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  1. Liver and Onions

    More Things Star Wars

    I'm a bit torn on the idea that Kylo Ren is an irredeemable villain. On one hand, giving him third and fourth chances will get repetitive and make the heroes look foolish; on the other hand, it does gives an element of uncertainty when the bad guy might switch sides or show mercy at a key point. I do like him as a villain. He's intimidating and petulant, but still feels like a real person. As for Rey going to the Dark Side, I wonder if she'll find out that maybe the Force doesn't really have light and dark sides. It might tie in with what Luke told her, than the Jedi don't own the Force. So it's less of her going evil and more of her going against what the prequels framed as Jedi disciplines. Not sure if I'm making sense. This does remind me that I've never watched much of the Clone Wars series. I should rectify that.
  2. Liver and Onions

    More Things Star Wars

    I remember that Boba Fett first showed up in the classic Star Wars Christmas special animated sequence. If anyone actually stuck around to watch that, I wonder if that influenced how people saw him in the film. Or if that animation was retconned into the special's only redeeming feature by Boba Fett in TESB.... With regard to Episode IX, I still hope that Snoke shows up as a force ghost to mess things up. Didn't the Emperor's ghost cause trouble in the EU comics/novels? It's been a while...
  3. Liver and Onions

    Unpopular opinions

    Let's see... Star Wars opinions! I, too, like the Ewoks. Given, i was very young when I first saw ROTJ as well. I always liked how the Emperor looses because he discounts the possibility that the rebels would make new friends, and they'd team up to beat him. C-3P0 saves the day! While I do not care for Jar Jar, I feel as if he would have done better if he didn't speak English (or at leas the same language as the rest of the cast). And I still feel that if he, unchanged, had been the worse element of the entire prequel trilogy, they would have been fine movies. The poor characterization and sheer lack of FUN, for me, were the real problems.
  4. Liver and Onions

    Unpopular opinions

    Let's see... Weighing in on Harry Potter, for the most part I enjoy the movies more than the books, because I like the cast. While I'm not going to say the Potter books are overrated (anti-snake propaganda pieces that they are! ), I admit I've never been a big fan. Even so, I haven't seen any of the movies in years... I loves me some 1984 Dune. It's ridiculous and sexist but oh-so sincere in its ludicrousness. I like the Hobbit movies, warts and all. I stopped paying attention to the MCU after Age of Ultron, even though I love superhero comics and the first Avengers movie is one of my favorite movies ever. I'm finding it hard to get into a lot of currently-popular anime series, despite being a big anime fan ten years ago.
  5. Liver and Onions

    Separating The Art From The Artist

    I admit, after reading MZB's book The Firebrand (I think that was the title, it was the one about Cassandra and the Trojan War) years ago, I didn't want to read another one of hers. Dear God, that book made today's grimdark stuff seem like an episode of Rainbow Brite. And it was the pointless kind of grim dark. I think the only stuff with her name on it that I ever liked were the Sword and Sorceress collections, and those were anthologies from other writers.
  6. Liver and Onions

    Separating The Art From The Artist

    I admit, finding out a favorite artist/writer/whatnot committed horrible crimes would definitely make it hard to appreciate their art, even if I tried to. I'm lucky in that I'm not a fan of certain directors or singers- for instance, when people were wondering whether or not it was okay to go see the Ender's Game movie, I was all, "doesn't concern me! I don't even want to see it!" It's going to be interesting to see what happens if one of my favs becomes a problem. What really muddies the waters is when I bought a 2012 song off of iTunes, and then I wondered if that particular artist's then-producer, who has since been revealed as a garbage person, was getting any profit off of it.
  7. Liver and Onions

    Troy on BBC/Netflix

    I agree that we could have used more backstory for the Greek chiefs. If I recall, Helen's dad (stepdad, because isn't she Zeus' daughter?) marries her to Menelaus precisely because Menelaus' brother is so powerful (and, one presumes, already married- and isn't Clytemnestra Helen's sister?) So Agamemnon is pretty much first among equals... because... well, the show doesn't really say. I definitely agree with your view on the pacing. I felt like I blinked, and then Patroclus and Hector were both dead.
  8. Liver and Onions

    Troy on BBC/Netflix

    Heck, I'd recommend giving it a try, at least the first episode. I have my complaints, but there are good things, too. It does have a realistic, gritty feel to it. If you're not invested in Paris and Helen's relationship by the end of the first episode, you'll know whether or not the rest of the series is for you.
  9. Liver and Onions

    Troy on BBC/Netflix

    I just finished this last night, and I agree the resolution... is lacking. It just kind of stops, like, is there going to be a season 2- the Odyssey? Is it might to present the nihilistic, crapsack world ending? It's kind of, "the end- no moral! Go home! The bar is closed!" I agree that the Troy movie from 2004 had more memorable performances (poor script, tho), even if I liked how this show gave some insight into Agamemnon and Menelaus- while in the Troy movie just made them straight-up villains. I did feel like the show was well-served by its budget. I would recommend that any fan of the Iliad give it a watch, just to form their own opinion.
  10. Liver and Onions

    Atwood thinks Star Wars caused 9/11?

    In fairness to the rebels in the first Star Wars, the Death Star WAS about to blow up Princess Leia and the rebel leadership. So they couldn't time their attack with the off hours of clerical workers. I'm sure other sci-fi works have explored the idea that the rebel side can't just blow up the bad guys' stuff willy nilly. I think Blake's 7 deals with that a bit. Sadly, if Star Wars has indeed inspired anybody to commit horrible crimes, it just gives credence to the ol' chestnut that one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter. Which is why character-centered morality is something worth examining in all works of fiction- it's not "okay" just because the good guys did it.
  11. Liver and Onions

    Gamergate? Toxic masculinity? Ready Player One?

    I've only heard some snippets from RPO the book, but that gatekeeping aspect of fandom is something that jumped out at me. The writing seems to use references in place of description, and the recall games that comprise the plot are based on rote memorization, not any kind of deeper examination. Honestly, if that's the majority of the book, it's not something I'd want to read in full. I imagine the movie could improve upon this aspect of the book with good visuals and a good cast, but I'm in no hurry to spend money to find out.
  12. Liver and Onions

    U.S. Politics: Gunnin' From The Long Arm of the Law

    What? You really can't make this stuff up. As for the later point, I'm not surprised.
  13. Liver and Onions

    Full frontal Star Wars - D&D Strike Back

    Eh.... this does not excite me. I also stopped watching GOT after season 4 and feel no urge to revisit it. I guess this does make sense that since D&D made a very popular fantasy TV show that got people talking, they'd get more big-name work. But I also wonder, like Mormont, who else could do a better job. I understand that Disney and whoever's in charge want a guaranteed hit, but how much power does the Star Wars name alone grab? I mean, it's Star Wars, the 500lb gorilla of pop culture. Who here would be genuinely interested in an SW series even with complete unknowns heading it up? (honest question- what would you think of the announcement without the showrunners' names included? Or would it be completely unsurprising and the meat of the announcement relies entirely on D&D+ Star Wars = social media kerfuffle?) Also, for no reason whatsoever, I now want to see a Dungeons and Dragons/Star Wars mashup series. Didn't that kind of exist in RPG form? Starjammers or something? Or, please, just make a Shadowrun TV show.
  14. Liver and Onions

    The Last Jedi (Spoilers): Force-Choke or Tour-de-Force?

    I wonder if Rey's parents, despite being dead, might still have some bearing on future development. It might be tight to squeeze it into the final part of a trilogy, but if they knew some other smugglers like the unscrupulous one dude (DJ? Del Toro's character), it would Rey an idea of what she's building on. And it would give that guy more story significance, if anyone's clamoring for that. I do like that Rey's parents' significance was ultimately of importance only to her. I wonder if we'll get another flashback (there was a brief one in Force Awakens, if I recall correctly) showing more about when they left, how they left, did they intend to return and got killed instead... But at the same time, it might be good to just let that plot thread end.
  15. Liver and Onions

    The Last Jedi (Spoilers): Force-Choke or Tour-de-Force?

    I want some Jedi porgs with tiny lightsabers (yes, lightsabers are not useful weapons for tiny combatants, but maybe they have to master the weapon as part of training and then get to design something more porg-friendly.) I would guess the title The Last Jedi is ambiguous in that sense- is it singular and refers to Luke? Or it is plural and includes Ben/Kylo and Rey? With no council, who decides who is a Jedi at what point?