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  1. I think people can get too hung up on the idea of "settling." Asking the questions, "Did I enjoy spending time with this person?" and "Do I actively want to see them again?" then if the answer's yes seeing where it goes seems like a good approach. You're not settling, you're spending time with someone whose company you enjoy. And if the answer to those questions ever changes to a no, then nothing wrong with ending it. On a personal note, I took a look at dating apps for the first time in about a year yesterday, but this is the kind of stuff that still makes me hesitant about it. Especially because I work in a hospital. It's not like I'm rounding on a Covid unit, and I'm now vaccinated, but we don't know the effectiveness against new strains, so other burdens of Covid dating aside I feel like I may still wait a bit. No end in sight is starting to get to me some, though.
  2. I don't think it's just in her head. I think the people she's interacting with are real and in the same illusion, with the possible exception of Vision. Not sure what's going on there.
  3. Interesting. Since we're under emergency use authorization over here, right now no one can require getting the vaccine. My health system has been careful about walking that line. We do require annual flu shots and TB tests, so I won't be surprised if that changes very quickly if we move away from emergency authorization.
  4. I can't speak for UK. In general. Yes, PCR can take less than 24 hours. However, lab demand can up that, which is why they tend to give ranges. We're two weeks from holidays, there may be more testing if people traveled, and while vaccine clinics are trying to be rapidly stood up while staff have to come from somewhere, so it wouldn't surprise me to hear that there are lab delays now. Sorry you have to wait. It sucks. But given those factors, you may actually experience the full 3 days.
  5. We prioritized ED, then spread to other frontline, and just this week corporate. I imagine most hospitals are doing something similar. If they're offering it to you, frontline should have the option as well, so odds are you're not taking a chance for the vaccine from anyone. Beyond that, you may be remote or mostly remote, but if there's a possibility you'll have to be onsite anywhere before March, I don't think you would need to feel guilty if you want to get the vaccine.
  6. Hm. It's possible my parents were lying to me so that I would save money. I also had the account at 8, but I didn't start get a paycheck until I was 16, so I may have made an assumption. Regardless of whether or not that was an actual restriction, my reaction was to keep cash on hand.
  7. I disagree. I think yesterday does a good job of demonstrating hypocrisy in U.S. law enforcement and that less violent responses are possible. I'd rather use it as a justification to come down hard on cops using shooting people than wish more people were killed by the police. Because lethal force obviously wasn't necessary, and our society needs to emphasize that.
  8. When I was in high school I always kept a few hundred bucks in my wallet (I had a job, but as a minor my bank account required a parent present to withdraw, so easier when I cashed out half my paychecks). Kept the habit into my early twenties, but nowadays when I actually have real money usually less than $50. If I'm traveling I might keep a little more on hand.
  9. It was okay. I feel like they tried to fit too much into it. Superhero sequels like to throw more than one villain into sequels for some reason. Cheetah ended up being a letdown. A lot of time spent building up a five minute Cats reprise no one asked for. Maxwell Lord and the Monkey's Paw-- there were hints of a godly connection, and channeling Gordon Gecko, and the Midas theme, but how did he know about the Monkey's Paw? And why did he feel the need to go that far? He wanted to be a success, he wanted to heal himself, but it seems like he could've done it without the world domination. Trying to throw so much in to raise the stakes ended up with something that was long and a little bloated. Like Jaxom I see the connection to the movie's opening scene. I feel like the point was made without it, but I saw the link as pretty self-evident.
  10. I can appreciate what he's trying to do, "cracks in the soul" is thematically part of series. But Kaladin's survivor's guilt and Shallan's complex trauma end up feeling very similar. And not just in the culmination with the metaphorical/metaphysical retreat to a dark place until they say the magic words that bring back light.
  11. Finished Rhythm of War. The good: Liked the Adolin, Dalinar, and Rlain bits. Modern-day Venli was interesting. The bad: Flashbacks were excessive. Navani has more of a plot arc than a character arc. While Kaladin/Shallan both hiding from trauma has been done multiple times in the series and is starting to feel a little one-note. Not sure how I feel about Odium at the end. Radiants should lose now.
  12. Most of what I've seen relates to Biden opposing bussing, writing the 1994 crime bill, and the idea that Dems are taking minority votes for granted (e.g. the "you ain't black" gaffe). But you're right, we'll see what the exit polling show in the aggregate.
  13. I did like these reactions to Lou Dobbs suggesting surrounding Philly.
  14. Been a registered Democrat all my life and always hang up on pollsters (when on call I don't always have the choice not to answer unknown numbers). Only so much life to live and don't want to waste my time. We'll see the real results in the elections anyway.
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