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  1. Martin, at some point, began justifying to himself that his characters are different from the ones on the show (lol, yeah he didn’t bother to use his Scarlett analogy this time), and therefore what D&D shows won’t matter in the end. However, I don’t know how well that translates to the general audience and the wider readership. D&D’s characters have become canon to so many. Nevertheless, him mentioning Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion being different from his, gives me some hope. But I agree with you that his statement about pleasing himself and not the wider readership is not very promising, at least not if he wants his books to stand the test of time and gain several generations of readership like LOTR has. IIRC, in the interview, he also mentioned something about the theories people have about the show’s ending — some of which are correct and some of which are not. Again, I agree, nothing substantial from him, but if I were to be optimistic, I would say that it may imply that there’s some tidbits from the show we can take as canon, the rest is D&D’s version. This is me trying to make some sense of that monstrosity and hoping that Martin finishes the books and when he does, I’ll have a smile on my face. Martin has gotten so very comfortable with his arrangement with HBO that he won’t do or say anything to jeopardize that relationship. However, unless and until Martin has the courage to call a spade a spade or manages to finish the books, we are left with speculating about his vague and cryptic statements.
  2. Link to Martin’s recent interview with the Guardian: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/books/2019/aug/18/george-rr-martin-interview-game-of-thrones-at-own-pace-now Hmm... some of his statements are very interesting to say the least. There’s a sense of nostalgia and melancholy for the good old days in him. ETA: He singled out St. Tyrion being different from his Tyrion.
  3. Yes, I noticed that too. Just another smug comment from them. No doubt Benioff was the recipient of a good liberal arts education (the best money can buy), although what he actually studied or gained from it is debatable.
  4. Yeah you are probably right that he is being factual but considering what a train wreck S8 was, it seems a bit strange that he’s making the effort to remark (factual or otherwise) on the shows achievements. He even has a special shout-out for those hacks... it seems a bit strange for him to do that if he really hated the way they butchered his work. I understand Martin has to keep the suits at HBO happy considering he’s still working with them. Alan Moore didn’t want his name on any of the adaptations of his work, and rightly so considering how awful most of them were. He took the money but didn’t want the association. And as @divica said, considering Martin’s criticism of the ending of Lost, even indirectly acknowledging that abomination is somewhat hypocritical of him. ETA: Again, I’m probably reading too much into it, and it’s quite natural for him to be appreciative and congratulate the cast and crew, but somehow reading that post of his, I also feel he’s making an effort to calm the storm and acknowledge D&D for their work.
  5. Martin’s recent Not a Blog post on the Emmy nominations that GOT received is a bit troubling. I guess it’s natural that he’s excited for the cast and crew but these words of his give me pause: His effusive praise of the travesty gives me a bad feeling. Maybe I’m over thinking things.
  6. Netflix’s business model is already losing money. Now they have shelled out millions on two hacks whose facade is broken. Whereas, Amazon got Nolan and his wife for $150mm, and I think that’s a much better deal.
  7. @It_spelt_Magalhaes They signed with Netflix. Thank the old Gods and the new for that. They were looking to get their grubby hands on the LOTR at Amazon.
  8. Yeah he’s noticeably silent. The guy is smart enough to know that the whole thing is a mess. I’m sure the others also realize that, but the difference with Dinklage is that he probably has more clout and does not care about keeping D&D or HBO happy.
  9. Yeah I wouldn’t blame Dinklage... considering how awful the script is, he did a half decent job. All their asides are cheap and juvenile. It just goes to show what amateurs they are... complete hacks. As to GRRM’s ideas, he told them that Bran becomes God-King in the end, the how and why I believe he left out. They have no clue what Bran’s actual powers are or what his motives are — is he a benevolent presence, or is he indifferent, or even worse are his intentions and motives more nefarious? Instead, they have him referred to as the weird kid by Tyrion and leave it at that. Their version of an omniscient being is someone that is weird, manipulative, acts like he’s on some sort of trippy psychedelic drug, be totally emotionless, and say weird freaky shit that makes no sense to the in-world characters or the audience, and then rule the world because St. Tyrion says so.
  10. OMG! what a load of crap. I want to shoot St. Tyrion and then spit on his corpse, and I actually like Tyrion in the books. Can any character be more annoying? And then there’s poor dumb as f#%k Jon who still believes in his queen despite her just having burned alive a million people. Burned corpses of little children won’t make loyal Jon turn against his queen but 2 mins of pep talk from St. Tyrion will. I want to scream. And anyone noticed that the two morons don’t even bother explaining Bran’s motive or his powers. He’s watching a bug crawl up his sleeve while St. Tyrion is pitching his candidacy, that’s all the description we get about God-King Bran. I suppose bugs and beetles are D&D’s way of describing the unexplainable. More and more I’m convinced that they were clueless about most of the story after they ran out of book material, and GRRM gave them very little information in their sit down with him.
  11. Most people with half a brain see what a shitfest GoT turned out to be. However, HBO and the actors (I know they are probably asked to do it) wants the audience to ignore plot holes the size of the moon, the absence of logic in character arcs, the incoherence and inconsistencies, the juvenile and distasteful dialogue and scenes, and the complete absence of good storytelling and just focus on the fact that the crew and actors worked so hard and passionately. As if this will somehow magically wave away the GoT nightmare and make things right. So, we should just forget how bad the show was and appreciate the effort, competence and skills be damned. It’s like saying give a kid who failed a test full marks because he/she studied so hard. If all filmmakers and studios began to state this, critics and audiences would rate all shows/movies A+.
  12. The Emmys were always meaningless awards given to popular shows. It’s always been a farce, nothing but pageantry. They need to increase their viewership and GOT (no matter how much it sucks) will do that for them. But for that, they could have nominated the actors and technicians. Giving the writing nomination to incompetents such as D&D goes beyond ridiculous. Especially now, considering TV has a lot of talented writers who will be part of the academy and able to vote. I can’t imagine people like David Chase, or Matt Weiner nominating D&D.
  13. It may not make sense to you but that is what is stated in the books. There’s no ambiguity there. The books also state that the IB will have its dues. If a ruler defaults on his/her debts, the IB is known to support a competing claimant expecting the competing claimant to honor the crown’s debt. This is exactly what they are doing with Stannis. If Stannis does not agree to their terms, he does not get the loan from the IB, it’s as simple as that. No loan, no money to hire sellswords, or pay and feed his men. Stannis needs the money the IB has to offer to stand any chance of winning the IT, and in order to do that, he has no choice but to accept their terms. If Bran or whoever wants to rebuild the seven Kingdoms and needs to borrow from the IB to do so, the IB will exact the same price based on how we know the IB operates in the books. If another King claims the throne and does not require any loan from the IB, and refuses to pay the crown’s debts incurred under the previous regime, the text is very clear that the IB will fund and support a competing claimant, thereby jeopardizing the new King’s position. That’s exactly what they are doing with Cersei/Tommen.
  14. The Northerns desire for independence stemmed from the fact that the Lannister King killed their Lord and they didn’t want to bend the knee to the Lannister. The North’s desire for independence after that is non-existent until Jon is declared King. Even then, there’s no indication that the North or Jon would not be amiable to being part of Westeros if they had the right King/Queen. Sansa’s sudden desire for an independent North is D&D’s way of showing she’s empowered and her last stance on wanting independence for the North when a son of Ned is proclaimed the King of Westeros is downright ridiculous and laughable.
  15. I didn’t state that the antagonist should be a villain. Neither do I know if Dany will go genocidal or be perceived as such by Westeros. My point was that if she does, BookJon will need no manipulation or prodding from Tyrion’s part to stop Dany, even if that means killing her. As to the remaining Starks wanting independence for the North, that I think is a show only thing. D&D had to create conflict between Dany and the Starks and resorted to this poorly conceived plot. I don’t think in the books, if Dany saves the North and Westeros from a WW attack, the remaining Starks are suddenly going to ask for independence. That would put the Starks in a very poor light. There has to be another reason. Dany disputing Jon’s stronger claim could be one possible reason for the Starks to dislike her. If the Starks are to triumph in the end, they can’t end up looking conniving, ungrateful, and hypocritical. We need to feel they earned their dues and kept their scruples. In the show, the Starks’ triumph is empty and I even disliked the three remaining Starks, although BookArya is one my favorite characters, and I like Bran quite a bit. So no, I don’t think GRRM is going to show the Starks ganging up against Dany just for an independent North, and especially if she sacrificed so much to save the realm.
  16. Like I said GRRM chooses his words very carefully. In that EW interview, he mentioned that he told D&D a number of things years ago, some of which they did do. Why state “years ago” unless he wants to make the point that he had nothing to do with the show in more recent seasons. He even uses the word “strange” to describe the last three seasons. Of course, he won’t come out and publicly criticize them because he wants to keep the bosses at HBO happy, and I suppose GRRM realizes that D&D (for all their flaws and stupidity) is the reason that his books are now part of global pop culture. As to what D&D did do from what GRRM told them years ago, Dany becoming the antagonist is a sure one, although I don’t think she’s zigzagging above the streets of KL incinerating each street and its inhabitants one by one (that was such a stupid scene, especially since she was giving time for Cersei to escape). Another likely plot point that GRRM told them was Jon killing Dany. The circumstances of how that will happen will not be as those dimwits showed. And if Dany has gone genocidal, I don’t think Jon will need any manipulation or coaxing from Tyrion to act. I don’t believe we are getting “Duh she’s my Queen forever Jon” in the books. And I also think GRRM will somehow tie the Nissa Nissa prophesy to Jon killing Dany somehow. Perhaps the most important plot point that GRRM told D&D is Bran becoming King in the end. Bran as King is not something D&D came up with, although why they honored this plot point from GRRM while discarding or rewriting so many others, I do not know. I honestly don’t know how GRRM is going to make this work and have a believable and satisfying story. He needs Bran to do something so visibly powerful and be publicly declared the savior of Westeros for Bran to get accepted as King. Or another possible way would be for Jon to give the throne to Bran and walk away. I don’t know.
  17. Did anyone see this EW article? https://www.google.com/amp/s/ew.com/tv/2019/07/15/george-rr-martin-game-thrones-fan-reactions/amp/ Hibberd (HBO and D&D’s mouthpiece) is trying to sell the story as fan reaction of the show won’t change GRRM’s planned ending. But GRRM not changing the ending based on fans figuring things out is nothing new, he’s been saying that for years. What I found surprising is this quote from GRRM:
  18. So now it seems like Miguel Sapochnik is dissing D&D. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.avclub.com/game-of-thrones-director-miguel-sapochnik-talks-getting-1835515287/amp The real stories are slowly coming out. Wouldn’t blame anyone who would want to distance themselves from the travesty.
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