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    [Spoiler] EP604

    all show cannon having to do with dany and heat: Dany not even wincing at the scolding bath in 01.01 Dany saying only a real dragon can survive fire Dany becoming unbernt and hatching dragons and Tonights ending
  2. Israel

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    thats what i thought, guys please fact check a little
  3. Israel

    Hello from Benioff and Weiss

    Yes he would be great , maybe a little too old tho remember must be Balons younger brother, I just think that Euron is a little more intimidating physically, Ian would have to work on that gut too but if he slimmed down and bulked a little, definately. Cuz Ian can do Scary and Crazy like no other.
  4. Did anyone else notice that comment Cercei made to Tywin " Perhaps you should try stoppong from doing what he likes" " I will" ? Is Cersei giving Tywin permission to kill Joffrey. Has this been discussed?
  5. "Also, who knew Podrick was such a pimp? Anyone who hated those scenes with him, Tyrion and Bronn I have one thing to say... Dont hate the playa, hate the Game (of Thrones)" for real
  6. I agree not needed but is he there? I like to think Bloodraven is everywhere , he brought that wolf and that stag together in aGOT. I like to pin all pecular animal activity in ASOIAF on BR with the exception of the Stark kids. I believe if the kids arent sleep-warging then BR might be present. . just saying.
  7. what do you want them to do ? All they can do in the snow is walk in single file, as quietly as possible, to their destination period. Do you want to see them running ?, yelling? freaking out? Will that help them get to the wall?