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  1. Possibly, although HBO is probably more after a series ideas (hey, maybe we'll get Black Cluster!). I just keep thinking that since we get the Dunk & Egg stories between the novels, that it would be perfect to have a one-episode Christmas special between seasons. Especially since you really need "The Hedge Knight" before Jaime's flipping through that White Book. :)
  2. Thanks. Guess word will have to come from Varys somehow. BTW. Cogman interview here: http://www.hbo.com/#/game-of-thrones/episodes/3/25-kissed-by-fire/interview/bryan-cogman.html
  3. Sure somebody's already mentioned this, but I'm too lazy to read the whole thread. :) Missed the one Hedge Knight reference in the Jaime/Brienne bath scene (i.e., "Are you thick as a castle wall?"), but was delighted to find an added one in the Shireen/Davos scene: "it sounds like 'egg'..." I keep wishing they'd do the Dunk & Egg stories as Christmas specials.. :D Can someone tell me if show-Barristan is telling the truth or lying about not being on Robert's Small Council? We know in the books he was, hence the reveal on Jorah down the line, but I can't remember if Barristan was in the scene back in Season 1 when Robert was ordering Dany's assassination.
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    Well, we've had fever dreams popping up, which probably refer to Fevre Dream.