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  1. We're looking forward to having you all! BTW, you've picked a funny time; much of the userbase aren't using their regular names due to the World Cup. Normalcy will return soon.
  2. Despite the name, they're not pigs and they're not from guinea.

  3. ... Your cover photo on your profile is... interesting... ? :P 

  4. Skeptical about whether the hokey pokey is truly what it is all about.

  5. Based on recent form, though, those prizes will go to Donald Trump, for his use of Twitter, and the writers of The Avengers.
  6. You've come to the right place, then! Enjoy yourself!
  7. Oh... Well, fingers crossed for the next time, Lily!
  8. All the feels for you, and I am glad things have worked out. I heard a dry quip from one of my close friends, "A bisexual man robbed a bank. Nobody could find him. Why? Once he walked into society he was invisible." It really cut through with me. I don't have a ready answer about how to remedy things, but I am always trying.
  9. Many warm fuzzy thoughts your way, Lily! Hope it all works out well! Such happy news. Fingers crossed for you too, Theda.
  10. Wow! The book is now #1, #3 (in audiobook) and #6 (ebook version)! It takes up three spots in the top 10!
  11. I just watched this episode. I so dearly hope that this version of the book becomes a smash hit, utterly crushing the other in sales. And long-term effect. I will buy it for my kids.
  12. Hi everyone! Do enjoy yourselves - looking forward to chatting with you!
  13. I like the quote at the end of the document: "Forward progress ebbs and flows in every social justice movement." If you were born a gay man or woman in 50BCE within the city of Rome, nobody would have cared. Emperor Hadrian was openly gay, for instance. 1,000 years later and it was cause for disinheritance - at best. It says a lot about how people like me, who don't fall into the category of LGBTQIA+ must work so hard at supporting fellow humans' need for the recognition of their rights. There really isn't an excuse for the institutionalised discrimination that exists and it's disheartening to see a drop in those classified "allies" in the document.
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