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    [Spoilers] EP602

    Overall a good episode. Bran and the Iron Islands is very interesting. Appreciate Balon chose to fight instead of run. And the scene between Tommen and Cersei was very strong. I agree with those who say the quality of the writing has dropped - Tyrion and Varys aren't quite as witty as they used to be. That said, I can't really fault the writers for that. They are on a tight schedule and can't be expected to put out in a couple months what George works on for years. It sucks, but I saw it coming. I don't like the way Roose died. While Ramsay's motivations are totally believable, the fact that any Norther lord, or even the House Bolton foot soldiers, would consolidate behind such an obvious and dangerous psychopath is not. So it's hard for me to beieve the Karstaks, or anyone, would prefer him to Roose. But as Roose said, "If you act like a mad dog..." - I'm sure his lack of political acumen will be his downfall later this season.
  2. gregorio

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    Stannis won't burn Shireen. Someone else might, especially if he falls. Hopefully, if he senses an upcoming defeat, he will send Davos back to the Wall with his heir to fight on. A decision not to burn his daughter might be something the writers do to give Stannis dignity before his possible death.
  3. gregorio

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    From reading the comments, it seems like this is one of those divisive episodes. Some people really hated it while others loved it. I'm on the side that loved it. I think it was the best of the season so far and one of the best in the series. Very well written in my opinion, almost every scene made me feel something, and even though there are a lot of book deviations, it felt thematically true to ASOIAF. I don't mind the "slow-burn." I think it's the character moments, and not the action, that make this story great. I thought Tyrion and Jorah bonding in Valyria and reciting that poem was particularly good, as well as Stannis recognizing Sam's role to play in the series, and encouraging him in his own way. Also continue to love that the show makes us question Dany and Jon's leadership decisions, much as the last two books do. Stannis is the only grown up in this world right now, and unfortunately it looks like his clock is ticking. I think the writers are definitely setting Stannis up to fail. I believe Stannis will win the battle in the village in WoW, but might stumble while trying to take Winterfell or after if the Northern lords turn on him. Even Asha might try something...The show might not want to take the time to put Stannis through a series of battles/obstacles, and consolidate it all into one confrontation, in which he'll lose. It's too bad if that's the case, because I'd like for him to at least get a few wins before he dies.
  4. gregorio

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    On Jojen's vision - I don't believe Meera was asking how Jojen would die. This scene was about Bran's journey, and Meera was essentially asking how that journey would end. I took the fire to mean Bran will face off against Melisandre or the dragons. Or, perhaps, Bran will assist the dragons in burning the white walkers. On Cersei - I was bothered by her scenes until it dawned on me she was manipulating the three judges. Some believe she isn't capable of this level of cunning, but this isn't exactly an example of high cunning. Every child knows how to play nice with someone who has the power to give him or her what they want. Based on the confused looks on the faces of all three of her targets, do you really think they bought her game? And what's the end result for her? Tywin and Oberyn end up playing their own game, completely independent of her manipulation. Her transparent scheming will blow up in her face and that's very much in line with the book.