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  1. @calotejon Dañino parecia bueno en el Porto.

  2. @fantantonio La crisis existential que conocemos los madridistas cada 3-4 años da para libros filosoficos.

  3. Si El barça puede mantener este nivel hasta Mayo, pues se lo merecen todo, no hay otra.

  4. El partido de hoy solo lo he visto 300 veces en mi vida.

  5. WhiteGuts

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    I think the complaints are for the abuse of sex scenes in the series in general, not just that Gendry/Melisandre scene (which is not as gratuitous as people are saying). We're fed up, more or less. I mean, if they spared us Ramsay's bitches for example last week, I'm sure the G/M scene wouldn't have provoked the same reactions.
  6. First of all, human doesn't mean nice. In the books, Cersei was scarred shitless from Stannis. She missed Jaime, she was so vulnerable to point of having Tyrion trying to comfort her. That's human. I don't think we've ever seen Cersei being nice in the show. She could relate to Tyrion's despair because she was basically in the same situation. And also, having 3 seasons of Cersei in pyscho bitch mode would get pretty boring.
  7. Honestly, I was hoping for much more from GRRM's writing. It was just plain disappointment for me. A little too much sex jokes, a little too much nothingness. The weakest episode of the season until now, written by GRRM who the fuck would've thought it possible.
  8. WhiteGuts

    How would you rate episode 303?

    Well I thought this episode was very underwhelming. Maybe it has to do with the goddamn whores scenes, but not only. Most scenes were actually weak. Except Dany's, Robb's and Jaime/Brienne, I didn't like any.