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  1. I'm a fan of both Fullmetal Alchemist series, and the manga. Brotherhood follows the manga more closely, so the two shows are separate continuities. The live action movie is also it's own thing. I am waaaay behind on my anime watching. I just started to watch Psycho Pass and Seraph of the End, both a few years old. The former has some good ideas, but I'm having trouble getting into the characters. The second's not bad so far, but I hope it doesn't spend too much time in the high school setting.
  2. There are definitely instances for me where the opportunity to do something with friends is there, but the driving distances make my heart shrivel. And being so worn out from everyday work and such and socializing feels like more work.
  3. Hey, I feel just like that a lot lately. So, if it helps, you're not alone. Good luck on your driving test!
  4. Hello! I've been on the hunt for new podcasts lately, so I'll be listening in. I know a tiny bit about various Celtic lore, so it will be great to explore more.
  5. I saw the trailer for this on Netflix yesterday. It has been a while since i read the book. I admit, if they're really did trim/alter that that particular scene, I'm not going to be complaining. It will be interesting to see how the series portrays a lot of the book's psychological stuff. I, too, am wondering if I should try to reread the book before giving the series a go.
  6. Just finished it up last night. I really enjoyed it. Great acting from the whole cast. I love the concept that the Mindflayer showed up in the sky in the Upside Down, but was creeping into Hawkins underground. So simple but very effective. I agree that Billy's arc was sort of a puzzler. I would assume he gets his racist behavior from his dad, who seems like a prince of a man! /s. As to Billy being gay, he could be bisexual, which doesn't help the stereotype he may represent. And if he's going to do a heel/face turn next season, he's got A LOT to redeem- assaulting a child and all. (I cheered when Lucas nailed him in the nads, tho ) He's going to need more than a spiked bat and a fight with a demogorgon.
  7. I recently watched the Hogfather movie/mini series with my mom, who I have recently introduced to the Discworld series as a whole. We both enjoyed it (I love Death especially), even though I think it's greatest weakness was a sense of poor pacing. The CGI was of course, cheap, but used sparingly. (cameo of the Death of Rats!) I love the idea of a City Watch procedural series. I think a mini series or a short run initially (like how British TV seasons tend to be shorter than American ones) would work best, just to avoid filler and such. And yay for the casting for Good Omens!
  8. I just finished it myself. Really enjoyable, I like the twist on a character like Nona- she's not just some superpowered little girl assassin trope. I agree with you about the risk of other authors possibly adding it "porny bits." It's all about the girls as characters. And it's certainly not misandrist; it's just that the majority of the cast are women and girls (and what a fun variety they are, too!). There are some male characters I hope to see more of, too. So I maaaay have to check out more of Mark Lawrence's work now.
  9. Hah hah, that sounds like Lelouch alright. I haven't gotten my hands on the book yet, but in your review, you mention that the teen protagonists feel oddly sexless. Do you think this is an effort on the part of the author to avoid a kind of "Catholic school girls," "creepy old man" fetish type of feel for the setting?
  10. I haven't read any Mark Lawrence before this, but Red Sister is now on my to-read list for the setting and concept alone. (As for his other books, comparing one of his protagonists to Lelouch from Code Geass is definitely a NOT a way to get me interested. ) I, too, love the idea of a badass nun that can face down an entire army.
  11. Part of me hopes it's Cersei, just because of the possibilities of such a team-up. Evil magic Cersei! Tommen and Myrcella would have to be dead (or believed dead, shades of Bran and Rickon, and Arya for that matter. Myrcella's been "swapped" like her, at least for a bit). And the Ironborn are troubling the Tyrells. If Cersei were to blame Margaery for Tommen's possible death, she'd probably side with the devil to get revenge.
  12. I do like Victarion as a character. I think it's his slow-wittedness. GRRM makes it come across really well, and you get the impression that this man, a product of his culture, would be a decent guy if raised differently. He's a horrible person, but he manages to not be as horrible as some. No, he shouldn't get a prize for that. GRRM keeps reminding us of Victarion's casual cruelty and his guilt. He's not an admirable man, but I'd like to see him teaming up with characters who are. Euron, on the other hand, seems like he'd be scheming and murdering his way to power whatever the circumstances of his birth.
  13. Given the animosity between the Lannisters and the Ironborn, I wonder? Would Lady Stoneheart team up with Euron to destroy the Lannisters? Or would she equate him with Theon, the supposed killer of Bran and Rickon? I wonder if LS would be susceptible to charm, Euron being all "I had nothing to do with that! I was at sea!" Right now she's focused on Jaime for Robb's death, could be that her undead memory is limited to her last thoughts. Although she remembers Brienne's oath.. Ah, forum rambling!
  14. Good points about Euron's upbringing. Given free reign, such as when Balon sends him away, he'd be able to indulge in whatever twisted fantasies he harbors. His charisma and generosity with plunder probably keep his men loyal to him, and he most likely visits his attentions (murder, rape, torture, etc.) on outsiders and others his men would dislike as well. And I agree than Quellon was probably not Dad of the Year.
  15. As for the discussion of evil, we've all heard the notion that no one see themselves as evil, but the hero of their own story. Euron's story might very well be him just taking what he can, when he can, and having whatever he considers "fun" (ick) along the way. Guys like Littlefinger, Tywin, and Joffrey do a lot of evil things. Littlefinger could objectively be the worst, because he avoids complicity and pretends to be a nice guy. Tywin at least is unafraid (bolstered by his name and Lannister pride) to say, "Yes, I did this." Joffrey was a kid, but was clearly not improving with age. They were all willing to partake in mass murder at some point to achieve their goals. What makes them "evil," especially if characters with more benevolent goals (Dany's anti-slavery campaign) perform similar acts? (Astapor) I feel like the answer to all these questions is part of the story. Euron being unapologetically evil (at least to his brother, he might play the part differently when recruiting others) could be cathartic for us readers, in a way. Who can argue Euron's actions as good or necessary? Whether he was born as what pop psychology deems a sociopath is hard to say at this point. Would he be more satisfying as a character if his abhorrent actions were influences by failed green dreams or other outside influences? I'm not sure about these answers myself, but my opinion is that, for now, Euron stepping up as a Big Bad (if not The Big Bad) is exciting.
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