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  1. 8/10. 7 in truth, but the duel bumps it up. Dany's scene was really good this week. Been waiting for the banishment a long time now! And we got some Barristan swag. Alfie is incredible as always. And Sophie knocked it out of the park! I don't mind the changes to her story yet.. we'll see where they lead. And I've come to terms with my hatred of TV Littlefinger so he hardly bothers me anymore Jaime had some really good facial reactions throughout. And maybe I'm biased because I know what's coming, but The duel was very well done. Very intense. I thought Tyrion's story fucking dragged on, though. And I really didn't appreciate him and Jaime bonding over mocking a mentally handicapped person. Tasteless and uncomfortable to watch.
  2. 9. The ONLY complaint I have is that the bones presented to Dany were goat bones, not child bones. If they show her the bones of the kid in a later episode, I'll go back and give this a 10. Otherwise, PERFECT.
  3. Oh my god. You're right. I got the book titles mixed up. I feel like an asshole.
  4. 1000000% how I feel. I put up with almost all of their changes silently, but this one really bothered me.
  5. It was, but it was in the last chapter of AFFC, in a very pivitol scene, and it was revealed in a completely different way.
  6. I don't think too many of us were expecting that
  7. I am so pissed about them bumping up the Jon Arryn reveal that I want to give this episode, like, a 2. But I thought Thomas Brodie-Sangster was totally on point tonight. The way his voice got very low when he was telling Karl how he saw him die was brilliantly creepy. So much malice. And I loved Pod burning the rabbit. There were other good moments too but those are the ones that stick out at me enough to bump up the score to a 6.
  8. Magic, dude. The White Walkers are powerful as fuck. I'm sure they have some sort of power to keep the baby alive long enough to change it into what they need it to be.
  9. Everyone's getting the CGI budget this year and it's incredible. I agree about the wolves! SO realistic. The way Ghost did the jump-back-and-snarl was perfection. They understand canine body language, and as a canine enthusiast and freelance researcher, that makes me happy.
  10. That's what I was thinking, but more attentive watchers would call bullshit on that. The slaves didn't speak English in their entire scene, and now they can write it? I'm telling myself Grey Worm wrote it because otherwise it'll bother me
  11. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL. 9/10 because 10 is reserved for the Baelors and Blackwaters. The ONLY gripes I have are... - Why did the slaves write "KILL THE MASTERS" in the Common Tongue?? Unless Grey Worm wrote it? - Where did Dany get that giant dragon banner? Everything else was either good or PERFECT.
  12. Forgot to mention that I hate, with every inch of my being, the TV version of Littlefinger. I can hardly stomach his stupid, skeevy, breathy voice. To me, there's nothing compelling or interesting or intelligent about him at all.
  13. I give it a 6 until I re-watch it. The dialogue wasn't engaging in most of the scenes. A lot of the acting felt kind of off. The way Jaime was handled really, really bothered me. New Daario just doesn't work for me so far. Margaery not being involved in the murder was disappointing to me. The good things: Seeing Grenn again. The episode actually managing to shock me with the scene of the wildling massacre. The Hound/Arya are a pleasure to watch. Cersei in the very beginning of the episode was good. ETA: Was gonna give it a 5, but I bumped it up to a 6 for Shireen<3
  14. I was happy to see Boltons, Stannis, and Bran. I've seen people complaining there wasn't enough action before the wedding. That's because anything that happened before the wedding was gonna get overshadowed anyway. This episode set up everything I'd hoped it would set up. And can we talk about OBERYN'S FUCKING LINE TO TYWIN LIKE WHAT A STONE COLD STUPID BADASS YESSSSS. Joffrey dying was so much more gruesome than I pictured.... It really, really unsettled me. To the point where I'm not even excited he's dead. I just wanted to puke. Once I come down from Jack Gleeson's wonderful acting (I'm gonna miss him!!!) I'll be happy that Joffrey is finally fucking gone.
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