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  1. GA is not looking good. Warnock is up by just 6% and if that is all due to early voting… I can’t believe Georgians will send that half wit, Walker, to the U.S. senate.
  2. NYT is still projecting “leaning Republican”. You are right, with 53% of the votes in, she is leading by 6%age points. But, her lead has been slowly evaporating. So maybe the counted the Dem counties first.
  3. The callousness of your comment makes me sick. Have you people lost all your humanity?
  4. The Post is reporting I know the polls are not looking favorable for the democrats but I do hope this early voting trend bodes well for them.
  5. How does he “clearly” murder Laenor in the books? Laenor was killed in public in a fair by Ser Qarl. Again, it was Mushroom who suggested that it was Daemon who paid Qarl to kill Laenor.
  6. Ha! I vote in NYC as well. No choice but to vote for Nadler and Schumer. As for governor, I’m not sure how I feel about Hochul but will be voting for her nevertheless.
  7. Early voter turnout is very high. NYT is reporting: “More than 5.5 million people have cast ballots in person or by mail. Experts predict high turnout in the midterm elections… Through the first five days of early voting in Georgia, in-person turnout is up 70 percent compared with turnout in the 2018 midterm elections, according to the secretary of state’s office. In North Carolina, absentee ballot requests are up 114 percent compared with requests in 2018, according to the board of elections. And in Florida, the total early vote is up 50 percent compared with the early vote in 2018.” Is this a good sign for the democrats or have elections changed so much in the recent past that nothing is a predictor anymore?
  8. sounds like something you’d order off a fastfood menu
  9. Her granddaughters’ father is probably #2 on the Green’s hit list. She may not like him but she must see and recognize that. So by association, her granddaughters are at risk. Or does she expect them to disown their father?
  10. Low ratings (if they are really low) won’t matter, Disney committed to tell the story of Andor and the start of the rebellion in two Seasons. Second season is already in development. Does anyone know if Jimmy Smits will appear in the first season?
  11. Since you brought up Mann, I can’t wait for next year’s Ferrari movie.
  12. I’m late to this thread but wanted to say how much I’m enjoying Andor. I’m one of those rare beings that grew up on the OT and also loved the prequels. Although Gilroy is such a different kind of film maker than Lucas, this is the first SW film/ show after the prequels that really worked for me (I hope it stays that way). Maybe also Rogue One… Gilroy was attached to that as well or at least he script doctored parts of it. I just saw a recent YT video on what kind of film maker Lucas was and still is (he never really changed). He always saw movies as a visual medium of storytelling. If anyone cares to watch, I’ve pasted the link below:
  13. yeah didn’t think of that. all those rocks falling when Meleys smashed through a wall of concrete/ stone… not one seemed to land on Rhaenys naked head. I know I’m just nitpicking now… but can’t help it with that idiotic scene.
  14. I do hope so but my strong suspicion is that they will gloss over it as they did Cole’s murder of Joffrey. Maybe they can make the Shepherd or his family a casualty of Meleys destruction. This may give him a backstory for his hate and passion. But I’m not counting on it.
  15. Ah I liked that line. I like how they are portraying Halaena in general… a Cassandra like figure. But as someone previously mentioned the actress playing her looks almost the same age as Olivia Cooke.
  16. I hope they don’t make it a love story like Naerys and Aemon.
  17. Okay within the same post you are contradicting yourself. If Alicent is loyal to Viserys and his wishes her “goal” would not be installing Aegon on the throne. [and all that nonsense of Viserys choosing Aegon on his deathbed is just that — utter nonsense… something the writers came up with to make Alicent more sympathetic. Or is Alicent so dumb to take the ramblings of a dying man high on milk of the poppy literally?] And as the Vaemond fiasco in the last episode showed us Alicent was not being loyal to Viserys’ wishes when she allowed Vaemond to raise the topic of Driftmark’s succession and the legitimacy of Rhaenyra’s children in open court. There were OMG looks between Alicent, Vaemond, and Otto when Viserys walkef into court.
  18. From a narrative stand point, this gives her decision not to kill the Green faction some color. She’s not decided on who she supports and it’s not her war. But then if she thought a bit deeper, her family (through her granddaughters) is nominally aligned with the Blacks and her grand daughters’ lives could be at risk by association. And does she really expect Corlys to sit out the war if he recovers? Again, this gives more context to her decision not to kill the Greens but her busting through like that and in the process killing all those small folk made no sense, when she could have flown her dragon out through one of the normal exits… I’m sure there’s one in the dragonpit. This was just another random spectacle or badass moment simply for the purpose of having one. Condal or Sapochnik stated as much.
  19. But that’s not the Alicent projected until Ep 8. She was part of the small council in the Ep and it seemed to me the rest of the council was taking her direction, at least in the council chamber. She definitely had a voice. And in the last episode, had she not gone along, the coup would not have happened. You said it yourself, there would have been no coup if Alicent didn’t go along with the conspiracy. so what was Otto’s plan B?
  20. I agree. Otto should have had a contingency plan if there was even a slight chance that Alicent would not join them in the coup. I mean otherwise the man comes across as a complete moron. His life’s work and ambitions all thrown away because his daughter that morning decided to fight for her friend’s rights. This is why Alicent not knowing about the coup in advance doesn’t make much sense. How was Otto going to implement this coup if Alicent disagreed with him? What would have been his contingency plan? Lock his daughter and the King’s mother in her chambers?
  21. I doubt the small folk are going to care if the killing of 100s was intentional or not.
  22. Aemond actually says “I’m next in line”. That does not imply he’s usurping Aegon’s rights but his son’s.
  23. Or she could have simply asked the High Septon to step away from the others. I’m sure he’d have no trouble obliging her.
  24. Criston Cole is turning out to be the only true villain in this show with little to no redeeming quality. His motives are a mess. Maybe they’ll show him nudge Aemond into full blown madness.
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