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  1. Please say you're trolling. The dialogues in this episodes were as bad as it can get. It's hard to believe after reading ASOIAF that this was GRRM. Gave it a 5, don't know why that high though.
  2. :D Well said. Dunno maybe you're right, now that i think of all the arrogant remarks he makes in the show, they are actually somewhere in the books as well (like not admitting Brienne beat him in that tourney for example).
  3. Yeah i see it now, he definitely is more ruthless and vengeful in the books. Still i believe the bigger problem in this context is Loras. He's portrayed as an utter asshole in the show, it's almost as if they told the actor "ok just behave really arrogant, we'll throw in multiple gay scenes, and it should be fine". Book Tyrion at least defends Sansa from Joffrey and as we see later is rather kind to her (as kind as you can be to a wife whose family was butchered by your family really).
  4. Which Tyrion's actions in the books have been omitted in the show that so many people say he's whitewashed? I'm not saying he isn't, just surprised so many people feel so strongly about it, i haven't really noticed him to be a way better person than in the books. He's a whoremonger in the books and the show, he protects Sansa in books and the show etc. I really feel like he is the same person in both, and i recall a GRRM interview in which he also said that Peter Dinklage's portrayal of Tyrion is the closest to the book.
  5. Beheading scene was great, awesome music + the Rickard actor really nailed it. Selyse and Shireen also awesome. I felt like Jaime bath scene was mediocre tbh. Also Robb/Talysa scene was pretty stupid. I mean it felt like Robb was looking at the map for a brilliant idea and came with "LOLZ I CAN GO TO THE TWINS!! THAT'S IT". That felt pretty stupid. Gave it a 7, solid work, for season 3 at least.
  6. Funny how i loved King's Landing scenes and got bored by Dany's in the book and now season 3 is so bad i actually have a reversed reaction. Kraznys cutting off unsullied nipples is a welcome relief after the bullshit in westeros. Gave it a 4, only scenes i enjoyed were Dany and BWB. Also i generally like the new cast, but the guy who plays Edmure doesnt convince me at all, hope he gets better.
  7. ^As i said, it's not the fact that they are in love in the show that bothers me (well ok it does, but we'll pretend it doesnt for argument's sake). I find the dialogue itself pointless, it's pretty obvious Tyrion just means Sansa is hot enough and highborn to get any husband they'll make her marry, and then Shae either enters a jealous rage or is teasing him, not even sure which.
  8. Wow, you are so constructive with your responses. Well how is it not retarded that we have to listen her whine about how he said another girl is pretty, even if she wasn't an ex-whore and even if she's actually in love with him in the show for whatever reason D&D decided to, that dialogue sounded pretty childish. EDIT: also, wont rewatch S2 since it's not much better than season 3 really
  9. Gave it a 5. Imho: 1. Bran scenes were a strong point in this episode. His dream, and the Reeds were excellent. I liked Jojen a lot, even though he didnt have that much to say this time. Also Hodor perfect as usual. 2. Theon tortured. Well, what i expected basically, really nothing more/less could be done with this scene. 3. I liked the Joffrey-Cersei dialogue, shows how he's basically uncontrolable now, and foreshadows his confrontation with Tywin (at least for book readers). I didnt like his crossbow scene with Margaery. It felt idiotic to me, that king (even Joffrey) would brag before his wife-to-be about his new crossbow. Also Margaery explaining she was a virgin because Renly was gay.... Srsly why was that even there? That scene was so weird and out of character for those two, personally i would get rid of it. If you need Marg-Joff encounters, make them sound at least plausible. 4. Sansa dining with Tyrells. Well, Olenna's pretty kickass have to admit. This is a rare case when even though i imagined the character differently in the book, i totally dig this interpretation. Well played. 5. Infamous Cat scene. Well, i for one think it was well delivered. Should the scene be there at all? Well, it does change a bit the context of Jon's upbringing. As someone already said on this board, it makes the watcher feel like Cat was obliged to take Jon as one of his own, even though we know bastards are scorned it westeros. I dont think she shows even that much compassion for him to cry about how she "nearly killed him" so yeah, i feel like it makes unnecessary changes. But well, they're allowed to do that. 6. Beyond the wall. Well, D&D seem to keep with the theme that scenes beyond the wall are supposed to suck :D. Show fans still basically know nothing about Mance Rayder. I mean, seriously, the guy whose appearance is foreshadowed since season 1, and finally he arrives, gets to blurt 1 sentence per episode? Great.... Also the NW escape south seemed like a lazy march, no one seemed frightened/exhausted except Sir Piggy, and you didnt really feel like they were in a land of 8000 year old Frost Zombies. No thrill. 7. I didnt enjoy BWB scenes. Unfortunately this comes from many small flaws (in my eyes), and not a single huge one. For example when Arya asks who do they fight for, i was 100% sure they will say King Robert. That's an important characterization of BWB for me, that they identify themselves with a king whose death started the war that hurts smallfolk so much. Answering Arya's question with "The Brotherhood without Banners", well, any idiot should guess after a while that they are those outlaws Gregor was to hunt down, so why go with the obvious line :(? I also dont like how Thoros behaves like he's drunk all the time, i think his lines should be delivered totally differently. Finally i hated Sandor's appearance. There was such an anti-hype around it i felt it was ridiculous. Here one of them catches one of the most known 7-foot killer in the realm, and no one is surprised, the just sit around and drink, there should be like a sudden silence or sth, not just Thoros yelling "hehe we got a HOUND!!" and then everyone goes about their business. 8. Shae with Tyrion. Srsly why the fuck is a whore smack talking Tyrion for like 5 minutes because he mentioned Sansa is beautiful... Pretty idiotic for me. Summary: The new actors are mostly a delight (especially Olenna and Jojen in this episode). That cant be said of the screenplay unfortunately. I liked the 1. episode better, though it had a lot of flaws as well. I feel like the 1. episode's weakest moments come from badly written character changes (like for example making Stannis imprison Davos, how is that consistent with him really). This episode is different, i just feel there are a lot of dialogues that are redundant, not because they change the book characters in an idiotic way, but because they were idiotic in general. Now bash me for giving it a 5.
  10. I gave it a 6. Imho: 1. The prologue scene was really bad. In first season they managed to introduce white walkers in a convincing fashion, but this scene was outright idiotic, like from a 3rd rate zombie movie. Apparently Mormont decided to make it worse by saying the most cliche line we have yet heard of him. 2. Wildling scene was ok i guess, i feel like Ygritte's acting declined a bit compared to what we saw in 2nd season, though that might be just me. I dont like the change the made to Tormund at all. The dialogue with Mance wasnt particularly mindblowing either, i actually liked how it turned out in the book that he has seen Jon twice before. I feel like cutting that out was a bad idea. Basically non book readers got a lot of foreshadowing, and when the King Beyond The Wall finally appears, he gets like 2 minutes of screen time, without anything significant to say. 3. Bronn in brothel, Tyrion vs Cersei all ok. Contrary to many opinions i've read, i actually think the delivery of "still makes me smarter than you" was the weakest link to that scene. Just so obvious to say that, Peter Dinklage can do waaaay better. 4. Davos's scenes are for me the strong point of this episode. Mind you, I dont like the change they made, with Stannis personally imprisoning his Onion Knight, but i do think that Stannis/Melisandre/Davos/Sallador Saan's parts were all very well played. Good stuff. 5. Robb in Harrenhall. Not bad, not great either. The one thing that really annoyed me is how Robb looked at all those bodies and suddenly went "oh right, imprison my mommy plx". That just looks naive. You either punish a crime or not, he's not supposed occasionally express how angry he is for freeing Jaime. 6. Tyrion&Tywin, another strong point for me, Charles Dance perfect as usual, with Peter Dinklage performing way better than in the Cersei scene. 7. Shae&Sansa. Well i just dislike heavily the plot changes they make here, and i find it rather unlikely LF would parade in KL with a whore but whatever. My opinion would be too biased on this one i think, didnt like it. 8. Margaery - those kind of scenes bore me, but Natalie Dormer is a very strong addition to the cast, she really nailed the character i think. And i guess they need that orphanage crap to show how the Tyrells are perceived in the capital compared to lannisters. 9. Jorah, Daenerys, Unsullied, Barristan. What made me write this post is basically the Unsullied scene. God that was so great, "my master points out that men dont need nipples", i forgot how much i loved that in the book. For me the last 5 minutes of the episode saved it. Barristan appearing also pretty badass, though i guess few non book fans will recognize him at all :D.
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