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    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    I just meant that rather than closing the possibility that Sandor undertook the KG oath, we should keep it open. More possible paths leads to more outcomes kind of thinking. I'm not hinting I have some speculation of my own to disclose.
  2. TsarGrey

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    I'm arguing that Sandor's refusal to say knight's vows doesn't equate refusing the Kingsguard oath, therefore making it possible that he is, in fact, legally bound to celibacy/landlessness/any limitation coming with the white cloak, if he actually undertook that latter vow. So, when you for example said on previous page that 'GRRM made Sandor join the Kingsguard in order to remove him from the sucession line', you may be correct. On the contrary, if he did not take that vow, he is not bound by any of that, but simply a fugitive.* Tommen might have actually judicially outlawed him, but I'm not sure.** It may be one of the decrees he is made to sign. See? *If him being listed as sworn shield in AGoT appendix indicates what I think does, there may third vow, which he also would naturally have broken when he deserted. **I have more than half a mind to say that that should follow automatically from breaking the King's Peace. So I may be mistaken here.
  3. TsarGrey

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    Well I am the guy like that. Seems to me Clegane'sPup did, so I reopened the case. Allowing the possible existence of such an oath actually allows more speculation, no?
  4. TsarGrey

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    Doesn't rule out him perhaps having stirring interest on certain girl, or implication possibility of him giving up such prospects for the future.
  5. TsarGrey

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    If I may... I don't think the oath of the Kingsguard and and the vows of knights are same thing. Rather sure they're not. I refer you to Jaime and Barristan. Both are already knights yet both say more vows when they join Kingsguard. So having pointed that out, do note that Sandor does not seem to oppose forsaking lands or wife, it's knightly vows he refuses to say. And given he's listed as 'sworn shield to Prince Joffrey' in AGoT appendix, it might be reasonable to say that he does not necessarily have a problem with vows in general. I'm not saying he definitely must have taken the Kingsguard oath. Haven't seen him do. I'm saying he might have. GRRM sometimes does things off page without necessarily bothering to spell them out for us, like, I think, Jon learning of the Red Wedding. And like Jaime says...
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    Wyman Manderly warships

    Editing to remove.
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    Most melancholic and "Human" moments in ASOIAF?

    After septon Meribald's speech, Sandor and Sansa came to mind.
  8. TsarGrey

    Is it possible to leave the Warrior Sons?

    ADwD Epilogue... Kevan seems to think he could move Lancel from WS to KG. Precedent he thinks about is Joffrey dismissing Barristan, despite that As for my view, the Warrior's Sons serve Faith of the Seven, which actually has religious head. One might imagine that High Septon could absolve them from their vows.
  9. TsarGrey

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    I do not know how you or, especially, your girlfriend handle stress, nor do I know anything about your situation. And I have never been in really comparable situation. There was this one time, but that was years past and a miscarriage of a sibling, not a child. So there is not any concrete advice I can give. If you absolytely want something, all I can say, is try to be strong for her, for your child, and absolutely do not give up hope as long as there is any left. I prayed for your child, you, and your GF, and with or without your permission, I still mean to, for now. You may not think that helps any. Someone might even actually get angry. But someone, somewhere, cared that much.
  10. TsarGrey

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    It was a still battle where they were both active combatants. But I concede it would be pretty hard for Bob to be involved in planning, such as that was.
  11. TsarGrey

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    Battle of the Bells.
  12. TsarGrey

    Melisandre and Glamor Davos?

    Thought about this, too. She could've used glasscandle from Asshai, to send dreams to someone and manipulate/order that person to do as she desired. I don't think it happened, but well, a thought. And if candle belonged to someone else, that would explain why she'd left it there. It would far better if she just replaced Davos' finger pouch while they were both Dragonstone. Though Davos should've rather familiar with it's feel. Yeah, let's stop there, then. We left the ground of fictional reality and reasonable possibility a while ago.
  13. TsarGrey

    Melisandre and Glamor Davos?

    Even if we choose to momentarily ignore time, there's still the matter of space. Ignore that, ok? You managed to get me through some convoluted thoughtprocess just suggesting we ignore timeline. But if we do that, what works? Bran, I'd say, as he may be able to affect past, but Melisandre is not given.
  14. TsarGrey

    Melisandre and Glamor Davos?

    That would need Melisandre to be around the time Davos lost his fingers. Which I don't think is the case. Davos became acquaintance of Stannis when he smuggled food to Storm's End, during Robert's Rebellion. In AGoT, Tyrion IX, we have this; So if you don't think that Stannis for some reason waited some fifteen years to cut Davos' fingertips, I'd say Mel was not there.
  15. And here I've been thinking, among other things, that first issue with mandatory vote should be whether it's immediately repealed.
  16. I drink my coffee as I taught myself from start, black. No sugar, thank you, if it can be avoided, and milk only if it's already in when bought ready from shop. And no temperature control. Living in EU means that when my last coffee machine broke, new one I bought had built in going-off timer. As someone who keeps forgetting I have coffee to get (...speaking of which...) that means I'm happy if I get it still hot at home. In the rare instance I have tea, honey is my choice too.