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    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Wow. If even Datepalm can’t get a good story out of a date then it must have been a bland date indeed. I mean, remember the awesome plant story? It was about a plant. Just sayin. Myself, I’m waltzing on through the online dating jungle. It amazes me how many fascinating people there are out there. Now I’m chatting with a girl who is taking a year off from her architect job to work as an opera singer. How cool isn’t that? Bad news is I asked her if she wanted to meet and since then I haven’t heard from her for hours, so I probably botched that one. Oh yeah, and Starkess: relax. He’s totally into you.
  2. I think it’s a bloody shame that neither the EU nor the US have sided with Canada in this diplomatic fight. If we let dictators bully democratic countries by taking extreme measures like this as punishment for a small (and very reasonable) tweet, then we embolden them. Not that I expected more from the current US administration but the EU should stand with Canada here. Call up some ambassadors, hint that some business might be in danger, something. Let the Saudis know that this behaviour is not ok and will cost them more than they think.
  3. Erik of Hazelfield

    U.S. Politics: Dining on Doritos with Derrida and Donald

    This is just plain wrong. Going to Mars is for Elon Musk as the America’s Cup was for Sir Thomas Lipton - something he’s passionate about and willing to spend his money on. There is no plausible way of getting any return on investment from a Mars colony. Mining on Mars and shipping to Earth wouldn’t be worth it even if there were heaps of pure gold there. The cost of interplanetary space travel is enormous. The SpaceX thread might be a better place for this discussion though.
  4. Erik of Hazelfield

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    In my experience you always feel dead weak at the assisted chins machine. I manage about as many chins on the bar without assistance as with +20 kg or so assisted. There’s just something about the awkward position that makes it so much harder than it should be.
  5. Erik of Hazelfield

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Nevermind the distance! Love CAN find a way. I know of at least two friends who have found love overseas and are now happily married. (Sweden-US and Sweden-New Zealand.) And even if it doesn’t work out in the end, I’m not so sure it was a bad thing to try. Better to be happy for a while and then go through some heartache than never to have loved in the first place.
  6. Erik of Hazelfield

    Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    That sounds great, SpaceChampion. I say don’t overthink it at this point, just try to have a nice time and afterwards you’ll probably have a better idea if you two get along well or not. I have to admit it would be awesome to find someone who shares your passion in life. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking this must necessarily be your soul mate just because she likes astronomy. Just take it slow, keep your mind open and see where it leads. Good luck!
  7. Erik of Hazelfield

    Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    It turns out i didn’t have to wait more than an hour. She texted me and... she’s met someone else during the summer that she rather wants to be with. Bummer. I really liked that girl.
  8. Erik of Hazelfield

    Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    Thanks both of you. Seems like good advice. I’ll wait a week and then send a polite message. By the way isn’t it funny how it’s completely possible for us to give great advice to other people and then when it comes to ourselves we can’t figure out the easiest stuff?
  9. Erik of Hazelfield

    Dating: to play the part of the one who doesn't wait

    I met a girl back in June on Tinder and we hit it off pretty good. Met a couple of times and I took her out sailing an afternoon. Sex was had. We stayed in touch a bit during our respective vacations but now as I texted her again two days ago just to ask how she’s been, there’s silence. So the question is - when do I give up? Is the silence answer enough? Is it a dating faux pas to send something along the lines of “hey did you get my message” or even “I guess this means you want no contact, let me know if I’m wrong“?
  10. Erik of Hazelfield

    Should Decaf Drinkers Be Forced to Publicly Register?

    Non alcoholic beer makes perfect sense though. It tastes good, you can drive afterwards, you can drink more without getting drunk and you can even drink it while being pregnant. Some of the better breweries have nice non alcoholic IPAs nowadays. ...I’m old, right?
  11. Erik of Hazelfield

    No Electricity

    If you ever thought of leaving this forum altogether, that would be the perfect last post.
  12. Yes, of course they are mixed economies. That wasn’t my point. My point was to falsify the idea that a bigger and more powerful government necessarily leads to more corruption. It seems like you agree with me on that one. But my point is, if the government can be trusted to run healthcare and railroads and liquor stores like a monopoly, without being corrupted and sometimes even doing a decent job about it - what is there to say that the means of production is the thing that they can’t own? By what principle does it fail? I want some details, not just “Cuba and Venezuela tried this and now it sucks to live there”. Note that I am absolutely not in favour of nationalising the means of production, I’m just curious why it’s such a bad idea, on a theoretical level.
  13. It’s not obvious to me that having ownership of production facilities and companies would be the one thing that absolutely and definitely will corrupt a government. After all it can handle law making, budget, taxation, police, defence, judicial system and so on without necessarily being corrupted. Or do we see a “sliding scale” where more government power means more corruption? In that case the Nordic countries should be among the most corrupt governments in the world with their high taxes and large governments. I think a completely state-run economy is a bad idea for many reasons, but I’m unconvinced about the corruption argument.
  14. Erik of Hazelfield

    What was the last time you had your "mind blown"?

    Ok, I’ve got one. Let’s say you have a large ball that is one meter in diameter, or about 3 feet. Let’s then say you tie a string tightly around the ball so that you get its circumference. The circumference would then be pi times the diameter, i.e. 3.14 meters in our case. Now, let us lengthen the string with one meter and put it back. The question is: how far above the ball’s surface would the string float? The circumference of the new sphere would be pi plus one meter, so 2*pi*r +1 = 2*pi*rnew. Solving for the new radius rnew, we get: rnew = (2*pi*r+1)/(2*pi) = r + 1/(2*pi) This means the string will float 1/(2*pi) = 0.16 meters above the ball, or about 6 inches for those of you accustomed to that. That seems about right, no? But wait a minute! If the string would float 1/(2*pi) meters above the ball - there’s no dependence on the radius included in that expression! If you lengthen the string with one meter, you will ALWAYS have it float 16 cm above the ball’s surface regardless of its diameter. You can have a ball the size of the bloody EARTH and if you lengthen the string with one meter, the string would still float 16 cm above its surface - all around the globe! Quod erat mindblowandum.
  15. Erik of Hazelfield

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    Looks like another successful launch. I just don’t get one thing: Why would you want your satellite to be in geostationary transfer orbit? Does it boost into geostationary orbit on its own later or does it stay in the transfer orbit?
  16. Sweden implemented employee funds in the early 80s. There wasn’t much enthusiasm for the idea though, the law that was finally implemented was watered down, and the employee funds were eventually abolished ten years later by a liberal/right government after large protests, including some high-profile wealthy families leaving the country. I’m not 100% sure about what exactly happened as I was born right about then, but as I understand it it was an ideological battle- most Swedes just weren’t ready to socialise the economy in the way that strong employee funds would eventually have done. (Even though back then the social democrats and the left had just over 50% of the parliamentary seats.)
  17. There are certainly examples of state-run companies, institutions and hedge funds that are doing well. The Swedish company that has a legal monopoly on selling alcoholic beverages, Systembolaget, is widely regarded as very good in many aspects (especially service and assortment range). The Swiss state-owned railway is legendary for its punctuality, and the Norwegian oil fund is the biggest fund in the world. There are of course lots and lots of similar examples around the world, so it seems to me like public companies are at least not automatically doomed to failure.
  18. Erik of Hazelfield

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    Ah, now I see it. Weird. Must have been some cache error in my browser or something. Thanks!
  19. Erik of Hazelfield

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    Did you post the wrong video? That’s a replay of the Blue Origin Mission 9.
  20. Erik of Hazelfield

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    Cool! Thanks for the info, I’ll make sure to watch that.
  21. Erik of Hazelfield

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    Seems to me they are trying to do something entirely different: affordable space tourism. Less exciting than orbital flight, yes, but they seem to be making good progress and that escape test was pretty cool. Does the SpaceX Dragon have that capability? To escape and survive a booster failure during ascent?
  22. Erik of Hazelfield

    The Drunk Thread Got A Contact High, So 'Cheers' the Hell Up

    Sorry! I somehow forgot this post. Who woulda thunk? What happened was that we didn’t go sailing but instead took my friend’s motorboat and had an awesome day as soon as the hangover transformed into a new drunkenness. It took some effort though, and lots of champagne, but man was it worth it!
  23. Erik of Hazelfield

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    And England is through! Congratulations and thanks for an awesome game! I had fun. Next up Sweden-England. A classic game.
  24. Erik of Hazelfield

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    And a great save by Ospina!
  25. Erik of Hazelfield

    Round of 16: : LET THE (Knockout) GAMES BEGIN!

    Denmark, Spain and Croatia should watch and learn. Superb penalties.