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  1. Yukle


    We're looking forward to having you all! BTW, you've picked a funny time; much of the userbase aren't using their regular names due to the World Cup. Normalcy will return soon.
  2. Interesting stat: Carlsen's rating is back to 2851, level with Kasparov's peak.
  3. Despite the name, they're not pigs and they're not from guinea.

  4. We went to a park over the weekend, a bit out of our normal way. We saw lyrebirds! We heard them well before we saw them because they were making the sounds of traffic! They're completely amazing imitators, they can make pretty much any sound.
  5. I promise you, I am reading it, but I don't remember every terminology off the top of my head. A couple I've had to lookup, because I have forgotten them. If nothing else I reckon the opening 11 moves or so were a solid - but not perfect! - opening, and I don't think it was an accidental Queen's gambit declined. ETA: Took a while. but I went through Grischuk vs Kramnik. 0-0 isn't until turn 11, but is that what you're suggesting Roeder should've done, too?
  6. I'm not supremely good, but I thought it was really 12 that was the death knell. Roeder was determined to get a check but didn't seem to have thought much further ahead than that. I don't mind it, but I'm a bit bored with it. The app on my phone looooooooves using it. 23 was my favourite sequence here: en passant to force check. That's elegant.
  7. ... Your cover photo on your profile is... interesting... ? :P 

  8. Oliver Roeder of 538 and 14 other people faced off against Magnus Carlsen simultaneously. Carlsen's clock was set at 30 minutes and was never allowed to stop. Predictably, he completely cleaned up. The article has a great diagram of the precise moment where it all went wrong for Roeder, the article's author. You can read the full recap here.
  9. Skeptical about whether the hokey pokey is truly what it is all about.

  10. Based on recent form, though, those prizes will go to Donald Trump, for his use of Twitter, and the writers of The Avengers.
  11. Yukle


    Welcome, welcome!
  12. The magpie that likes to roost in my street had a fight with the raven that also likes to roost. Despite being a fair bit smaller, the magpie consistently wins. I also found out that southern Australians are lucky because we have the prettiest magpies in the world: the brilliant white-backed males are endemic to our region. Even the central coast ones tend to have dark grey or black backs. Similarly, their song is unusually sophisticated. I love listening to them.
  13. Yukle


    You've come to the right place, then! Enjoy yourself!
  14. Oh... Well, fingers crossed for the next time, Lily!
  15. All the feels for you, and I am glad things have worked out. I heard a dry quip from one of my close friends, "A bisexual man robbed a bank. Nobody could find him. Why? Once he walked into society he was invisible." It really cut through with me. I don't have a ready answer about how to remedy things, but I am always trying.
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