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  1. I don't thin kthere will be anymore Un-characters, beric and Cat are going to diminish soon anyway, the uncharacters seem to be rather weak in their hearts and will turn into terrible zombie's soon, Beric says he never eats and can't remember anything anymore. it's not a very good option no matter how you look at it. I think Uncat is the alst one, Jon snow is NOT going to be an UN character I know it I know it!!!
  2. OMG you are so right! He is gonna have a shit-fit when he finds out how Quentyn died. But in the end what will getting extremely upset do? I mean the Elia/Rhaegar relationship is all that Dorne has to hold on to. and now that I think about it. Aegon can't be marrying Arianne, they are too closely related right. Elia is Ariannes aunt, so Aegon is her first cousin. That's too close, right, don't the Lords frown upon marrying cousins? Ugh someone make this book come out now! I can't wait 4 more years!
  3. Yes Doran Martell is absolutely trying to set up his daughter Arianne with aegon, if he proves to be real. OMG won't Dorne look so stupid if the betroth Arianne and Aegon then he turns out to be fake!
  4. Yes Victarion is an evil bad ass, he got across the storm littered sea with most of his ships and the horn and he is coming in hard to the battle of Slaver's Bay, which he will most likely not survive due to all the 'death' foreshadowing from Dany. if I had to guess, he is going to get the 'grey death' and turn to stone eventually, because of the 'grey lips smiling' comment. If he is 'dumb' about anything it is how he lets Euron play him like a fiddle.
  5. Does no one else think that a real Kraken may come into play at some point? like one as big as the one in Pirates 2. There have been mentions of them a few times, even in the new Arianne Chapter. i feel like a real Kraken is going to take down some or one of the iron born ships, maybe the horn will attract it as well as whatever it will do to the dragons. i mean the starks have their wolves, the targaryens have their dragons, why shouldnt the ironborn be set upon by a giant f%$king Squid?!
  6. I think Dany will die. as much as i hate that, I feel like she has to in the end :(
  7. Yes I think the faith Militant are going to do a Spanish Inquisition style clean out of KL. It is going to be crazy, they already have their little army of the faith including Lancel Lannister. History shows again and again that people on a religious rampage are extremely serious and not forgiving at all. They kill and kill without question, look at the Salem Witch Trials. KL is going to have a theological war inside the walls. i suppose Varys will be trying to supplant Aegon in the lannister seats of power, which he has basically done already, I mean there is no one left, only tommen and cersei, and what power do they have anymore? cersei only has Qyburn and UnGregor. They are going to have to flee for their lives. that is her only choice to save her sons life. She is going to flee northwest to casterly Rock or possibly she will try to find Jaime thinking he still loves her. when she does find him he is going to kill her, he might even kill tommen too.
  8. After reading through this entire forum, it seems like most people are giving Pod a lot more credit than I ever did while reading the books. But after digesting it all I sort of think that Pod could actually be the real Aegon. Only if Aegon is actually a fake, which I am still not convinced of. There is no way Jaime or Brienne is going to die in WOW, maybe they will both die in ADOS but there has been soooo much build up for them it just seems unlikely, plus Martin hasn't killed off anyone who holds the POV except Ned Stark in Book 1, and Cat, but she is still around, so that doesn't really count. why would he start with Brienne and Jaime? Jaime has totally come around from the most hated character to someone we actually root for, and now he is clearly in love with this ugly monster of a woman which makes him even more enduring. And jaime is absolutely the person who is going to kill Cersei. They have to die on the same day as they were born on the same day. If I had to pick who would die in the intertwined group of ppl it is Sansa and Littefinger. i think brienne somehow got the info the Sansa is in the Vale and her and Jaime are headed there now, maybe the BWB is going to be headed there as well and there will be a showdown of some sort. What I really want to know is what are UnCat's motives at this point? Is she still intent on seeking her children or has she adopted the BWB intentions to bring justice to all wrong doers? trial by combat is definitely still an option that UnCat has to respect and let happen if it is wanted. what else would all Jaime's training with Ilyn be for? He is going to demand trail by combat and they will let him because he seems weak with one hand, and he will beat whoever it is.
  9. I think this may be a literal reference, supposedly there are actual krakens pulling ships under. maybe one is going to break Vic's ship and drown him. in the new Arianne chapter there is a mention of kraken's pulling ships under. it would be poetic justice if the ironborn were set upon by some sea monsters.
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