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  1. I was just thinking about how a few very minor changes to the series penultimate and finale episodes would've left fans far more satisfied. What if Yara Greyjoy had been involved in the attack at kingslanding, it would've mitigated the deus ex machina element of Daenerys attacking the ships without getting hit, well to some extent. If Jaime had led Cersei into a Dead end under the red keep with Dothraki closing in realizing that they would most likely rape and kill Cersei Jaime mercy kills her by strangulation before dying of his wounds. I would remove the line where Jaime says he never cared for the innocent and also that line from Euron "I'm the man that killed Jaime Lannister" If Yara were to witness Jon killing Daenerys from a distance and arrest him after Drogon flew away with Daenerys it would make far more sense in terms of why Jon wasn't killed. If Jon is brought before the council of Westerosi lords instead of Tyrion. If at this point Bran tells Jon that the NightKing will come back that it's an unbreakable spell. Jon names Bran as his heir and abdicates the throne to him. Bran in turn could name Sansa as Wardeness of the North. Jon decides of his own volition that his place is in the Nights watch.
  2. Imagine if someone had told you after the season 5 finale that yes Jon Snow would be resurrected, learn that he is the legitimate heir to the Iron throne, assemble two armies on two separate occasions and effectively lose in both instances if it weren't for his sisters and the only influence he had on the outcome of the entire story was to stab Daenerys to death. You would've cancelled your HBO subscription there and then, you would've deleted all your game of thrones episodes, snapped your blu-ray discs in half.
  3. If you cast your mind back to season 2 you will remember Bronn and Tyrion have that that exchange about the correct pronunciation of Archmaester ch'yvonthan yes it appears as if Bronn is literate.It actually opens up the question how Bronn learned to read. The show established through Tywin Lannister and Aryas interaction at Harrenhal that it is unusual for low born small folk to read. Why do I bother, it's probably an unintentional plothole per usual with D&D
  4. Tyrion: We serve at your pleasure King Bran the broken, ruler of the six kingdoms and protector of the realm long may he reign. That will improve 90 percent of the Game of thrones audience: no it won't Tyrion, no it won't
  5. He didn't have to sneak away just walk back to his own men. He didn't owe any explanation to Grey worm or any of Danys forces that he watched commit atrocities. They would never have known about Dany's death in the immediate aftermath if he hadn't gone out of his way to confess to it. If you saw any actions that were based on known character and race customs this season let me know bc it was all very inconsistent.
  6. It was a plot device to get them to their ultimate goal Bran as king and Jon in exile in the North. There were 101 ways Jon could've avoided capture, the simplest would've been to return to his men and take them back to the North and wait for the unsullied and Dothraki to come to the conclusion that Daenerys flew away and abandoned them. If they didn't return to Essos of their own volition Jon could have raised some kind of resistance with the remaining Westerosi forces.
  7. If it all comes across as whiney, piss and moan why do you read these forums? if you don't like it don't read it, see what I did there? I think the show has earned some legitimate criticism. If fans want to air their complaint through a petition then they have that right, they were the ones that financed the show from the beginning until its end.
  8. The thing about “Game of Thrones” that’s always been amazing is the fact that there’s always been crazy twists and turns, right from Season 1 with Ned’s beheading. So Daenerys becoming something of the Mad Queen — it shouldn’t be such a negative thing for fans. It’s a shock for sure, but I think it’s just because it hasn’t gone their way. All of these petitions and things like that — I think it’s disrespectful to the crew, and the writers, and the filmmakers who have worked tirelessly over 10 years, and for 11 months shooting the last season. Like 50-something night shoots. So many people worked so, so hard on it, and for people to just rubbish it because it’s not what they want to see is just disrespectful. - Sophie Turner You hear that guys it's because it didn't go your way that you are so pissed off not because the writers wiped their arses with almost every character arc, shame, shame shame
  9. You offered your own interpretation as to why someone would give a newly crowned monarch a title that would denigrate them to being nothing but their disability or their flaws in general. I read it, I politely disagree. I can't see how that would be common place enough to be anything but wildly implausible.
  10. can you give some examples of monarchs that were crowned and had people chime in and give them titles that sound demeaning to their face?
  11. Maybe he didn't invite D&D to his wedding
  12. You didn't enjoy Jon being rescued by his sisters on every occasion since he was resurrected? or that his only purpose was to knife Daenerys?
  13. hahaha I get it, she was flying to IKEA to get more flat pack buildings for kingslanding right
  14. You're absolutely right, Jons best course of action would be to do whatever it took to get back to his men, I think he would've been wise to retreat to the North and try and mount a resistance from there with whatever Westerosi lords would join him. The whole jon confessing and being held prisoner + the council to elect a new king was a contrived plot device to skip passed a war that should've taken place.
  15. If any of the unsullied walked over to him and asked what happened to the Queen all he had to say were these five words, She flew away with Drogon. It isn't even a lie, what would possess him to tell him he stabbed her? it is implausible to the highest degree
  16. You can see where I'm coming from though, if George was estimating how old that character would be when they conquer the world it would be Bran but if he was just thinking about the approximate age of the character when they first started their journey towards conquering the world then it would fit Daenerys
  17. wasn't Bran only 8 years old at the beginning of asoiaf so he would be a good bit away from twelve and if my memory serves me correctly Daenerys would've been around 13 years old? so my money is on Daenerys being the character George was referring to.
  18. If Westeros were in any way like our world as things ended it wouldn't be long before Gendry or one of his heirs decided they are the ones to rule Westeros. Robert may have been incompetent as a king but he reigned over a peaceful kingdom for nearly 20 years, medieval people are ones to follow tradition and superstition. The first time the council make a controversial decision people would be plotting against them, look at what happened to Daenerys. She didn't enjoy the party at Winterfell and planned to take kingslanding so everyone started saying she was crazy. I don't know why I'm even discussing these things at this point it is a bit like tryin to find meaning in a toddlers crayon drawings.
  19. I think the R+L= J reveal is just one thread in the argument that Bran could've altered the outcome in a way less beneficial to him but that would serve the greater good. I think you can make a compelling argument against Bran based on the shows narrative of course.
  20. The memes were the only thing that cheered me up about this season, If it weren't for the memes we would all have been driven mad, madder than a mad Targaryen on a dragon that's just been offered unconditional surrender.
  21. Dany was right, she did need to break the Wheels of Brans wheelchair right before she killed him because he is pure evil, maybe she had a dragon dream about the nightmarish dystopian future brought about by Bran the broken, the wheelchair that mounts the world.
  22. It doesn't even make sense when you take into account the fact Emilia Clarke had no clue about the twist so she was emoting something completely different, hell who knows what she was emoting. I think it might've been a good idea to let her in on that integral detail of her character at some point I dunno at least 4 seasons previous.
  23. I think D&D did revert to gender stereotypes. I think it is a valid point to make that the majority of the female characters were portrayed as emotionally unstable or crazy at some point and most of the guys were incompetent nitwits that failed upwards
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