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  1. I also did not like the scene at all. It was rushed and at the end the first thing Jon said after it was explained was 'Dany is our Queen'.....irrelevant to the current conversation, ruined it for me. he should have been like 'Lyanna was my mother!!!!!, Rhaegar was my father!!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!' but he gets none of that.
  2. LOLz I just had a thought; D&D think that Sansas character and dialogue are 'smart'. This is what they think 'smart' is. Dick, cock, cunt, bitch and balls are clever words that should be used 1000x per episode and Sansa is 'smart'. It actually makes perfect sense. And the reason we know they think she is smart is because Arya told us so, otherwise we wouldn't have known. It is smart for Sansa to dislike Dany because she is pretty, that is very smart. duh
  3. lol--I stand by it. Just writing SatC is better. I think I'd rather watch a GOT episode if I had to choose between the 2, but I literally cant think of anything with worse writing than this show. I think everyone's complaints about the obisidian are that it is a metal you would carve, not melt and rework. Especially in bronze-age civilization like Westeros they would be carving these tools, it's just a dumb show addition to have Gendry melting it with his 7-minute Abs.
  4. You get me Glad to have you in this thread and please rant and rave more! The writing is the worst of the worst of any popular TV show I can remember. Sex and the city movies were better written than this.
  5. Well we'll just have to see. IMO it wont be an issue for Jon/Dany on the show and definitely not in the books. They will obviously have many issues but I don't see that being one of them. Because if that comes up then Dany will have to be like 'my parents and grandparents were siblings'. and I just don't think HBO wants to get into all that with only 5 episodes left.
  6. Craster was a rapist/abductor. Different Jaime and Cersei had a prophecy that all their children would die, nothing to do with the incest. I disagree about the doom foreshadowing, this does not exist in the books, all the Targ's did it for millenia in Valyria and in Westeros. And for the show I do not recall doom foreshadowed related to incest? I agree that it's taboo for other families to marry brother to sister besides the Targs, but that's it really. Cousins are totes fine. I dont recall any other nephew/aunt situation coming up. And yeah if Euron and Osha had married I really dont think anyone would have cared, certainly the Ironborn wouldnt have cared.
  7. How did you get through the books/side books then? All Targs marry bro to sis across all generations. Ned's grandparents were first cousins, Twyin and Joanna were first cousins, Obvi Jaime and Cersei was happening the whole time and had 3 kids, there are like 1 hundred more examples..... incest is ok and happens regularly in these stories, it is not looked at as that big of a deal at all.
  8. Jon riding a Dragon should have been all tied in with him finding out he is Targaryen, Dany's Relative, the Heir and on the other side it should have been a huge moment for Dany. To realize she is not alone, she has family and that the guy she is in love with was obviously who she was meant to be with because Targ's belong together, her parents were siblings as well as her grandparents. It's just lame AF that D&D didn't do ANY of that right. It all just happened by coincidence and accident and had no deeper meaning at all.
  9. Yes agreed, making it about Jon vs Dany very first thing was awful. It should have been all about Jon and Lyanna and Ned and Rhaegar. Lots more talking to fill in the storyline in Jon's head. I just dont like how the show makes the characters focus on the immaterial when there are FAR more important things going on all around them.
  10. I wasn't getting a strong feeling from or for either of them. I think what bothered me is when Sam told Jon who he was, Aegon VI, his first thought is "oh but Dany's the heir--I'd have to steal it from her" when IMO his first thought should have been "Oh great! now we can get married and rule together, PERFECT!" Instead of going to a happy-workable answer, they find some kind of issue.
  11. What was up with Drogon staring at Jon like that? He was kissing Dany but decided he was too scared to keep doing it so he needed to keep his eye on the dragon? I dont understand what was the point of that?
  12. Dany and Jon are not believable. There's no passion. He is already wavering in his love for her, which means it didn't mean that much to begin with. Which is lame because their shipping was the main driving point of the series, they should at least deliver a little better and be crazy head-over-heels in love so that we all feel it!!
  13. I actually thought BranBot sitting in one spot through the whole episode and staring at everyone/freaking them all out was stupid. But yeah him and Jaime having the eye contact was epic. At least Jaime didnt waste any time and got to WintferFell via teleportation.
  14. Just creating a petty argument between them at all is stupid. It makes no sense and it's not important, just makes the women look bitchy and jealous of other pretty girls. It's just cliche and I hate it.
  15. Excellent point, I was just thinking the same thing. They mentioned several times that the dead cant swim. So seems like the answer is to leave the North and figure out a plan involving ships.
  16. Name ONE legit reason Sansa should dislike Dany in this way?!?!? If she is soooooo smart then explain how this is smart!
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