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  1. Liver and Onions

    Aegon II

    Going back to GRRM’s quote about Aragon’s tax policy, I always took that to be a bit tongue in cheek; a sort of “the bloom is off the rose” situation. Aragon is king for ten years, people have to pay taxes, and it becomes a case of “well, what has Aragon done for me lately?” Even a good king can’t please everyone. As for the Greens vs the Blacks, I always had the impression that Rhaenyra was in the right, even if she’s certainly not perfect. Aegon II struck me as the kind of guy who liked the perks of being royalty without the responsibilities. I wonder if he would have been fine with his sister being in charge as long as he got to do whatever he wanted. Also, I know we get several accounts about the nature of Cole’s relationship with Rhaenyra, but what about that guy? As much as the Dance sucked for everyone by the end, I think I feel the sorriest for Aegon III. He loses three brothers, possibly four, his dragon, gets dragged around by his increasingly paranoid mother, who he then sees get eaten by a dragon (in BITES, I’d always thought it was one gulp, but NOPE), and then gets surrounded by adults who ignore him or remind him of his mother’s death. I wonder if he wanted to run away to Winterfell when Cregan Stark left.
  2. Liver and Onions

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    I think this is a very good point, since it shows how insidious and sneaky racism and cultural appropriation can be. There are a lot of phrases that have similar origins, like "what a gyp" or "I've been gypped." I wonder if your boss ever considered that Jewish people live in places other than Israel?
  3. Liver and Onions

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    This is a tricky question, because to go too far one way is ethnic-essentialism, (i.e. everyone can only perform the culture of their genetic makeup) but the other way is obviously the path of racism, colonialism, and exploitation. As far as Halloween costumes go, I think dressing up as a specific character (ie. Moana or Black Panther) is far more acceptable (provided no one does something stupid like blackface makeup) than wearing a Native American headdress. After all, a lot of people who cosplay at anime conventions are dressing up as Japanese characters. And this is an example of white culture being appropriated (when it's clearly more of a problem for non-white cultures), but what about St. Patrick's Day? It's pretty much an excuse to get drunk for a lot of people. And there's the linking of people of Irish descent with drinking (wearing shirts that say, "I'm so drunk I must be Irish").... which... um.. that's bad.
  4. Liver and Onions

    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Ha ha! I might have to try out that experiment.
  5. Liver and Onions

    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    This sounds intriguing. I've read fairy-based and vampire/werewolf urban fantasy, but not Atlantis. I'll have to give it a try. I'm actually pretty resistant to the urban fantasy genre as a whole. Not sure exactly why. It could be that I tried out the Anita Blake series years ago and stuck around until (I think) the Harlequin novel. Then I just closed the book one third in and said, "enough." It seems like there's SO MUCH urban fantasy stuff in my local library that I really should jump back in. I tried out Seanan McGuire's Verity Price books. I didn't dislike them, but I found it hard to drum up enthusiasm. Her October Daye books were more to my liking.
  6. Liver and Onions

    More Things Star Wars

    Maybe Matt Smith will play a CGI alien with a vaguely bow tie shaped protrusion at the neck...
  7. Liver and Onions

    More Things Star Wars

    That's a good point about the tone shift towards the end. I enjoyed the movie overall, but I agree that the script needed another rewrite. For instance, the conflict between Holdo and Poe felt far more contrived to me than the trip to the casino, which seems to be most common complaint.
  8. Liver and Onions


    I'm a fan of both Fullmetal Alchemist series, and the manga. Brotherhood follows the manga more closely, so the two shows are separate continuities. The live action movie is also it's own thing. I am waaaay behind on my anime watching. I just started to watch Psycho Pass and Seraph of the End, both a few years old. The former has some good ideas, but I'm having trouble getting into the characters. The second's not bad so far, but I hope it doesn't spend too much time in the high school setting.
  9. Liver and Onions

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    There are definitely instances for me where the opportunity to do something with friends is there, but the driving distances make my heart shrivel. And being so worn out from everyday work and such and socializing feels like more work.
  10. Liver and Onions

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    Hey, I feel just like that a lot lately. So, if it helps, you're not alone. Good luck on your driving test!
  11. Liver and Onions

    My Podcast: Celtic Myths & Legends

    Hello! I've been on the hunt for new podcasts lately, so I'll be listening in. I know a tiny bit about various Celtic lore, so it will be great to explore more.
  12. Liver and Onions

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Nora, I agree, give it a try, if the distance is all that's giving you pause. I had a friend who carried on a long-term engagement with someone from another country and they finally tied the knot last year. And you don't have to be thinking of marriage, of course, but just the dating and socializing can be worth it.
  13. Liver and Onions

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    While watching the Shazam trailer, I found it funny that, for a moment, things looked like they were going to be Grimdark with the "Game of Thrones" reference, and then they ditch that. So maybe this movie will poke fun at the other movies' darker tones? Aquaman looks like it could be fun, more like Wonder Woman.
  14. Liver and Onions

    More Things Star Wars

    I'm a bit torn on the idea that Kylo Ren is an irredeemable villain. On one hand, giving him third and fourth chances will get repetitive and make the heroes look foolish; on the other hand, it does gives an element of uncertainty when the bad guy might switch sides or show mercy at a key point. I do like him as a villain. He's intimidating and petulant, but still feels like a real person. As for Rey going to the Dark Side, I wonder if she'll find out that maybe the Force doesn't really have light and dark sides. It might tie in with what Luke told her, than the Jedi don't own the Force. So it's less of her going evil and more of her going against what the prequels framed as Jedi disciplines. Not sure if I'm making sense. This does remind me that I've never watched much of the Clone Wars series. I should rectify that.
  15. Liver and Onions

    More Things Star Wars

    I remember that Boba Fett first showed up in the classic Star Wars Christmas special animated sequence. If anyone actually stuck around to watch that, I wonder if that influenced how people saw him in the film. Or if that animation was retconned into the special's only redeeming feature by Boba Fett in TESB.... With regard to Episode IX, I still hope that Snoke shows up as a force ghost to mess things up. Didn't the Emperor's ghost cause trouble in the EU comics/novels? It's been a while...