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    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Yeah, not very practically considering that someone would have to actually go find needle+thread and the process would require just a bit more soberity. Those men were drunk and high on bloodlust so mounting the head on spikes would be a lot easier.
  2. Agreed. Being a non-book reader, I was pretty neutral when I learned that the character of Talisa was made-up and not part of the original storyline. But eh, whatever. I wanted Robb to be happy and to be able to marry for "true love" (after all, with all the horrible stuff happening to him & his family, the guy deserved a tiny bit of happiness)...But maybe Talisa was just miscast or misdirected or poorly written, but I found her to be incredibly annoying and even occasionally off-putting. Maybe it was her mannerisms or maybe just her face....but I wasn't the slightest bit moved by her death. In fact, the whole RW wasn't nearly as epic as I was expecting it to be...maybe because it had been hyped up sooooooo much and everyone I knew who had read the books kept telling me that it was going to be crazy.