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  1. You made me think of this:
  2. Yukle

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    That's pretty funny! That class was 16-17 year olds. So about what you'd expect.
  3. Yukle

    R,I.P. Thread

    This is bittersweet. Her lifespan was a bit longer than what she could have expected in the wild. And I am always still so torn as to whether we should keep such beings in such small captive places. Yet she lived a life she enjoyed, making friends with the staff and with her pet cat. Koko proved to the world the human arrogance of assuming we were the only ones smart enough to truly have language, the only ones who ask questions, the only ones who feel compassion and have emotions. Once gorillas would have numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and the other great Apes probably in the millions. Now, they're left clinging to edges of the habitats we haven't destroyed.
  4. Yukle

    Three Californias?

    I won the Electoral College and the popular vote, but the fake news media refuses to acknowledge the 116 million illegal votes that were cast for other candidates.
  5. Hahahahahaha! I half expected them to add: "There's also a problem with Android users. And for those still using the legacy Microsoft phone software, it doesn't work on that either."
  6. Jace always wins. Eventually. And also immediately. And also always.
  7. I can't say either of those sides wanted to progress based on the quality of what they brought to the pitch. Croatia, meanwhile, are the Lords of the Ball. Bow to us.
  8. Yukle


  9. Melanie is back to being a complete bitch again. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jun/21/melania-trump-jacket-i-dont-care-child-detention-center-visit-clothes As if this wasn't deliberate. She normally wears golden cloaks with ivory; the first time she wears something cheap it just so happens to ensure that she doesn't look too "soft." Hope the complicit buttface is thrown in prison with the crime lord she married.
  10. Yukle

    Last One Wins

    Thanks! Putting end to the discussion in the most succinct way I could think of.
  11. Iran had a goal disallowed?! What a bummer for them.
  12. I didn't see the match, but reports are saying Spain was pretty lalackluster. Was that the case, anyone who watched it?
  13. Yukle

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    OMG! A student did the funniest thing! I had to pretend to be cross, but I was trying so hard not to laugh! He commandeered his friend's computer for a while and changed the auto-correct settings in Word so that every time he wrote the word "gatsby" it was replaced with, "ya mum." So he kept going, "What the HELL?! My computer is buggered, what is going on?" And he tried changing it to "Jay" the character's first name, and it would say, "ya sister" "I think I've got a virus! What's going on, how come I've got a virus?!" And his mate just sat there with a concerned look on his face. He only gave the game away when he asked stuff like, "Why have you said my mum is selling bootleg alcohol?"
  14. Yukle

    Last One Wins

  15. Yukle


    How did I flee from Iraq? Iran.