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  1. That's pretty funny! That class was 16-17 year olds. So about what you'd expect.
  2. This is bittersweet. Her lifespan was a bit longer than what she could have expected in the wild. And I am always still so torn as to whether we should keep such beings in such small captive places. Yet she lived a life she enjoyed, making friends with the staff and with her pet cat. Koko proved to the world the human arrogance of assuming we were the only ones smart enough to truly have language, the only ones who ask questions, the only ones who feel compassion and have emotions. Once gorillas would have numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and the other great Apes probably in the millions. Now, they're left clinging to edges of the habitats we haven't destroyed.
  3. OMG! A student did the funniest thing! I had to pretend to be cross, but I was trying so hard not to laugh! He commandeered his friend's computer for a while and changed the auto-correct settings in Word so that every time he wrote the word "gatsby" it was replaced with, "ya mum." So he kept going, "What the HELL?! My computer is buggered, what is going on?" And he tried changing it to "Jay" the character's first name, and it would say, "ya sister" "I think I've got a virus! What's going on, how come I've got a virus?!" And his mate just sat there with a concerned look on his face. He only gave the game away when he asked stuff like, "Why have you said my mum is selling bootleg alcohol?"
  4. Yukle


    We're looking forward to having you all! BTW, you've picked a funny time; much of the userbase aren't using their regular names due to the World Cup. Normalcy will return soon.
  5. The national flag and national flower of... somewhere. Who cares? CROATIA WILL WIN!
  6. Yes, that's more or less correct. Tennis has an enormous doping problem. They also have "loser targeted testing," where winners of a tournament are exempt from being tested in that tournament. Furthermore, as the leaks of Nadal's medical records show, the ITF also sanctions much of the doping that happens. Nadal is taking steroids, and has been for most of his career, related to medical certificates issued to him by his team doctor. Similarly, Serena Williams apparently has ADHD - along with an astonishing 1/3 of America's tennis players, which just so happens to entitle them to use some masking agents and performance enhancing substances for medical reasons. Sharapova was doing this, with the three massive differences that: 1) Her drugs were originally not on the banned list and were only added well after she started using them. 2) She admitted to fault and accepted the punishment. 3) She wasn't the only player caught, but others protested - truthfully - that the half-life of meldonium (or whatever it's called) is about 30 days. Meaning they could have stopped in December and still tested positive in January. Sharapova was left hung out to dry for being honest about her infraction, perhaps in the naive expectation that others would follow her example.
  7. Also... anyone else get the feeling that one day the whispers about Nadal's steroid use might be worth investigating? And Serena... ... and most top tier players. Tennis really, really, reeeeaaaaallly needs a clean-out, and an anti-doping system that actually does stuff.
  8. Rafa has more French Open championships than all but three other men have grand slam singles titles. But I can't help but feel he isn't as good as Federer or Djokovic (much as it pains me to say the latter). His dominance on a single surface is impressive - but there are usually only 2 tournaments in an entire season that grass specialists can play: Wimbledon and their warm up for Wimbledon. Clay gets three Masters and then a few 500s, as well. Rafa is obviously very good on other surfaces, too, but there's something to be said for the fact that his dominance disproportionately rests on clay, and that this isn't readily available to grass specialists. The idea that the counting of Grand Slams is a measure for excellence is only 30-ish years old; before that top tier players didn't necessarily bother competing in them all of the time (even Agassi didn't). Rafa is good, but I think the people saying he is better than anyone else playing, let alone the best ever, is not quite right.
  9. Kate Spade's passing a few days ago was sad, as I think all know those in similar positions of vulnerability. I think the best way to phrase it is that she died from depression. We don't think of it like that, but we should. May she be at peace.
  10. Jokeavic is out of the French Open. As is his wont when he loses, he has decided he is injured and may miss Wimbledon. He annoys me so much. When he wins, he's gracious. When he loses, he was secretly injured the whole time.
  11. There's nothing like underwear to stave off the winter chill.
  12. Interesting stat: Carlsen's rating is back to 2851, level with Kasparov's peak.
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