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  1. Yukle

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    That's pretty funny! That class was 16-17 year olds. So about what you'd expect.
  2. Yukle

    R,I.P. Thread

    This is bittersweet. Her lifespan was a bit longer than what she could have expected in the wild. And I am always still so torn as to whether we should keep such beings in such small captive places. Yet she lived a life she enjoyed, making friends with the staff and with her pet cat. Koko proved to the world the human arrogance of assuming we were the only ones smart enough to truly have language, the only ones who ask questions, the only ones who feel compassion and have emotions. Once gorillas would have numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and the other great Apes probably in the millions. Now, they're left clinging to edges of the habitats we haven't destroyed.
  3. Yukle

    Last One Wins

    Thanks! Putting end to the discussion in the most succinct way I could think of.
  4. Yukle

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    OMG! A student did the funniest thing! I had to pretend to be cross, but I was trying so hard not to laugh! He commandeered his friend's computer for a while and changed the auto-correct settings in Word so that every time he wrote the word "gatsby" it was replaced with, "ya mum." So he kept going, "What the HELL?! My computer is buggered, what is going on?" And he tried changing it to "Jay" the character's first name, and it would say, "ya sister" "I think I've got a virus! What's going on, how come I've got a virus?!" And his mate just sat there with a concerned look on his face. He only gave the game away when he asked stuff like, "Why have you said my mum is selling bootleg alcohol?"
  5. Yukle

    Last One Wins

  6. A question in all seriousness: does the fact that the gun was illegal make it any more or less appropriate that the person who died had the gun in the first place?
  7. Yukle

    Mistakes/Contradictions in the books?

    It's probably just GRRM pictures her with long hair all of the time and it's hard to break that image in your mind's eye.
  8. This is why all artists should carry guns, and the children should have been armed. All of the art on display should have had motion sensors connected to land mines and there should be tanks at every entrance. I can't believe how much all of you crybaby libtards refuse to accept that MORE GUNS is the answer. Without guns, there is no safety. 100% of gun deaths are invented by the MSM. Fact. All gun deaths are actually people deaths. It's in the constitution. Deal with it.
  9. Originally posted by @Vin. It's terrible to think this wasn't "horrible" enough to break into front pages, as it would in other cultures. It's too routine to make much news. I feel awful for the lives ruined. Not in a stupid, "thoughts and prayers and let's not do anything," way, but in an empathetic fellow humans don't deserve to be shot way.
  10. Yukle


    We're looking forward to having you all! BTW, you've picked a funny time; much of the userbase aren't using their regular names due to the World Cup. Normalcy will return soon.
  11. Yukle

    Last One Wins

    This one.
  12. Yukle

    What's the Avatar Above You Thinking #14 (Finally)

    Be sun smart. Wear a hat bra.
  13. Australia has fair use, but it also just passed a law mandating that all phone OS developers make a backdoor into their software and provide the means to access it to the federal government. They haven't agreed to, thank goodness, but it shows that laws are written by people with absolutely no understanding of how the Internet should work.
  14. Yukle

    What's the Avatar Above You Thinking #14 (Finally)

    The national flag and national flower of... somewhere. Who cares? CROATIA WILL WIN!
  15. Yukle

    Last One Wins

    Haha! Was this intended for the avatar thread? Either way, it made me lulz.