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  1. Emo Targaryen

    References and Homages

    400 years prior to the story, (some unspecified) Doom "killed" Valyria. In the 1982 Conan movie, (Thulsa) Doom killed Valeria. @Drowned God: One of the Greyjoy ancestors was called Dagon.
  2. Emo Targaryen

    References and Homages

    The Angles came to England more or less together with the Saxons, after the Roman rule. Alternative: The mythical Children of the Forest are the equally mythical Sidhe/Tuatha de Danann, the First Men are the Celts (aka Britons/Picts/Gaels/Milesians; said to have had a closer connection to the Children than later invaders, their original culture died out except for remote areas), the Andals are Anglo-Saxons (came as invaders and achieved cultural dominance), the Targs are Normans (invaded and ruled, but assimilated into the existing culture).
  3. Emo Targaryen

    References and Homages

    Plus it fits the references to the Wars of the Roses. If we map England to Westeros, the locations of Lancaster and York coincide quite well with the seats of houses Lannister and Stark.
  4. Emo Targaryen

    References and Homages

    As the plot of the series is heavily built upon the Wars of the Roses (confirmed by GRRM himself, I think), this isn't too far-fetched. I think it was even said somewhere that Tyrion is Richard III as portrayed by Shakespeare and Stannis is Richard III as seen by modern historians. Cersei IMO has a touch of Shakespeare's Richard III too, as far as "alienating or murdering all your former allies until you're alone and no one will help you" goes.
  5. Emo Targaryen

    References and Homages

    Might be coincidence, but Tyrion once asks Jaime, what he sees in Cersei besides his own perfect reflection. Paradise Lost, book II, lines 762-767: [sin speaks to Satan:] I pleased, and with attractive graces won The most averse—thee chiefly, who, full oft Thyself in me thy perfect image viewing, Becam'st enamoured; and such joy thou took'st With me in secret that my womb conceived A growing burden. While Cersei and Jaime are siblings, Sin is Satan's daughter (in a way - she sprang from his brain when he was in his darkest thoughts). From their incestuous Relationship, Death is born. Literally. To be fair, here the parallels end - upon birth, Death mutilates the nether regions of his mother and then goes on to rape her. Cersei is far better off. Yet.