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    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    I have been secretly hoping for a while that Henry Cavill will dump DC/Superman and become the new Wolverine. He's the only person I can see doing it.
  2. Yeah that's how I saw it. They had to out-do the books and make it completely nonsensical.
  3. oh lol, yall are talking about the Dragonpit at KL. In F&B that shit was completely destroyed and it had a roof that caved in. So the setting on the show made no sense, and of course the Dragons were the best fighters against the army of the dead and Tyrion killed one with his VERY STPUID IDEA TO BRING A ZOMBIE TO KL!!!!!
  4. Suzanna Stormborn

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    It's on track to get over 1 Billion. Happy days.
  5. They are just taking the place of Victarion as a vehicle to get Dany to Westeros. The show doesn't waste any seconds with further explanations.
  6. 'Unsullied Show watchers' refers to people who watch but do not read. So no, they did not buy the books. And everything else you said is far too negative and I completely disagree, why would he publish 11 chapters of a book he will never complete? And lol to this series going out of fashion. That is a ridiculous statement. LOTR sold 150 million and it came out in 1945-55 long before books were made into TV series. Wheel of Time sold like 85 million and has never been on TV. You're reasoning here is very biased.
  7. Where are you getting that fact about 'the majority dont expect him to finish'? You really don't intend to read WoW even if it came out this Christmas? forgive me but then why would you even care enough to comment on this website? idk that makes no sense to me.
  8. the vast majority of what people? Unsullied show watchers? I never expected them to read anyway. 90 million ppl worldwide have read/bought asoiaf, when WoW gets published that number will surpass LOTR as the number 1 Adult Fantasy series of all time. (HP is not 'Adult Fantasy') Not exactly what you would call 'niche'. Millions more people will buy WoW than even bought DwD, as the numbers keep increasing from book to book.
  9. Yeah, I think (I dont know) that he got fed up with D&D ruining everything and just decided he wasn't going to publish WoW until after Season 8 aired. My guess is that this season will coincide with the announcement on the release date of WoW. That would be smart marketing anyway.
  10. Yeah, I actually love these books from start to finish, every page, and I have 100% faith the GRRM will finish them. I don't much see the point of spending all this time on website discussing something ad nauseum that I don't even enjoy.....
  11. Suzanna Stormborn

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I would have to agree with all this.
  12. I think they just get steadily worse and worse as they ran out of GRRM material to go on. I am still so pissed that D&D have been handed a Star Wars trilogy to make #cantevendeal Like who made that call at Lucas/Disney? have you watched GOT? are you crazy? Season 7 is easily one of the worst seasons of any TV show I can think of. If I didn't like all the actors so much I would have stopped watching........ I mean if they would have just edited out some of the 'fuck's and 'cunt's it would have been better, but JFC those idiots really know how to ruin any potentially good moment by having Bronn say those 2 words 20 times in a row in one scene. I'm still mad about Jaime charging Dany with a lance, falling into a VERY DEEP pond with his armor on and then just coming up 1/2 mile downriver after her army has completely left... yeah sure he can hold his breath for 2 or 3 hours, nbd..... he can swim with armor on nbd ...... I wish Drogon had just eaten him and finished this terrible character D&D have turned him in to.
  13. Suzanna Stormborn

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    Odd, I dont remember anyone complaining that Robert Downey Jr or Chaddwick Boseman need to smile more....... guess it's just a coincidence.
  14. Suzanna Stormborn

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I'm looking through your posts and dont see any evidence of 'truth' or 'facts'
  15. Suzanna Stormborn

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    The film has already soared past 500 mil worldwide. ranking 2nd in single superhero movies for MCU, just behind Black Panther. LOVE IT
  16. I think in the books, Euron/Victarion will steal a dragon with the horn for a time. Personally I think they will steal it until the rider dies and then Dany will get the dragon back. So yeah agree that the show is just giving it to the WW's because they wanted a dragon battle on TV
  17. Suzanna Stormborn

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    That's true, Did anyone ever even call her Captain?
  18. Suzanna Stormborn

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I like the books better than your version sorry.
  19. D&D's solution to work around the fact that there are no cell phones really failed in this episode.
  20. Next Season starts in July....... previous versions
  21. Yup rewatched it all, took a month+ The first 4 seasons are not that bad in retrospect, not nearly as bad as 5-6. And 7 is just total trash. Total fucking trash. I want to weep every episode at what they have done to Jaime, it is UNBEARABLE!! And ya know, I have always been Jon+Dany shipping since like book 3. I know it's cliche but in the books i have been rooting for it for YEARS, and the show has all but ruined it for me I am just hoping that GRRM's story is so insanely different from D&D's story that we will all just forget about it when WoW and DoS finally come out *pause for obligatory 'if he ever finishes them before he dies' comments*. But yeah I recommend a rewatch because it's the only way to keep up with all the nonsense. Plus it'll put you on your A game for calling out loopholes and stupidity on these threads once season 8 starts. I am guessing there will be some kind of Sansa/Dany drama at Winterfell cause obviously there isn't enough going on in Westeros we have to have some women being caddy or else what's the point? And I guess the fact that Jon wiped away MMD's prophecy by laughing at it means that they will have a baby before the last episode, in which I assume they will kill Dany......actually I assume Jon will have to kill Dany. based on Kit Harrington's comments that Rose (his wife) wouldnt speak to him for 3 days after they read the final scripts. Which may have been an ending that made sense in the books but now D&D have just fucked it all up and made it stupid and rushed so whatever.
  22. Suzanna Stormborn

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    just finished rewatching the series to get rdy for Season 8. Season 7 is really bad, I cannot wait to see Jon ride a dragon though if nothing else.
  23. OH yay!! are we already bitching about the upcoming season?!?! I need to join in because I just rewatched the entire series in preparation for season 8. Even my unsullied husband, who in the past has gotten angry at me for being so negative about the show, was constantly asking me during the rewatch, 'did this happen in the books?' They are still using the books and the released chapters from WoW all the way through the end of season 6 for several story lines. It is just SO PAINSTAKINGLY obvious when a storyline switches from GRRM to D&D. All script and sense goes right out the fucking door as soon as they are past GRRM's writing. it's so sad. But another thing I am at least happy about that I only realized during the rewatch after Fire and Blood came out; When Alysanne flew to the Wall with her dragons she could not fly her dragon over The Wall at all in Fire and Blood. So that completely eliminates any chance of Dany flying past the wall on any kind of stupid ridiculous rescue mission of any kind in the books, also it completely eliminates any chance of a White Walker getting a dragon by throwing a Spear 600 miles an hour. I mean I knew that was all show nonsense but it's nice to have it confirmed by F&B