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  1. What bothers me is that they will just never get mentioned again. the trailer showed dany laughing and drinking next episode.... I guess her character just completely forgot the Red Waste...and everything else that ever happened to her before she met Jon....
  2. Benioff said the Dothraki are dead as a people now? good grief I will never understand why Dany agreed to these battle plans...you would think at some point she might say "Oh it looks like you've got my 2 armies on the front lines......maybe let's think of something else?" Also I would think they would want to build a trench IN FRONT of the Dothraki army as well as in front of the castle. That way you're not just sacrificing all the Dothraki. And bonus! you make it a little harder for the zombies to get to the live people....isn't that what we want to do here? keep all humans alive? I'm honestly not sure what they were even trying to do. And the trailer for next episode i swear I saw an army marching out of Winterfell......um there was no army left, as far as I could tell the only ones left alive were the ultimate-warrior-heroes (jaime, brienne, pod, tormund, arya, grey worm, jon, dany, bran, SAM(?) and the people in the crypt) there was NO ONE else left alive.
  3. What!!!! ok good glad to hear. But gotta say that makes no sense, why did we never see him again after he charged the AotD? Anyway even without that tidbit pissing me off....that episode was shit. The 1st 20 minutes were so slow. Everything was dark and hard to see the whole time. the Dragon aerial battles were confusing to watch, get these riders some goggles!! Who planned the strategy? whose ideas was it to send the dothraki out like that? BAD IDEA DUMBASSES I did like 'stick em with the pointy end' that was maybe the highlight of the episode for me. The rest of it was so cliche. our main 6-7 heroes just standing on piles on bodies that they have massacred (eye roll) Did Gendry live?
  4. LOLZZZZ, that's exactly what book it was! And Ghost, poor Ghost. He didn't even get a death scene. Jon has no warging/connection with Ghost so his super awesome precious direwolf just dies and Jon doesn't even feel it or know or care. The show is total fucking shit compared to the books and that episode was absolutely miserable!
  5. bolded made me spit out my lunch lolz Agreed none of it makes sense. Like where are all the lords of the Riverlands? Did everyone in High Garden just drop dead after Olenna was killed? Did everyone in Dorne drop dead when Poison Lips and Bad Pussy were killed by Cersei? are there no humans left anywhere? how are the people of KL doing? are they upset that their Vatican blew up? sigh
  6. Is there even a High-Septon anymore? There's no small council right? Everything in KL is run by Cersei and Qyburn and That. Is. It. amirite?
  7. So I assume Jon will be an expert Dragon rider in the next episode? He will ya know, know how to make the dragon spit fire and take out armies already right? because he flew one time pretty unsuccessfully he will now be just as lethal as Dany/Drogon right? Also problems I am forseeing, why wouldn't the King WW just blast Bran with ice dragon fire? just light up the entire godswood instead of trying to kill bran by hand? this is the dumbest plan I have ever heard, just wanted to throw that out there.
  8. At least Tyrion took the time lol. I liked that scene, he was like 'Ok I am pulling up a chair, please fucking tell me everything, because I (and apparently no one else) am slightly curious as to the fate of the world and everything that has happened....... wouldn't it be funny if Branbot told Tyrion off screen that his father was Aerys targaryen...
  9. I think that Jon/Branbot and Dany are about to beat the WW's in Ep. 3 and that'll be it for the WW's. The last 3 episodes are dealing with the aftermath of who dies and then immediately turning to take on Cersei and the GC. Dorne is gone, Essos/Bravos/Volantis storylines are abandoned. The Eeyrie is abandonded. Casterly Rock is abandoned. After Ep. 3I imagine Winterfell will be abandoned as well. The last 3 episodes are all about the IT and that's it.
  10. Right now Dany, Sansa and Jon are all annoying me big time. None of them seems to have a leader hat on and they are all focused on the wrong thing!! Now Dany is mad that Jon is a male heir, Jon is avoiding Dany and brooding when he should be talking to her about what it means to be a Targaryen and idk--asking about Rhaegar maybe? and Sansa just can't make up her mind what to be mad about next.
  11. but from Sansa's POV dany and Jon are in love. so if they get married then what does the North have to worry about? I'm Saying Sansa should not be acting like this.
  12. As far as GOT goes for the last few seasons--that episode was not bad. Obviously all the usual stuff from D&D that bothers me but there was a lot of decent dialogue and story in Ep. 2 I cried when Brienne got knighted by Jaime, that's amazing!!! Arya and Gendry what!!!! Masie is hiding a hot body under all those ugly-ass Arya clothes!!! Jon and Dany is still pissing me off....Why is the only thing either of them care about the IT? Wouldnt they both be happy to have each other? coldn't all their problems be fixed by just getting married?that whole thing is dumb. Also dumb is Sansa being so mad and insolent towards Dany. Ned Stark was Warden in the North for Sansa's entire life, now that's not good enough for her anymore? The only reason they wanted to be a separate nation is because of the Lannister/Baratheon reign of terror, now that Dany is in charge and the houses are aligned why is it such a big deal anymore? There's only like 5 kids under the age of 14 running all the houses in the North at this point anyway, I think joining the 7 kingdoms would be well advised.
  13. JFC to this....... no one ever mentioned it. How dumb is that? Remind me, does jaime know Cersei is pregnant? He left her because she conspired with Euron without telling him correct? So that was bad enough to leave her, but blowing up the sept with the pope and hundreds of people inside was not bad enough for him right? No way he can logically explain this reasoning to the Northern Council--No. Fucking. Way.Can.He.Explain.This So my guess is that it wont even come up. Dany will grill Jaime abt killing her father and that will be the end of it because Brienne and Tyrion will vouche for him. And possibly the Hound, idfk yes this is so dumb it make me want to throw up. Dany killed 2 idiots who could have lived but chose to die out of [2 day old] loyalty to the pope-killer. So lets all boo her while every other idiot left alive on the show has killed A LOT more Westerosi than she has and they all walk away blameless.
  14. I think Dany should leave Jon and hook up with Jaime instead after he apologizes for killing her father and they all hug.
  15. three mounts must you ride… one to bed and one to dread and one to love… Jon is supposed to be Dany's 'One to Love' He is supposed to be her Blue Flower growing in the Wall of Ice......... Jon and Ygritte had more chemistry and passion than Jon and Dany. Dany and Drogo had 100 times more passion and more chemistry than Jon and Dany. Yet these two are fulfilling all these prophecies together? These two are the Song of Ice and Fire? Do D&D not understand anything about this story or the novels? Is GRRM shooting up heroin at home to deal with this fucking travesty of his work?
  16. Yup, this is how I see it to, just some women being stupid jealous women as a filler, GREAT! At least one of the girls is the Smartest person ever.
  17. yes WTF!!!!!!! however I was thinking about this later on, Possibly the WW on dragonback cannot move too far away from his Deep Winter Storm, like he has to stay with his army and with the weather. This makes the most sense in the books (where they certainly will not have a dragon). Of course this is not explained on show, we have to come up with the explanations ourselves. Cuz yeah otherwise he would have already been at Winterfell. Jaime made it from KL to WF in one day, so it should only take like 5 minutes to get from the Wall to WF........ This is how I saw it going as well, Jon is told who he is, then when coping with his new identity, him and Ghost walk up to a riderless dragon who is friendly to him and it hits Jon that 'Hey I can ride one of these!!' and then tries it. Which would have made it much more magical and meaningful, instead D7D just shat all over something I have been looking forward to for 10+ years Lol the GC literally said to Cersei "It's too expensive." I guess when you're writing is so awful you might as well just use the actual production reason as the explanation in the script.
  18. But we can agree that all have misplaced their loyalty in Trump, in the end he will turn over his own children to save himself if it comes to it, just as anyone who places their trust and devotion in Cersei is fucking stupid.
  19. Also can we talk about how stupid it was for the Tarly's to lay down their lives out of loyalty to Cersei? it reminds me of Manafort and Trump--like how dumb are you? you think Cersei will reward anything for this loyal display now that you are both dead, what good did it do? what purpose did it serve? Has Dickon ever even met Cersei, did she strike fear in his heart to bring on this insane devotion?
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