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    How would you rate episode 310?

    Why would you expect the epilogue from ASOS. Most folks who expected Stoneheart expected Nymeria pulling Cat from the river. It happen just a few days after the RW in the book, and it was set up on the show by Arya's conversation with Thoros and Beric.
  2. Only thing wrong with the episode was the jarring inclusion of any of Dany's storyline in it. That really threw off the pacing. Otherwise, 9.5 for the episode, it did just about everything I could have asked for. And the love I have for the almost, but not quite symmetry of the Robb/Catelyn/Arya and Bran/Rickon/Jon almost meets and the connection to the wolves was absolute perfection.
  3. That's clearly Grey Wind, he went into battle with Robb.
  4. The wolves are cgi, so there's no reason for color to be incorrect. And it is a good way to,reintroduce Nymeria. It shows she's there, which she is, that she's still connected to the Starks, which she is, but that she's separate, which she is.
  5. Grey Wind is both darker, all grey and larger.
  6. 22 minute markish, it's her watching in the woods as the Starks and their men pass by. Reddish nose. Grey Wind is all grey.
  7. I just want to say it was so cool to see Nymeria again!