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  1. RT @MyVogonPoetry: You can lead a horse to water - but he would prefer coffee. #FakeCoffeeFacts

  2. Gimme the serial version of the SW prequels, where Sarah Koenig dials up Palpatine, to get the scoop on Anakin, good guy or bad guy.

  3. RT @NoahShachtman: I'm late to this, but @DouthatNYT on "The Joy of ISIS" is excellent. https://t.co/msbEKtLblw

  4. lrt bad example of surface level crit thought -- applied quickly -- to promote click economy -- also, why we still need to talk about movies

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    Two miller's wives, the one near Winterfell who Theon beds, and the other, Ramsay's mother. Both take the lusty Miller's Wife of Chaucer in very different directions.