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  1. Then say the show is inconsistent with their characterizations, not Rhaenyra is “whitewashed”. The Rhaenyra we are getting now in the show is more or less the book version so you can’t say she’s being whitewashed. The term implies the character in the show is changed to be better than her book version, which is not the case here.
  2. Yeah that made no sense. I stopped looking for consistency in the show. It did however seem to me that they were implying that Daemon was in on the “fake your murder and run away” plot
  3. The focus on Rhaenyra’s blood and Aegon’s dagger (if that was Aegon’s dagger) could imply that Rhaenyra’s blood will rule and eventually fulfill “the prince that was promised” prophecy.
  4. How do they get away with such lying and hypocrisy? I do hope Dearie doesn’t give them an inch. “Trump objects to verifying list of property seized from Florida estate - court filing https://www.reuters.com/legal/trump-objects-verifying-list-property-seized-florida-estate-court-filing-2022-09-29/
  5. This debate about hair color and genetics in Martin’s world is pointless. As several posts have stated before, Rhaenyra’s kids paternity should not matter because her husband, her father, her in laws… people it directly affects or are of significance will stand by her and her kids. As long as they do not question or dispute the kids legitimacy, the point is moot. The point people should be taking umbrage with is why Martin (or rather the show) allows Alicent to make such accusations with no consequence or repercussions. Viserys is weak but Lyonel or others can advice the King that his queen is bordering on treason by spreading such rumors about his daughter and heir, and it endangers the safety of the realm. In Ned’s case, he is not acting out of self-interest (Alicent is a hypocrite and is doing all this not out of some higher purpose but to place her son on the throne). Even so, we don’t know how Robert would have reacted if he was given this information. For all we know, he would have shrugged it off and Ned would have had to drop the accusation. It’s Ned’s assumption that Robert would have hurt Cersei and kids. Stannis, otoh, is afraid to bring this to Robert on his own. I see the two situations as very different. One where we have a king who loves his daughter and will not entertain the rumors about her and her kids; whereas another case where we have a king who dislikes his wife and may be entertaining thoughts of getting rid of her. Moreover in the first instance, the husband of the princess does not dispute his paternity. So Alicent’s accusations as I said before borders on treason. I do hope Viserys in the next episode loudly threatens anyone with their tongues being removed if they question the kids paternity/ legitimacy. The issue I have is why was Harwin dismissed. He and his father could have told the king that he attacked Cole because the douchebag made derogatory comments questioning the princess virtue. And Lyonel has the king’s trust and ear.
  6. The Special Master actually told Trump’s lawyers “you can’t have your cake and eat it”. Wow!
  7. DoJ appeals Judge Canon’s ruling: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/16/us/politics/trump-special-master-justice-dept.html What are the chances of winning the appeal with the 11th Circuit?
  8. This comment on twitter made me burst out laughing: ”So do they call the gazpacho police if there is a wonton killing?”
  9. I am well aware the book is based on unreliable sources. I’m not saying or expecting her to be a scheming seductress but making her best friends with Rhaenyra and and a confidant and sympathetic to Rhaenyra is over kill. They can make the character nuanced without any of these additions.
  10. My favorite so far is Rhaenyra. I do dislike how they are whitewashing Alicent and why in the hell does Viserys not tell Rhaenyra that he has decided on Alicent when he’a having the “need to marry again” conversation with her. Rhaenyra seems to understand and sympathize with his predicament. That was badly done.
  11. Did anyone see the similarity in Viserys “Promise me Rhaenyra, promise me” and Lyanna’s “Promise me Ned, promise me”? Was it just a coincidence or intentional?
  12. Prolly becoz they knew the Fed’s large interest rate hike today would overshadow everything else in the news.
  13. A NYT piece that states the same… leak likely from a supporter of overturning RvW. Limited clicks so pasting part of piece.
  14. Full script of Biden’s speech at WH Correspondents’ dinner: https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/01/politics/transcript-joe-biden-white-house-correspondents-dinner/index.html
  15. Have you even read the books? Seeing the bolded it makes me think you haven’t. Or perhaps you skipped the Jon chapters? Slynt was not killed as an act of vengeance but for insubordination, which is a capital crime in a medieval military setting which was exactly what the NW is meant to represent.
  16. Totally agree. D&D’s story (prolly their general view of the real world) was nihilistic — any virtue or good deed does not matter in the end. In fact, it only dooms the person. You can only win through corruption and deceit. Sandra who in their story is supposed to be LF 2.0 (although Book!LF would disown Sandra in a millisecond) gets WF.
  17. I don’t think the books/ author is stating or implying morality (or good morals) is stupid. That is a very simply reading of the text and that’s what D&D got terribly wrong. Through Ned’s character, GRRM is implying naiveté and trusting others to abide by a moral code that you hold is stupid. Ned’s failure was not being able to recognize the extent of guile and depravity in others. In addition, GRRM is stating that leaders will be faced with tough choices and will sometimes have to be ruthless in their decision making (that is why good men do not always make good leaders). In the case of Ned, had he listened to Renly and separated Cersei from her children, he may have come out the winner but the act was too ruthless for him and he underestimated the lengths Cersei would go to stay in power. And IIRC, nowhere in the books, do any of the Stark children or Jon Snow mock Ned’s morals. Perhaps Arya is upset and angry but I don’t remember her mocking Ned.
  18. I believe they were aware about how much the book fans hated their interpretation but they just didn’t give a damn. They were so full of themselves and their brilliance that they couldn’t be bothered.
  19. It appeared to me that everyone on that stage knew and felt that they didn’t deserve it. I’m sure the technicians and actors worked hard but you don’t win awards for effort. They all probably realize the finished product was a mess and nowhere near award worthy. In the earlier part of the Emmys, they had the lead actors of GOT on stage presenting or introducing an award or a show (don’t remember what it was) and that felt really awkward and forced.
  20. Yeah I think they did call him by his full name. I remember something about one of them asking where he is on the stage and then thanking. maybe it was genuine but something about it felt odd to me.
  21. D&D were always amateurs and it showed in the earlier seasons when they wrote their own plots or lines. The Ross subplot (a prostitute with a heart that also served as Basel exposition) is an example. As long as they had book material, they were able to cover up their lack of writing skills through relying on plot and dialogue from Martin. But beginning with S5 they thought they could do better than Martin and decided to go it alone. And then the curtains were drawn and we got Dorne and bad pussy. They got by for so long because of the hype and fan following the show garnered after the Red Wedding.
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