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  1. Ah, but I have given some thought to the subject, and actually have sympathy towards the position you appear to argue for. I was being curious, not incredulous or anything of the sort. And my curiosity is satisfied enough. Thanks for replying.
  2. Erm, that kind of looks like whataboutism. And if you wonder why I care, well, I happen to be curious. Were you serious about Stannis, and if you were... why choose him? Is it his willingness to go so far for allegedly good cause? Or the fact that he turned up to help the NW? Because he finds himself raising a common-born to a Hand? Perhaps something else? As for my own reply, Baelor Breakspear looked mostly alright.
  3. If a second life is seen as a "final" condition with the skinchanger/warg in question losing their ability to move between bodies, perhaps it would be an idea worth mentioning to suggest that Borroq could force Jon out of Ghost (like Varamyr did to Haggon) but only do so after his body is resurrected with fire magic or otherwise healed. I think such a development would for its own part justify the resurrection and cadaver imagery associated with him, and if one assumes that the deed would be both risky, unusual and traumatic to both Ghost and Jon, it could also "justify" why Ghost reacts badly... if he reacts to the man or the pair rather than the boar alone. Also, if Borroq were to be instrumental in resurrecting a character as vital as Jon, it obviously would explain the focus he has received.
  4. I have not seen that reported yet. Would you be willing to share a source?
  5. Well, let's not. Guess I'll go out for a bit.
  6. If you have something you want to ask or say, you could do it now.
  7. Well, I remember some article about Finnish foreign fighter on the side of the Donbass separatists, so there's that.
  8. ...probably not in any way, I think. My brain brings up the lack of resources they may have and which I don't bother to try to find anything about. Out of curiosity, is s/he a Finnish citizen?
  9. Speaking of Finland's NATO membership: a citizens' initiative demanding a consultative referendum on joining has gathered enough support and so should be considered by parliament, though there may not be enough time to address it before 2023 elections.
  10. Well, in the last couple of hours I've read our PM, Marin, to say that Finland's relation to NATO has not changed and President Niinistö, speaking only for himself, saying he didn't bring it up in the NATO meeting today. If you know Finnish, see here. (That's Yle's website, owned by the Finnish state. I don't know how well it's available abroad.) Also, Niinistö commented on what Zaharova said, essentially saying it's nothing new.
  11. Our president, Niinistö, has just recently commented that joining NATO isn't that fast process. (I'm a Finn, if that needs to be clarified.)
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