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  1. It is turning in any other tv show, it is a little predictable, the facts are going unrealstic with non very believable rescues. The thnk about all game of thrones universe (includng the books) is that the facts that happened were acording to what a given character was doing, now we know who is going to survive no matter what, they can move the time however they want in order to keep the story like they want it to be (like any other tv show). On the other hand, it is still really entretaning for people ho watches the shop jus to have a good time. For example I said to my wife, who is not an ASOIAF nerd like me, that I would have prefered Jon to die in a heroic way when he went under the water because it would have been more believable, however she answered me that she had enough with the dead protagonists and gave me this look . So yes its been disapointing for me, but it actually keeps me entretained and I will look the final episode, and millions of fans are ok with the show because at the end of the day it is fiction and not everything has to be believable.... Although I really hate the Sansa and Arya thing right now
  2. 7... The fight scene between Briene and Arya for me was only time filling and Arya's cocky attitude just bugs me so badly. Also the cave scene, I mean, how convenient it was to put some paintings inside to convince the only person who can help Jon. And those White Walkers drawings, c'mon, they should have done it more rustic, they contrasted with all the other paintings which looked mor similar to rupestrian paintings... The chemistry between Jon and Dany was good though. The battle definetly saved the episode, it was sooo good, Drogon looked so real, it was just like I imagine a medieval war with dragons in it. Amazing
  3. wtf dude, lot of nude scenes and you pick Barristan and Jorah? that's brave. Everything was excelent, dragons incredibles, Varys and QoT amazing, the last scene with de unsullied army and the dragons flying was so exciting. And the NG fight was a moment that I hoped would never come 'cause I felt really sad with the death of Lor Mormont in the book and seeing it made me a little more sad. Jaime and Briene relationship is growing, everything was just incredible. The only thing I still don't get is all the Podrick and the whores thing, what's up with that?