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  1. Anyone with two brain cells would have put more thought into that ridiculous scene. My 10-yr old cousin could come up with a better scene. Instead we have D&D give us Tyrion (who is reviled and distrusted in the seven kingdoms) putting forth Bran’s name because he has the best story.
  2. So there’s an interview with the actor who played the unnamed Prince of Dorne, and he’s just as confused as us on this thread as to how Bran got elected King of Westeros.
  3. I’m so tired of people reducing the book’s sole purpose to subverting/destroying tropes. If that’s all that mattered to Martin, his story would be terrible and would eventually become predictable and meaningless. What he does, and does well, is introduce elements of reality to character tropes. So whether it be the protagonist or the antagonist, we as readers get to hear their thoughts, understand their motivations, fears, and justifications. This makes these characters more real and we can empathize with them more than the standard fantasy hero/villain. As to Ned dying in the first book, this was perhaps a shock to a lot of readers, but if you take the series as a whole, he was never the protagonist. He was the father figure in fantasy/ mythology whose death/ failure is the impetus needed to develop the characters of his kids/ prodigies. His death is required to set the story in motion and to set up the growth in the character arcs of the actual protagonists. And that’s exactly what Martin gave us. Martin has said on several occasions that he loses interest in a story if he knows the ending and he likes to surprise the reader, but he’s also said his story should flow organically. If all he cared about was subverting tropes and readers expectations, his story wouldn’t be very good and would be rather meaningless. Martin is smart enough to know that hope is a central theme in fantasy/mythical storytelling and he is writing fantasy after all, despite how much people would like to argue otherwise.
  4. I think the above X+L=J is what @Lord Aegon The Compromiser is arguing. He/she is arguing that GRRM’s question to D&D was not who Jon’s parents were but who Jon’s mum was? So, by stating that D&D’s answer of Lyanna was right, GRRM is only confirming the identity of Jon’s mum and not his dad.
  5. The morons even had her say that she would have stayed a little bird all her life had LF and Ramsay not been in her life. I guess the repeated rapes and torture at the hands of Ramsay was just what Sansa needed to grow up. Ugh! Book!Sansa is not one of my favorite characters but I do not dislike the character and I do enjoy reading her chapters. Sansa, in the books, still has a long way to go before she can convincingly take on LF. When Martin shows Sansa come into her own and take down LF (I’m pretty certain she’ll be the one to do it), I’m sure we’ll clearly see and appreciate the transition in Sansa. It won’t be anything like the travesty the dimwits showed in S7. Oh yes, LF is another character D&D ruined to make their Sansa arc work. I would also add Jon to this list, but then again, D&D ruined Jon’s character long before Sansa and Jon were merged into the same storyline. Show!Sansa from S5-S8 was terrible and hard to watch. First, with her rape and victimization (like Joffrey wasn’t enough to drive sense into her), then, by turning the victim into an arrogant, self-serving, whiny, inconsistent character — D&D’s version of a strong woman I guess. Apart from filling the granaries, scheming, and sewing, what does the QitN know about ruling I wonder. And oh yes, she also believes in taking away lands from kids and making them homeless due to the sins of their fathers. Yeah, one helluva queen she’ll make.
  6. “Maybe” being the key word in this sentence. The dimwits thought they were creating suspense and intrigue by giving two lines to Bran in the finale which vaguely alludes to him having had known/planned things. Well I guess they succeeded somewhat judging from all the fan theories that ensued, nevermind that D&D did not bother to explain Bran’s powers/abilities and only had him come back from a one season hiatus to spout ridiculous one-liners and say he’s not Brandon Stark anymore, and zone out like he was high or something. If you theorize, based on the show, that Bran can see the future and planned the eventual outcome, then you’ll have to also assume that Bran is either evil or indifferent to human suffering. He either manipulated events that led to the death of a million people or he was indifferent to their deaths and did not try and prevent it. Either way he’s a terrible person and not fit to rule. And let’s not forget kinslaying universally reviled Tyrion’s 5 minute speech that convinced rulers of kingdoms that have always wanted their independence that Bran was the best person to rule Westeros because he had the best story. I wonder how Bran managed that? Did he warg Tyrion and the rest of the council? How was wise and omniscient Bran so sure of this outcome? So does this mean that not only can Bran see the future but he can have people act the way he wants them to? Up until that point Bran hadn’t interacted with the so called Prince of Dorne. How was he sure that this unnamed prince would be convinced by Tyrion’s ridiculous argument? Trying to understand and make sense of this travesty is a pointless exercise. There are so many unanswered questions, and the assumptions and suspension of disbelief one has to make for D&D’s story to make sense is astounding. It’s always good to leave some things to the readers/viewers imagination, but I doubt that was D&D’s intent when they wrote the final season — subtlety is not part of their writing style, but large amounts of exposition definitely is. In regards to Bran especially, they had no clue how to develop his character or explain his power or the magic that governs it and that’s the reason why Bran the Broken makes no sense. In the books, if GRRM takes the King Bran route, I do hope he’ll tie things together in a way that Bran being the God Emperor makes sense. To me, King Bran can only make sense if Bran is the recognized saviour of humanity and his powers become public knowledge. In this case, a Grand Council that convenes after several years of winter and desolation could elect an older Bran as King. Or else, another King/Queen who recognizes Bran’s powers appoints Bran his/her successor. I remember GRRM stating as recently as last year that several people will take the throne before the end, so perhaps Bran will take the throne because he is named another’s heir. If GRRM ends up showing an 11-year old Bran taking the crown through subterfuge and manipulation and in the process allowing thousands to die, I’ll probably trash every book I have of his. That would truly be the most meaningless and nihilistic ending.
  7. To me, canon is what is shown or described, everything else is speculation. If you look up the etymology of the word, it comes from references to the scriptures in the Bible. The word canonical was used to differentiate scriptures in the Bible from the non-canonical apocryphal writings. Now, can one speculate that Bran manipulated the series of events to get to an outcome where he is King so as to make the pile of rubbish make sense? Sure, one can speculate and theorize that that is probably what happened but that does not change the fact that Bran got elected because Tyrion convinced the Lords and Ladies of Westeros that Bran is the perfect candidate in a 5 minute speech. Any speculation on Bran’s motives or scheming does not nullify this event. By showing this event, D&D made it show!canon as to the manner in which Bran was chosen to be King. Further, they failed to show any scheming on Bran’s part, instead they had him sit motionless spouting nonsensical and weird one-liners. D&D probably thought they were being brilliant with the two lines Bran uttered in the finale, one to Tyrion and the other to Jon. To me, all that seemed like was that D&D didn’t know what they were doing with Bran’s character — they couldn’t fully understand Bran’s powers and didn’t know what to show or how to show it, and so decided to throw random concepts together and see if anything stuck. If they meant to show Bran as something akin to the God Emperor in Dune, they failed at that as well.
  8. You can think or believe what you want. I refuted your argument because it is a only a theory and is not based on the facts of the show. You are well within your rights to dismiss RLJ just as I'm within my rights to argue for the theory. Similarly, I can dismiss your theory (and it's only a theory) that Bran schemed to get the throne on the show and dismiss your entire premise connecting GRRM's statement on a 12-year old conquering the world with events that transpired on the show. We are going in circles here and this is the last response I make to you on this topic.
  9. I have no idea what you mean. I never once disputed Bran being the 3EC. You compared Bran getting the IT on the show to a statement by Martin where he states that he has given up the 5 year time jump and if that means a 12 year conquers all the world so be it. To which I stated that Bran conquers nothing on the show as the IT was given to him because Tyrion made a ridiculous argument about Bran having the best story. You then linked to some fan’s video and used that as proof for your argument as there’s nothing on the show that indicates anything remotely to Bran conquering anything. All your Bran scheming are just theories at this at this points, attempts by fans like you to make sense of that travesty. But hey if it makes you feel better than you won this debate, go ahead knock yourself out. You can expand the definition all you want, on the show, Bran does NO conquering either by word or deed. You theorizing and speculating thus doesn’t make it so. Earth year or Westeros year, in 5 book, all the characters have aged by only 2 years at most. Again, you can twist the facts to suit your narrative doesn’t make it so. And I’ll believe Bran becoming King came straight from Martin when he himself confirms it.
  10. Again, you go on about how popular some theory is. For the umpteenth time, I don’t care for the popularity of a theory that fans came up with to make sense of D&D’s senseless plot. In the show Bran does not conquer anything, he got the throne because Tyrion said so. If you can show me where in the show they show Bran “conquering” (which is what GRRM said), I’ll say you have a point. As of now you don’t, so no point in repeating some theory that people came up to make sense of the nonsense which is the show. As to your reference to a beauty pageant, you are not far off as on the show that’s somewhat how they showed Bran getting the throne. He wasn’t the most beautiful or talented, but he had the best story. And it’s hard to see how Bran will be 12 in the next two books. He started the books as a 7 year old and in 5 books he has aged by 2 years. I don’t think in the next two books GRRM is going to make time work differently and have Bran miraculously age to 12. If Martin isn’t doing to do a time jump, the most I can see Bran being is 11, that is if you stretch it. This is why I said your quote about a conquering 12 year old will make more sense for Arya, considering her current age in the books.
  11. Your video is a fan’s interpretation. I’ll stick with what D&D actually showed. What they showed was the most moronic way a bunch of people who rule the kingdoms agreed to have a total unknown character upto that point become king. I don’t care if fans want to see some hidden scheming on Bran’s part, point is its Tyrion who convinced the council to elect Bran with his ridiculous 5 minute speech. Like I said, unless Bran warged all those people, my point stands — he was elected king because he had the best story.
  12. Minority/majority view I don’t care. Bran didn’t utter a word or do a thing. He got the throne because all the dumb Lords/Ladies of Westeros were convinced by incompetent kinslaying Tyrion’s 5 minute speech. Unless you are telling me Bran warged Tyrion and the rest of the people on the council, D&D showed Bran getting the throne because he had the best story.
  13. I didn’t been to be offensive, and if in using the word “deluded” I offended you, my apologies. I still however stand by my argument that there is absolutely no textual hints to a Jon/Sansa romance. And I’ve seen all the so called evidence provided by the Jonsa fanbase. The Jonsa ship started mainly on the show forum and many old timers on this forum who have been hardcore Sansa fans never subscribed to this theory and still don’t.
  14. And why do you think he means Bran when he says twelve-year old? Bran is currently nine in the books, and Arya is 11. The 12-year old could be Arya? It seems like Arya will more likely be 12 in the next books than Bran. That statement has no correlation to Bran sitting the throne. And if you recall, in the show Bran conquers nothing, Westeros was handed to him because he had the best story.
  15. OMG! keep deluding yourself about Jonsa. As for Dany, people on this site (myself included) saw her turn to dark Dany happening almost a decade ago. No great insight there. In terms of Sansa, I still believe, her show arc is D&D’s fanfic and retcon for all the flak they got for giving her Jeyne Poole’s storyline from the books. We’ll just have to wait and see how things will turn out for Sansa in TWOW.
  16. Funny how I see its about 10 people saying that show and books will align Most people are somewhere in the middle — they see that some of the characters will have similar endings, others will not. Besides, almost everyone agrees that GRRM’s story will be far superior to what those hacks came up with. In fact, you should check out the video posted by this site’s administrators, and they’ve been working with GRRM pretty closely from the beginning.
  17. And I’ve never been convinced with any of your arguments. Correct me if I’m wrong, weren’t you also a proponent of Jonsa? I guess that theory is out the window now considering the happenings in the show? Or isn’t it? Well, we are not going to agree, so cheers!
  18. Your post is full of holes. If you believe D&D’s version of the Others being completely defeated, then there can’t be a NW. The NW was a militant order whose purpose was to protect the realm of men. It wasn’t set up as a penal colony. No need for such an order considering the WWs don’t exist and the Wildlings are this side of the Wall. So no NW for Jon to go back to. GRRM is not stupid or sloppy enough to keep the NW going once it has served its purpose. Either the WW threat continue to exist and the NW exists or the WWs are completely destroyed (as in the show) and NW ceases to exists. You can’t have it both ways. Even stupid D&D couldn’t explain why it still exists so they had show!Jon ask the dumb question as to whether it still exists. And I’m more certain than ever before that Rickon will survive and be Lord of WF. Sansa will probably act as his regent. Davos will find Rickon and the North will rally behind him through Manderly. No one is grasping at straws as you say because they don’t like the ending of their favorite characters, people are shaking their heads in disbelief because there’s no narrative way that the things in the books are going to end up like in the show. Firstly, the show is third-grade writing at best, and the way things are currently in the books GRRM will have to make major leaps in the characters’ arcs to get them where they in the show at the end. An 11 yr old is not going to be “elected” king of anything, let alone the 7 kingdoms and neither is a 13 yr old going to captain a ship and explore the high seas. You seem to have a very defeatist and hopeless view of how the books will turn out. In fact you even think that GRRM will not finish the books. I, and many others, think that GRRM will find a way to make the books satisfying to a lot of his readers and will finish the books if he stays healthy and alive for a few more years. If he does make Bran king in the end, it will be in a manner that is convincing and organic.
  19. I can find just as many clues to Arya being queen (if not more) — Arya’s wolf is named after a Queen after all and not just “Lady”. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to argue Arya will end up queen.
  20. Actually I can. And based on Elio and Linda’s recent video — two people I believe know GRRM pretty well — I seem to think that GRRM might not end the storylines of several characters as the show did. Bran might become king somehow if GRRM shows an epilogue where time has passed (his 5 year jump). I don’t see it happening without sufficient time having elapsed.
  21. If Bran gives the North it’s independence, the Iron Islands and Dorne will stake their claims. I can’t imagine Dorne that fought the IT when the Targs had dragons not wanting independence. Also, if the population of Dorne is to be decimated, then there won’t be much left in Westeros, and definitely not the North. Sansa could end up ruling the Vale, that’s more what I see for her. And if GRRM keeps Rickon alive, which is looking more likely to me, she could be regent to him in the North. But in QitN when a Stark sits the IT is beyond stupid and baffling.
  22. I don’t where these loads and loads of foreshadowing for her becoming queen in the books are. I agree she will have a more central role to play and can see her ruling the Vale but not the North, not in the books. As for being Robb’s heir, she isn’t currently in the books. We know that Robb disinherited her in the books. Now could things change in future books, perhaps but as it currently stands she has no claim to the North based on Robb’s will, which was witnessed by many of the Northern lords.
  23. C’mon you are completely ignoring GRRM’s recent blog. He’s being very cagey in it, more so than he’s ever been. And you are forgetting one of his most important quotes that he writes like a gardener and seldom plans things out. As to him knowing the endings of the major characters since the 90s, we know that the story in his initial draft and the books turned out very different. If you go by that, Sansa isn’t even a central character let alone end up QitN. He will finish the books now as his legacy depends on it. The show will be eventually forgotten probably much sooner seeing the hate the last season received. GRRM is a smart person, he won’t want his legacy or story’s ending defined by that abomination.
  24. You’re smarter than this You really think Bran is going to be King of Westeros and Sansa QitN? All the other kingdoms are going to shut up and accept this? None of them are going to claim independence for their own kingdoms? And the dumb Northerners are going to be fine being ruled by Sansa when Ned’s eldest living son rules the rest of the kingdoms?
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