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    US Politics: RIP EHK FYVM GOP

    Pretty much the socialist government's raison d'être, no?
  2. AverageGuy

    US Politics: RIP EHK FYVM GOP

    Establishing a monopoly on the use of force.
  3. AverageGuy

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Ha, no. I'll find a candidate whose views align more with mine. But I'm not giving Biden a pass on what's coming out just because Trump's worse. I get the argument. If I thought me sucking it up would make everyone else suck it up, I might do it. But the last election that didn't happen and I don't really see why that would change.
  4. AverageGuy

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Meh. If Trump wins PA by one vote, maybe I'll feel guilty. Otherwise, I'll feel pretty good about voting for someone with a stronger background on the environment, who never opposed school busing, who isn't a creep with women and didn't that a woman shouldn’t have the sole right to say what should happen to her body. But take comfort in the fact that my one vote really won't have an impact. Unless you actually believe one vote will be the deciding one. We still have to get through the primaries anyway, and maybe we won't end up with old white dude.
  5. AverageGuy

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    And one vote out of 46000 is less than .01%. For this I'd be obliged to go for the old white dude? Come on. It was wasted. Could've skipped voting. Could've voted third party. Could've voted Mickey Mouse. Same result.
  6. AverageGuy

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    I won't vote for him. I voted for Hillary because of all the 3rd party=Trump vote arguments. PA went for Trump anyway. If my vote's a waste anyway, I'm voting the way I want.
  7. AverageGuy

    Escalators... what’s the deal?

    http://digg.com/video/inefficiencies-elevators The above link only holds true when you have a very busy escalator, but when they are, standing only sees a rise in capacity.
  8. AverageGuy

    Whataboutism as a Rhetorical Tool

    but what about ignoratio elenchi?
  9. AverageGuy

    The history of this community board.

    I remember Other Authors and Misc... I'm still against this whole separating out Entertainment thing.
  10. AverageGuy

    Captain Marvel Thread 2: Talk to me Goose...

    Got around to seeing this. Generally liked it, but no real tension at the end. Even when she gets her full powers it was kind of anti-climactic; it felt like, "Yeah we knew that would happen." General superhero movie issue for me recently though, I get bored during the big final action scenes. There was a part of it where I feel like something got cut out. Carol is fighting Jude Law, and the lunchbox opens up. Next scene is the Skrulls leaving and Jude Law charging in to shoot one of them through the closing spaceship doors, but Carol is nowhere in sight. Then we cut to Carol fighting two random Kree. I really think some scene got edited out. Still, I enjoyed it overall.
  11. AverageGuy

    Use the Oxford comma. It provides clarity and avoids confusion

    Vowel sounds are assonance. For anyone who hasn't seen it, lacking an Oxford commas can cost millions in lawsuits. Is "packing for shipment" separate from "distribution?" Or is it only "packing," whether it's for shipment or distribution? Truck drivers argued for the latter and won millions.
  12. AverageGuy

    Daylight savings time sucks spring 2017!!!

    Going forward isn't the part that gives me personally an issue so much. It's gaining an hour where we run into issues with systems in the hospital. Any time you can't get a med out of a cabinet because the patient supposedly hasn't been admitted yet is a problem. Having issues putting a patient in a bed and hooking them up to the bed's linked devices because their stay overlaps with the stay of another patient who was transferred out of the bed thirty minutes ago. Basically, don't go to a hospital prior to the daylight savings change in the fall (tangent, try to avoid going to a teaching hospital at night in July in general). Also, DST increases energy consumption by 1% generally and 2-4% in the fall, so completely fails its main purpose: https://www.nber.org/papers/w14429
  13. AverageGuy

    Should we lower the age of adulthood in the US to be 16?

    Most of the discussion is around suffrage, but are we talking the age of adulthood in general? As in, you're no longer a child. You can sign contracts. You're your own guarantor. Parents have no further legal responsibility; child support/welfare payments stop, they can kick kids out of the house if they don't want you there. They can work full-time jobs without hitting child labor laws. I'm not sure what else. Military service?
  14. Wait, they stopped teaching this way? Sounding it out was big when I was taught to read, and we had lessons around consonant and vowel sounds in first grade. I do remember pictures and letter of the week macaroni art in pre-school, but that was more about learning the alphabet itself than reading.
  15. AverageGuy

    Vote On Forum Description of Trump Supporters

    Was the double use of "other people" instead of just saying "people" there a stealth comment on othering?
  16. Um. I really hope you only mean culturally, given that Sweet Pea was implying a genetic argument. There are literally still living siblings on both sides of that border.
  17. White dude with dreads. Or white rapper. Or just a white person who listens to rap.
  18. AverageGuy

    The Magicians - SyFy [SHOW SPOILERS ONLY]

    The first half is magic college. Harry Potter a few years later, without a dark lord but with drugs and sex and the ennui resulting from having godlike powers in a mostly mortal world. The second half is mostly deconstruction of Narnia (the whole series is really), with book 1 having a greater focus on The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. A white witch and Aslan variant and everything. All that's not to say this series will be at all similar, but based on that trailer, I'll still check it out.
  19. AverageGuy

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Sorry for the tangent, but who do you consider the two? I'm asking because I thought of there being three, and I'm curious about which one doesn't stick out in other people's minds.
  20. AverageGuy

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Does it end with a little bit of magic going out of the world?