up on Layla why'd he ask someone else out. The Jake Lockley personality could be playing a role. At least in the comics Jake's a taxicab driver and Moon Knight's link to the underworld-- Steven's very different from the comics, so Jake could be playing a different role but still be a darker personality. In that case Mark may never have brutally killed people, Jake did. I'm still iffy on the show, but I do enjoy a good theory.
  13. I am legitimately impressed. Chataya has a busy life and crazy busy job and still has energy to arrange multiple dates. I have a normal eight hour job, working out takes a little over an hour a day, then there are hobbies (spend about an hour a day practicing piano or guitar, just started flying lessons which takes a couple hours a week, boxing a couple hours a week), and I barely have the energy to deal with friends. Even on dating apps I only talk to one person at a time, which everyone says is a bad idea. But I honestly don't have the mental capacity to keep track of more, so kudos to those who do. Anyway, I'm single again. Broke up with pharmacist last November. Was dating someone new end of December into January, assistant professor at local college, but that faded out. Not a very strong connection, and when I came back from vacation at the end of January it felt like we were done. Then I started seeing a new girl mid-February, that ended last weekend. Good conversation when we met up, good physical chemistry, but when we weren't with each other we didn't really talk. It ended up feeling like I'd force myself to talk to her to arrange the date. I'll probably jump back on dating apps soon, but I'm going to let myself take a break for a couple weeks.
  14. I did not particularly enjoy episode 1. They're playing coy with something that isn't really a mystery, and I'm having trouble investing in the main personality. I'd guess they're trying to avoid the Batman comparisons so largely keeping Marc Spector in the background. I will give episode 2 a chance, I get that it's meant to be a slow burn and they're trying to play with the psychological aspects. I have a very hard time taking multiple personality stories seriously, so this may be my own hang-up, too.
  15. No love for The Last kid movies? The Last Unicorn Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
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