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  1. So the whole Eddard kept the secret of Jon’s parentage a secret was much ado about nothing. He is the rightful king but he goes off with the wildlings. Jon is probably most as home with them but what is the point of his big secret parentage then? Shit writing. Not feeling Bran as king, Tyrion as Hand...again, or Sansa as Queen in the North.
  2. I feel like Dany’s arc has been consistent. She has made plenty of bad decisions, became increasingly full of herself, and is really nothing without her dragons. Some of the other characters, not so much. I feel so disappointed in this series, it’s almost as bad as Lost.
  3. He isn’t. And what is the whole point of Jon’s secret parentage if he doesn’t sit the throne? I can’t imagine he does, though. He has the better claim and let Dany guilt him into not revealing it. Pathetic.
  4. Have been disappointed in Jon ever since he bent the knee.
  5. Would have been so much more poignant for Jaime to kill Cersei.
  6. Agreed. What is the big build up about him being a secret Targ for, as well as bringing him back from the dead about if he doesn’t become king? It makes no sense. It’s would be bad storytelling, IMO, but then maybe that is what this all is.
  7. Agreed, which is why I wish GRRM had been the one to tell his story, and not D&D.
  8. Last episode felt very Helms Deep, in this episode we get the Battle of the Pellenor Fields complete with Eowyn killing the Witch King of Angmar. I know they call GRRM the American Tolkien I just didn’t think that was quite so literal. i have so much grousing to do but I’ll keep it to this: that’s it with the Night King story? No motive other than he’s just evil and no explanation for his swirly dead body art? Melisandre has lived hundreds of years so the Lord of Light could have her light a trench on fire? And after battling the supposed biggest menace in Planetos, we have to go back to “This week on Carol and Euron”? I just can’t. This series has been a disappointment since season 3 yet I gamely followed along hoping to at least get a resolution to the story and all they give me is Lost 2.0. I honestly tuned out for most of the battle because I really couldn’t tell who was living or dying and it was 60 minutes of clang clang fire scream cold weather front. I will watch until the end just to see how much more they can disappoint me. GRRM, you should have been the one to tell your story.
  9. Truth. I feel sad that this feels like a LOTR knockoff now. Last week was feeling all Helms Deep and now Eowyn killed the Witch King of Angmar.
  10. Meh. I remember when this was called The Battle of the Pelennor Fields.
  11. I think Dany will die after giving birth to Jon's child. According to Mirri Maz Durr, that is when she will see Khal Drogo again, so I have always interpreted that as her dying in childbirth. It is possible, of course, that Jon will die as well, but I think Dany for sure dies before the end.
  12. Did D&D just confirm Benjen is Coldhands? Can we put to rest the Tyrion is a secret Targ and will ride a dragon theory now that Viserion is undead?
  13. After last night's episode, I am more and more convinced Bran is somehow the Night's King. Maybe he goes back in time to stop his own advance over and over again and somehow still screws it up each time. I hate time travel and trying to work out all the inconsistencies in my head, but Bran and the Night King seem very interconnected. It would explain why he is so emo lately, and why the Night King can see him...even when he is viewing through his ravens.
  14. Fuck. Shaggydog. I hate this season.
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