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  1. it's going to be so funny if Bran is chosen as final ruler in the end, you think he'll act like he did to Meera? "I am Branbot, I have no feelings, cannot compute human emotions.." Then Varys will be like; "Keep me around for a month or 2 and I'll be plotting to kill you." then Bronn will be like "Seeing as how your cunt-ass is in a wheelchair, I'll kill you unless you give me Highgarden." then Sansa will be like "Ugh I hate you Bran! You're so pretty and boys like you so that means I HATE YOU!!!! WAHHHHH!" then Arya will be like "Sansa is the smartest person in the universe, we should all listen to her." then Tyrion will be like "I have a great idea!!! Let's all put big rocks in our pockets and walk into the Blackwater." -Endscene-
  2. Yup it seems just as stupid hearing it this way as it did last night. Rhaegal getting killed like that is too dumb to even discuss.
  3. I think everyone can agree it is not a good time for another War, but there's only 2 episodes left so what can you do? It's almost like D&D are having everyone on the show blame Dany for the fact that they are rushing their own ending........
  4. Yeah I guess Arya and the Hound. The Hound will obvi Die fighting his brother. But it is irking me very much that Arya has joined Sansa in the 'we hate Dany for no reason' camp. I guess maybe D&D told arya off-screen that she should hate Dany, but didnt give a reason--then did the same thing to the viewing audience. whatever, I hate this show. all the characters are dumb AF. Seems like no one even cares enough to rant anymore, it is THAT BAD
  5. Can someone tell me who exactly we are supposed to be rooting for right now? Obviously not Dany, Not Tyrion, Not Jaime, Not Cersei, Not fucking Sansa......I honestly have no idea...Jon? I understand he is a Male--is that really enough reason to want him to rule the 7 kingdoms until he dies? are there ANY other good qualities about him? I'm really fucking confused......
  6. Varys has got to go. WTF, his whole treason is coming from nowhere. He literally just met Jon. The story and the characters are so weightless. Every single character is destroyed. I cant decide who is the worst. I guess it’s Sansa, just like the books but for completely different reasons. I am so fucking pissed off right now. D&D have successfully ruined my favorite story I’ve been obsessed with for over a decade. As an Annual Passholder I plan to send Disney dozens of emails wrt them directing Star Wars. They should never work again after this.
  7. oh HAhahaha, lol ok. I remember Cersei and Myrcella with the necklace but never knew Sansa was wearing it, that's so dumb on their part.
  8. I ABSOLUTELY would not be surprised if the last scene of the finale ended with Bran opening his eyes and they were ice-blue and then it cut to black. That seems just like the kind of extremely stupid shit they would go for.
  9. OH really? well I will say that makes it more interesting...... However since i watched the episode and couldn't see/didn't catch that I consider that a fail on D&D. it was a big moment, it should have been clear for viewers.
  10. I believe they said upthread that it was an Onion article and not true...Can anyone confirm that NCW did not say that about the show plot? I hear a lot of ppl on these threads ragging on LOST. It was my favorite show of all time and the last season didn't bother me. IMO GOT is total shit compared to LOST.
  11. I am currently re-watching the Sopranos for the 1st time in 15 years and it's still just as good. GOT is total fucking crap by comparison.
  12. Spot on, as are the rest of the articles you posted. The bolded may be what upsets me more than anything. they are my favorite books. Prediction: GRRM will announce the WoW release date the morning after the series finale. I have thinking this for a while now. Or just sit on the IT himself and declare Westeros a country ruled by Dragons...Now THAT would be a decent twist at the end It would be kind of like Narnia, ruled by a mystical Animal. I think it will be; Episode 3- regrouping and marching south Episode 4 -war with Cersei which Dany will win Epsiode 5-- some kind of crazy political struggle and a few more deaths ending however. I wish for an Aragorn/Arwen ending but i doubt that's what'll happen. "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention' is probably the best metaphorical line for the entire HBO series. To be fair Dany did not help plan any of this. It was all Branbot and Jon doing the talking at the 3-minute Team TB Meeting where they made their awesome plan. Also Dany wanted to charge in and save her Dothraki on Drogon but Genius-Jon stopped her because reasons. LOLZZZZZZ I wouldnt be surprised.
  13. 4 women in my office just walked over to my desk and we had a 20 minute Rant about how stupid that episode was and this season in general is just ruining the whole series for them, they asked me if it was worth it to read the books----lol that's a big "fuck yes! Def read the books!" Mainly everyone agrees that while it was 'cool' for Arya to kill the NK, it just made no sense. They were yelling "What is the point of Jon!?!" which I completely agree with, he has no purpose. why did the show have Missandei point out that the prophecy could refer to a man or a woman?........oh D&D dont mean to say that Arya is TptwP do they? cuz I can't deal with that
  14. Yeah I really couldnt believe my eyes when Tyrion and Sansa were hiding in the corner, what in the world? Like was said earlier, even Dany grabbed a sword and didn't play the helpless chick-to-be-saved-by-a-man role. But good lord! How can Tyrion and Sansa ever hold their heads up again? That was the most shameful cowardly shit I have EVER SEEN!!!!
  15. You know I love Book-Dany but this aint her. She very much cares about the lives of her people in the books but on HBO she dgaf about them seems like. Ok question for the Forum. What was Bran doing the entire episode? How was he helping? They showed 20 seconds of him warging a raven And.That. Was. It.....please tell me what he was doing that whole time?
  16. My Twitter feed is blowing the fuck up with how much everyone loved it. Especially Arya, they LOVED IT. I have a hard time because how can you look at a show like this with such bad writing, etc. and say it's the best show of all time? Have you seen Breaking Bad? The Sopranos? the Wire? Deadwood? GOT doesn't compare
  17. lol well yes abt the dagger. But the dragons were helpful, she was mowing down lots of the Army to keep them from WF, and she tried to take down the NK, it's not Dany's fault that D&D decided he is fireproof. Also the NK on his ice dragon would have done A LOT more damage to everyone if Dany and Jon had not been battling him in the sky.
  18. One thing I thought was sort of cool was when down in the Crypt, Sansa is STILL talking petty trash about Dany (because Sansa's whole purpose now seems to be to stir up problems where there are none). And Missandei shut her the fuck down, loved it.
  19. the old 'Independence Day', Mothership plot I think the issue is that they were all so dirty by the time Jon was running through WF and of course the night filming/fog machine made it so you couldnt make out anything. so I think all the living characters were shown but we literally couldnt identify them. Just like Eowyn in LOTR's Agreed! why would they say 'it's too obvious for Jon to kill the NK'? What has he done on the show that makes him the 'obvious' choice? In the books I would agree that it's obvious because the books are intelligent, cohesive and well-written. It's almost like they were saying 'the character of Jon in the books is the obvious person who will kill the Great WW, even though we have shown you NONE of that on our crazy TV series, we know that you know that Jon is the hero of the story TPwwP. So based on the fact that you all know he's the hero, we dont even need to show him doing heroic acts....his heroic acts go without saying.' lolzzzzz Yes! When I was watching i noticed Dany trying to fly off and help the dothraki, Jon stopped her--WHY???? it was the only smart move at that moment, why would he stop her? then Dany gets really smart and fully lights up the NK with dragon fire--which he is completely unharmed by--wtf? why would Valyrian Steel hurt him but dragonfire wouldnt? I mean Dragonfire can kill a horcrux so there's that...... Lol I read some theories online today that the NK survived the dragonfire because he is Targaryen Oh lord that would have been funny, but seriously the show is idiotic.
  20. Agreed completely. And yeah why are Sansa and Tyrion 'the leaders' hiding in a corner while tiny children and women not in battle armor are getting killed? Why did every person in that crypt not have at least 1 obsidian dagger?
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