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  1. So I watched the scene again when Ser Erryk picks her up… no armor then. maybe she carries an armor suit on Meleys, who knows. Maybe, I’ll enjoy these shows better if I stop caring about continuity and logical progression in scenes.
  2. As I said above, he would be considered regent until his nephews came of age.
  3. He would be considered regent to the heir until he came of age. Otherwise, he is usurping his nephews’ rights.
  4. But in this case, there is no dispute, right? By male primogeniture, Aegon’s son is next in line after his father. Aemond should have no claim as long as Aegon’s sons live.
  5. Again, another inconsistency. Don’t they remember their script or do they write scenes independent of one another.
  6. If only writers cared more about logic and continuity in the story and stopped trying to make badass moments. Sapochnik states that they wanted a penultimate scene and decided that a dragon let lose is the worst thing that could happen in a coronation. So, they don’t care if that scene makes sense or there’s any logic to it, they just want spectacle and a badass moment for Rhaenys.
  7. Yes, Rhaenys having all the Greens at her mercy and knowing their treachery, it doesn’t make much sense that she leaves them alive (especially since she had no qualms killing all those plebs). Are they going to show her regretting that decision. Condal (in Inside the Ep) calls it a complex choice, one that viewers may not agree with. He got that right. Viewers won’t agree with it coz it doesn’t make much sense. He also says Rhaenys’ sympathy for the mother in Alicent, stays her hand or her rather her dragon. But that doesn’t make sense either. She’s wise enough to know that her decision not to toast them will lead to civil war and many mothers losing their kids. And why is she in all armor. Is that how she left her room?
  8. The lighting again is off. Everything is so dark.
  9. Although I did not like Peter Jackson’s LOTR movies with the exception of Fellowship of the Ring, I must admit, the Elves were portrayed as ethereal and other worldly.
  10. This version of Galadriel should just give up and go to Valinor. It would be better for middle earth.
  11. Tolkien was emulating mythological prose with arch characters and storylines. And myth will sound “cheesy” to the modern reader with a lot of poems and ballads. Chest pumping lines and incessant introductions of peoples names, titles, glorious deeds and courage is a common thing in mythologies. So are overtly expressive phrases. After all, Tolkien was an Oxford professor and a philologist. I’m sure he could have written a non “cheesy” book if he wanted to.
  12. Will Judge Loose Cannon now resign in shame? Wishful thinking I guess.
  13. Yes can’t wait to see Beesbury’s defiance and speech. He should call them all treasonous traitors. I suspect the old man is going to have a huge fan following after the next episode.
  14. I just rewatched the episode and to me the scene where Daemon helps Viserys up the steps (he say’s “Come On”) and then places the crown back on Viserys head is so moving. There was love between these brothers but the lost years spent on anger and mistrust was such a shame. That scene just showed what this relationship could have been. Matt Smith perfectly captures the pain Daemon feels in seeing his brother so sick.
  15. Ser Harrold Westerling appears to be still alive and Lord Commander on the show [or is this something they are going to gloss over and hope the audience forget about him]. Are they going to show he goes to Dragonstone with Darklyn or is Cole going to kill him in Ep 9?
  16. Yes, the whole thing did not play out well. Seems like an attempt to trick the viewer. So what are they trying to imply? Alicent (the one who tells her son his life is forfeit if his sister becomes queen) would have accepted a Queen Rhaenyra if not for Viserys deathbed rambling?
  17. Okay, from this episode it seems like Rhaenyra believes Laenor was murdered. So she was not in on the fake death plan? This is odd.
  18. The show need not spell out everything but there needs to be an organic progression of things, which in this case there isn’t. The last we see of Otto is Viserys viewing him as someone who is undermining his daughter and heir and possibly even him. I get it, years have passed and Viserys is not the same but he has even more reason to be suspicious of Otto’s motives now, knowing that his daughter and wife don’t get along. And to me, despite the time jumps in the show, there is no sense/ feeling that several years have passed.
  19. Ah! I missed that. Still, strange not to have mentioned his existence as yet.
  20. But isn’t it too late in the game to introduce Daeron? Even if he’s squiring in Oldtown, seems to me it’s a bit of a stretch not to have mentioned him as yet. Can they really introduce another prince in Season 2 with no mention of his existence. Don’t know how that would play out.
  21. Okay did I miss something? When does Sauron appear in TROP?
  22. You didn’t miss much just them showing Daemon killing the guard. I guess everyone (including myself) is inferring from that scene that Daemon was in on the fake death plot. But you could be right and the showrunners probably didn’t intend it that way.
  23. Was the phrase ever used in AGOT? So in the show universe, it may not necessarily mean torture. And as a previous poster stated, judging by everyone else’s reaction to Rhaenyra’s statement, it didn’t come across as her asking for the kid to be tortured. I would think there would be gasps in the room and a look of horror on Viserys’ face if that is what it meant.
  24. I have no idea what you are rambling about as usual. My liking a comment has what to do with what?? As I posted after Ep 2, I didn’t like the fact that they made Alicent much younger and Rhaenyra’s confidant and best friend as then they would have had to show a pretty convincing falling out between the two, which they didn’t. And Alicent’s shift to conniving, ambitious operator on the show was poorly executed. Weren’t you the one after episode 4 that stated “Rhaenyra fans are crumbling”. From you past posts, it seems like you are having a hissy fit that your head canon is not coming to pass.
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